Can’t Get Bigger, Wider Delts? Just Do THIS!!

Can’t Get Bigger, Wider Delts? Just Do THIS!!

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I want to try to help you grow bigger
delts. Now, you’re going to have to promise that
you’ll trust the advice I’m giving you. If you do, I am guaranteeing you that you’re
going to see results from what I’m telling you. Now, I’m a big advocate of heavy overhead
pressing. We work overhead pressing into everything
we do. There’s a value when you’re training athletes
to be better and more explosive at training overhead with heavier weights. When you’re trying to grow bigger delts, specifically
hypertrophy your delts, your heavy weights are likely going to be the enemy. The enemy, because what’s happens is it invites
the opportunity to substitute. Substitution is one of the biggest problems
when it comes to growing bigger delts because the delts, and the shoulders in particular,
will as for help from everywhere. They’ll ask for help form the low back to
cheat a weight up. They’ll ask for help from the legs and from
the hips. They’ll ask for help from your torso and trunk
to lean away, up as you’re trying to lift it. We don’t want that. We want to direct what we’re trying to direct
into the muscle we’re trying to train. What is the muscle we’re trying to train? Well, specifically when we’re talking about
growing bigger delts from the side here – capped delts – you’re looking at the middle delt. The middle delt, you can see here as I trace
it out, is not a very big muscle. It comes here, and starts right there on the
upper arm, down, and around, and into there. This is what we’re dealing with. So how do you train that? All you’re trying to do, remember guys, when
you’re trying to get a muscle to contract, you’re just trying to shorten it. It’s long when it’s down at the side. It’s shortened when it’s up toward the top. That’s about all you’ve got. So, all we have to do is figure out ways we
can do that. But you’re going to have to do this: you’re
going to have to drop your ego, significantly. That’s not heavy weight there. It’s a very light weight. The sooner I realize this, the more willing
I was able to compromise that belief system, and the faster my delts were able to grow. This is in recent years, too. So, here’s what we have to do. We have to look at – I’m just going to grab
the lightest weight here to show you what we’re trying to aim to do. I want you guys to do this along with me. You don’t even need a weight. The first thing, in order to feel what we’re
talking about, and feel this muscle contract is to pull it up with a bent elbow. So, we’re going to take it to this position
here. Almost like I’m trying to punch from here. You can see – and I’m leaning forward slightly
because we want to make sure that middle delt stays up toward the ceiling. Not leaning too far forward and not facing
toward the back. So, we want to get that middle delt here facing
toward the ceiling. So, it needs to be at the angle our torso,
a bit forward. I’ve covered that before. Now, if we bring our arm up into this position,
I should feel a tightening, and a contraction right there. You should feel it right now, too. If you don’t, you’re probably seriously
lacking that mind-muscle connection that’s valuable when it comes to getting that muscle
to respond. So, from here, with that contraction being
felt there, now you want to be able to extend that arm out without losing that contraction. Straight out. Long. As far as you can. I’m trying to reach Jesse, even though he’s
at least another foot away from me. And I hold that. Now, from here I want to be able to go up
another inch or two, to there. I can feel that lighting up this area here. You can see as I come down, all the work being
done by the muscles. Here. Working, squeezing, out, straight out, squeezing,
and then as I come down you can see that muscle working. This is a 5lb dumbbell and I swear I felt
that a lot. The idea is that substitutions are killing
you and what you’re trying to do. If I try to get the dumbbell – if I know
that the goal is to get that dumbbell and get it out to the side here, slightly turned
up, none of that ‘pouring the pitcher’ nonsense, guys. The thumb is higher than the pinky. With the torso being leaned forward, I know
I’m going to have that middle delt exposed straight up against gravity. If I’m in that position there, how else could
I get the dumbbell up? If I want to, I can start to lift, and then
I can do this, which we see a lot of guys do. That. What’s happening there? I’m getting some abduction, which is the role
of the middle delt, and then I get external rotation to get out to the top. Not that external rotation is a bad thing,
but when you’re trying to direct all the force into the middle delt, you don’t want that. So, you don’t want external rotation. The other thing that happens is, I get to
here and I can’t get any further. So, what do I do? I lean in the opposite direction. By leaning the torso I’m not even moving my
arm into anymore abduction. I’m just leaning the torso and getting up
higher. That’s another substitution. The biggest and most popular substitution
that people make, that’s wrong, is involving the trap. We call it the ‘traps trap’ because what happens
is, I get it to here and now I can’t really get it up anymore. I don’t really have any more strength to
get this up. My middle delts are far weaker than you think
they are. So, what I do is start to shrug it up. Just by shrugging and involving the traps
I’m bringing this dumbbell higher, but really compensating artificially bringing that dumbbell
higher. Not because the delts did anymore work. So, what you need to do is make the delts,
and force the delts to do the work they’re supposed to do. For me, I probably train with at 10lb. All I’m going to do is, again, I can either
stick with that activation drill that I showed you, or I can try to stay straight the whole
time. So, I get a little lean forward here, I get
my thumb higher than my pinky, and I’m going to try and extend my arm as straight as I
can, slow. Slow repetitions, straight out to there. Once I think I’m up there I hold. I go another inch or so up and then down. Now, if I really want to keep this work going,
I don’t bring it all the way down here. I stop about here, keeping the tension on
it, and I bring it back up again, initiating every second from the delt. Then another inch and then down. Then up again. Up. Down just a little bit here. Maybe come back up again. And then down. 10lbs. The problem is this, guys: your delts aren’t
as strong as you think they are. All that overhead pressing is utilizing a
lot of other areas, a lot of the kinetic chain to help you do that. And that’s a great thing. Again, athletically, that’s a great thing. But when we’re trying to get hypertrophy,
inefficiency is where you want to go for. You want to make this movement as inefficient
as possible. Make the delts do all the work. Take away all their help and they will respond. They will respond with a lot lighter weight
than you think. I guarantee it. Just do this, guys. Do it in this step and I promise you’ll see
fast gains from doing this. Again, without much more than just a lot of
focus. I hope you’ve found the video helpful, guys. If you’re looking for programs where we build
in the science and the technique because technique matters. It changes how you do things. It’s not just the exercise. A side-lateral is not just a side-lateral. It’s how you do it that matters the most,
as we’ve just evidenced, as you will as well. All of our programs incorporate all that detail
because, as I’ve said, it matters. You can find them over at In the meantime, if you haven’t already, make
sure you click ‘subscribe’ and turn on your notifications, so you never miss a video when
I put one out. Let me know what else you want me to cover
in the comments below. I’ll read them and I’ll try to give you what
it is you want to see. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again soon, in just a couple
of days. See ya.

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