CATHERINE KUSASIRA-Top Reasons why I support President Museveni – MC IBRAH INTERVIEW

CATHERINE KUSASIRA-Top Reasons why I support President Museveni – MC IBRAH INTERVIEW

IBRAH K MUKASA is my name and you are tuned to Wolokoso extra no stress. In this episode we are host Catherine Kusasira one of your favourite musicians in Uganda reason to gain optimum no Meah Meah
manga catalysis era mode MIT golden band a true optional event event in yo
music we enter cachaça arena a tears of a woman illunga concert a forthcoming
concert again no queremos II know when Nene over September were Equestria hotel
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funder wins boo richest said aramis on your phone
yes a girl I knew Chris was what is spoken by Romero hmm Mia Ducati Sullivan
to Virginia coming up that was a 38 well jump a sporty but certificate obedient
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mana o woman on 1982 we were sorry I said wait a second
but Dave Irrawaddy boudoir moon on the moon on so inaudible is our you know one
I want to get the cappuccino mmm never walk who you were maybe a caviar Bambi
attended intensity angry divine divine they were surprising nothing chica
energy gonna gasps my into Patrick nagahama
in a two-count I was surprising Carrie Cudney nèocatalog patron I knew
there was a cartoon Ekron de fátima veetu kalyanam Oh
I mean Calera is a patron document.observe Ronnie all guavas and
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process Eric Eric sastra in Walla Walla kaboom kaboom ba review omaha begins the
nonchalant like adjusting a wing away having a venue and so we were we were
Papa Mesa if I’m never never an event stinkin yang-gon was that the why not
you think a new home where our variable would you come on available in Japan see
never on koh samui new neutral on crystal new Charla i was a death in
havana name is long and ning about suggest value on a burner in the
sarahvani she’s havin a boundary I don’t wanna
wanna go number troll attention okay ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba only so far away
wonder would you use Okura Anna Queens our analysis are catchy in Havana bunch
okay yes sir collaborative is not linear we are varnish
when your hey that is very good luck with Zeke our Temasek aware I knew
basically Wichita light image to whom it’s an overdose so much doe solo who
seek a must-see me okay it’s a banana ginger Fenton much cooler
which today as a democracy Jamie said what could it over in yo Khalid Eminence
Anna it one mommy known Charlotte Devereaux and a girl I’m Charlie young
who’s that Mama wonky singer mama one in fact my mom came along
yeah my mom well yet da na Korea mangamma Carnival possible ingenue
Rokenbok around a achieve Ando behind each ovando now called the
cochlea when am I gonna put that one Tianjin you grab Avanti Romagna
manically more normally aqua Obon EverQuest Agana Comanche war Phenom
Cassano each other Konami which one means one phenomenon called Avalon G
black communities in video now what we saw in the examination Billiken a
grandpa stream says evaluation band then Khalid doing posit do I reckon ISA a
Kinesis is in Kosice in GTA antenna be ranga almost reach other feeds ingot SED
war they were kinda backwards and a ahuna general in baku Banga Banga hv
natural th ever saw Maria who can insert furniture to an even a way to be able
somebody ever numerator once I might end but gotta buy in background I mean Yahoo
I want to enjoy my mom would be nature what would situate ammonium by in Villa
while we were gonna be my maken ISA ragazzo Korean Baca Baca
came back with our cunning China will be wrong antenna kingdom of canister I drop
Queen welcome to study gap we governor Santa Monica mama take a coup me the 10
commandments of Lord good I’m a cop go through Carissa Chang a cartoon de Jong
a cartoon down whoever’s that they were enough to do some commercial knows there
poor it’s just somewhat unbelievable ah pasado Coon on Sunday an assembly was
71 several minutes Constantia Samuel
embarrassing to look really chewy mmm yes or to la muchacha watch it is no
patches of water it’s seven equal to white I’m not around
that city attorney novel metro service Vanessa Savatage 14th region we say
every Clemenceau person every single cities economies Lok Sabha governor
Khalid awara New England Abuja Mangal Singh Colorado’s News columnist anything
at Ramona tiro de leche Cinco covers a commission
procedure equality Hawaii me Tomodachi nose in a question about my senior will
say look boy am I not getting my foot on that I symbolize some Nano which you
then integral compound I took a couple sarcoma not be that which a teacher is
that situated about noon due to turn blue balloon junior future as a cartoon
Durant is a charge is personally sitting us is a plume of Sabah night I went
before coaching our Dean convert to severe one one thing yet that we are
seeing a cadre need Dean and unagi didn’t Jagger may I take a tie is hakuna
Cambodian and never see again a muchacha watched reward RDA as a reservist ahsoka
yes sir my whim ok sabes a VCR Uganda yes I win Thank You Jarrod Florida while
you ain’t a car take servant O Father requests about video be removed with
maybe angel the language will not walk away symbol what’s our motto over was oh
man oh man mikono nice video quality
please the comics another congressman no hmm let’s not mess America enjoy NASA
Minako who set fire to the little Maria Cindy do Cabo so dynamics in a second is
school blog already cuts buddy Jesus own day my marriage had mimosa
shut up primary blister much as Nana so what about my stamina again Yahoo low
I’m crazy awkward was about my son in jail over that 20 he said we Singapore
for trouble enough easy catching a bag of anatomy low we study already study
deciding on University now the oxygen kind of teaching Canyon and I’m
phenomenal Maloney from the saloon and a friend you know we’re on going among
Indian we’re gonna be known as invalid just winding up crunchy naughty naughty
now gonna need me ha ha never we’re not going to go with Nagi they catch a movie
night rule fed they were to go bang are facing away guy man that’s a fine every
moment ID cup raw moments it discouraged auction openly chakalaka senior for
no panocha was a coach no Lava most senior focus on work with an interim
area that was mm mmm when I become a senior for K generally quest work
Avenger would have a mic wanna go mommy JD mu cos H teller or mommy Phillip they
learn two million up serie about 22 gamba or mouthwash cigars on younger Co
fizzles abouna when I would be available on gave me to design a me hangin a net
her photo chip in our church similar chain net soaking a mock we Envy remove
yeah just some sponge there’s a miss Bundy yeah Oklahoma me some new sofa
cumbia okay Neha but sure are younger Hibiki I
became a human finger same feature my name I want to Malian marine day
sofa Guam yeah I’ve become around the rest of us anonymity today but is manga
events jam yo tomorrow now who’s that came a bigger
that was 1999 dynamics in a second useful Navarro Camaro rocking about a
decoction Logano Kimba never gamma 2 R cos theta IJ
/ metallics Bundy I forget to our tuna do some spawns new mantra over 9000 me
aa tomato summer us chinga su I’m on a beach at the moon was a dynamic hmm this
is a spicy sambal Angra vamos lá rolls over Cinnabon honda catty
namu trolley dinging and in turn he cooks oh ma nintendo cuisine by Juventus
some honey some Sophie Bonilla named Guillermo to play a tambourine and I’m
getting that doo doo doo doo a young man if I could go buzzer buzzer mango
everyone okulu by Tom cool sitting valid until a roadie but nothing our queen but
propriety know what she looks familiar Domino’s some avatar danke my wall the
blue back when I’m gonna presume on man they were Naru Kuna look who weekend
then I don’t see California because I lived in an ecology night now for my
nano bubbles out of America mmm when stamina sofa cumbia Vancouver eh Oh
Kakashi magnen bar mommy massage the macula lutea
budget hole – I invited them never gamble never Nevada by anybody some
sponge become ordinary electorate cannabis saga
niveau gonna need them what what Reese I want to dredge up we told you could do
to you Nicole was a caddy when I do my vacation young year senior for now we
have an anger buddy what’s wrong with the balance Ivan about that we bomb the
register popular and the theater should be a bitch every night with Yahoo
opulent never to be the sole kuiba knocking bazooka man Jesus Oh Quinn back
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Garmin to work on only bubble room Jean Reba below Angie
I changed my channel watching a phenomena eliminar in Babylonia new name
would show Nancy Belgium I never customer group with my name is XML with
Fred Silverman tonka bean by Miriam under Gideon name gotta stop pimping I
dream born of course my name is a similar idea is a bitch attention
everyone was a Seabee indie cool Antonina even Erica you a chocolate
ginger yeah talking about one is like simply okay yeah they actually by that
time meet Betty program area in pyramid diamonds production NASA yokai in
pyramid it goes production Ning in banging in bees Nina Brava change I will
child won’t eat well in our video mom cries over to get or imbecile who
now video singe what was gonna video oh come on Annie amber never fungus city
name young Anthony H into a choke punching a guru in but
infinite st. W back kinda angry never me vanna vanna yes holy were never not be
welcoming thank you or eating it egos production what Jane get a mortgage
nudging up to 1 we get the balloons 2002 and 100 contract Chico be gumbo way by
the way about it a channel Ingram nonlinear so could be undergone survivor
group contract I just think our contractor Sangha 90 minute
Robocop police ok ingre equals production or hora a Nimba existence of
an imbecile Zapata Tamura the name bhavanti Saguaro is antivirus idea
listen what you do about Nimba cemetery Okavango enemies awoken smaller naina
marimba HD watch over me stream uhm GG watch over me
she remove our Channel naina Moline Bunga
whoa boozy one nasty Monica asked him around venema main I was which one I
love you honey but I was a dishonest seriously oh yeah
Nina more limber but she money to wanna cover Julia
in addition I uh patty porzingis Oh cross import cover maneuver Seneca
reverse cougar Montezuma muah whatever amber Sango good night in the Raritan
sook Cho come when we watch a movie goes production – an abominable mind I’m not
sure I will hmm I’m Sara Ganim Oh Jefferson I’m
afraid my Serena moon hmm Sangha my buddy number Chalobah way by getting a
moon moon baby yo nigga the cinema seen you in that indie mmm I’m still gonna be
on quite a cool I think I read about that too much but you betcha balancing
abalone but didn’t open a back shot yeah by me vocano click on average mm-hmm
yeah cutting back on but I took – it is absorbed by that time never camp all
night Romeo he be – magana cursing gamma Z silly man – chattering I’m singing mmm
Katrina agenda Goku him Martin the coke we know in beer dollar NIMBY Rotella
wrong about wagon trains oh wow one man that’s open is that which Allah
never Hamming about babying it young a better way telugu choker choker
that one magnetometer people I’m movin over cheap Nintendo Queen vulnerable
society manga same mojo Snorri muy bien brahmana mojo Sumi
Akira ambient over our very goo ever wanted
Vera via New Democracy Kazan Nozomu II but ikkaku means an sign it
should be nachita da Gama to musica di bacco movie Japan Huizinga Mantua Flavia
called la via KHOU Arabic what we Arabica mmm at your Machado you 99 the
carne asada Yangon infernal machines olomana move on about Mecca necessary
knowledge NASA Kakashi my opinion vezo only embroider copa90 walking bully
Ebola in bibbidi eternal Messiah in webinar misogyny or Foe Kabhi Kabhi
Alvida gate and is so we’re not gonna contact him over phone linee in bamboo
banana with sandwiches now y’all mind if everybody was missin
mmm mmm banana back I need to charm or Shambo goobidy aquatic Oh mmm computer
or to emulate speedy so single quarry in Bordeaux is a single
amazing aquatic of public places evoke register Nicole only when never sang her
Gina was a window wasn’t truly moon at you chooses it sorry Boober uj- ek
medium baby whatever you Cavallo Jake what’s up come on I am peace actually
neva the militia want to focus in on you here in Vienna a Chicopee weights your
maximum boy it awaits available sang give you be true for say that it’s
against our God much for a branch my ramp or challenge it isn’t you massage I
don’t wanna be gained above our noggin unique engineer a cigar a massager
have you been here before no career and I know gamba boy what a confidence
booster cup wha Karima no millennia gamma energy recycle
new era Medusa category more money value : more
room to serve each other and vice versa namo Amida a gentleman Oh God my name’s Eddie singers the enemy’s
angry scene but women traveling on a magic attack holy moly and never embed
we will give us over the queer young Ned about purchasing a kinder chocolate
oomba-oomba launch the mocha enough feed legit chance feeling a much money
exchange agony in the co ditch front of urgency
yes longer watch other boxes na hoku familiar set up to now Charlie will
resume on the scene by multi generated in bachata baccarat American accent
American Dava you change I will change now by India Herrera thank you
Merida from enemies oh wait akka Banga Oh for me in Korea attacks anybody no
was a formula a burn through a bokura wa barakato ku mana Xena’s relating a
problem one over from Bhagat Singh Colleen Balarama Pataki singer in Korea
taxi in beta ik Jahangir Cinque taco Society in Vienna Jang in quarter
co-manage a nibble of crunching energy removal use a common know the nature
eternity item you know no get okra bang how much is fine Agana mmm era Jo for
abandoning Abu Chavez the genie I was seeing I’m Nam Nam was at the cottage in
which Colo Tia dama Budokan saga that’s good career for me Amanda laughs Oh
Carrie Cudney what is how he awoke he was little bit
on a much having a nice we ought to come much okay first reaction ele
it so convenient I can walk and chew gum because I got a number two did being no
mama hug Nordia nang Waka’s vans hm single magnum china
married if you bang on the caliche never abandon jaga la comunidad nobody
wormwood younger when you know Peter talk agenda Amarillo boom Witham wrong
and even Cosmo medieval manga vehicle a change to : GARCH model it day yes thank
you so much better I am wet demo demo what that de montejo no mommy America to
go over to the table until guruva Levant night embeddable tiara
iterated yeah she engage Vina change to attack everyone okay Odie instantly
target anyone in the bio to provide up to comida one mmm
Omaha community village in Apache thr gonna cut in a angle never to longer
Baldwin attitude to an A to D woman naturally I’m gonna be last mmm
nice talkin eaten ramen go moon 298 change a bizarre most rambling Wanda
Wanda gantry my me boomer optimum Oaxaca Santiago gotta go muchacha well not even
a when a you go Momoko Katrina wins mommy and I get Denton boo tofu and each
other yes your garage see a Chinese joke of a challenge for know Miami and up
wanna talk to each other is that ready quality into every single
Brahma banger do Miami wanna be an estimated to be IBM quota me jakkuman
net as you know our church economy to know quality into amateur I’m Annie
Oakley Giovanna bambam they is the one woman I wanna bang given by 1 by 2 mu
times a column on I’m gonna go scissor a Chikatilo cortisone side job a woman
your car Omar may be savvy single toboggan
aquahama toboggan a core value investor when walking onto my mentee brobama
business eh eh GG enemy attacks are gonna cheat again is the aqua each other
so nominee aperture aunty from a mingi koala mat Aquatica lay up single watonga
ok of animal management America’s movin about me boom boom ba ba ba gonna they
gonna beat up Bobby they were okay go poopoo G possible open up when I gotta
you know Lee just wanna do my job thank you dr. marie de Beauvoir yo reform bill
Allah Allah before Allah o Allah 19:01 what they were not handy program
longer I never know muginami to Francois bon I’m gonna be I’m gonna go wrong as
the scenes of walking I want to become a bigger bang my main up available ibis
deira Nevada anniversary Okuma no beer and a book we can you lose bang on the
mocks and a grande we said every single my money echo money when I ran up to
sign divine open a good church overvalue one well what is a must say must know
can buy no proven a year mechanism never vulnerable began to show me a new
holiday cheap beachy country it’s a challenge in Kakaako ma November 11th
been a novena one I will resign JN Tata well thank you so much chocolate to
truly see a speculating Ganga to Angela from my Kuljit aquatic with the chitchat
has spoken telecom fried chillies and I want we wanna move into your movie
newbie tag on your perch and Ariza no matrimony is an IE the lodge two phones
on eBay Curtis away nose is so broken over
myself yes I want or I should reach in Conger never Jim McCausland cinnamon on
them cuz it was soon got a chachalaca mind you were not got whenever I’m with
Jayamma mind you up a chair and I suppose a nice attended the net HS talk
about cutting neck it is a Morgan so much nemanja and courteous Sawa
Christ time of each region you threesome Volvo mo kamo which she will never not
even an obedient even to Mira name Padang Amamiya an item between senior
who has agenda martini perfect who are another news open abilities
now yet we don’t have for now giving so much about hoonjae you talking to boomer
cut is an under continual charge of what I’m not obsessing about Manjula never
mind about what kind of watch it tear marecus goodloe you want to buy a gara
gara gara I’m whatever thank you she do I want to avoid another Monty Marco rope
and you’re due to public pressure no telly pressure approach to system okay
night to say no money wonder when about cause it more Amamiya came a conga Molly
will now undergo pointy mom sit over two thousand one the cards poker 2019 yeah
thank you so much um okay Angela called ambiguity in Bangkok man opposite Omani
every to a movie no TV sonic popular I teach that he never introduced Khartoum
get Eva gym quality body whoa I want girl got magnet and no no no Connie name
bag a two-sided across the route yeah I want to vassals Alberta to ELISA I so
quiet we mom chill each a so intelligent I got of money design new Angelica
monopolist a tuna and imagine no cooler could be trivial oh come on Angelica’s
in mcwhopper to meet nannies India my intention before dissolving our
synthesis Armand they’re gonna been in that list with Moses a walk when I win
so loose a million you community apartment is Reina practices are mine
since I’m on cutting taganka Limburger never gamble with my socks Wilhemina
community cooling Banga vicinity mangia okay next up on the menu Cunha centers
in pecans take a move Baba not any Navy Vanya new channel acquire
yeah thank you so much watching imba Kumiko
lo minion began open doula rush have until January remover for a moment
reform bill was a good no game became a super me do and she can be very subtle
the way to Bangor anonymous at Juanita no cabin ever going to buy our kind
chief up watching and watch happen to our Canon reform when opportunity which
are longer open up was in register which I wanna a visa to be single car team I
went to Nevada magic Onuaku pressure wound ing the canyon Julie wound up was
in Baja California burger hey Chuck wanna get to Singapore now H or whatever
but phenomena carnival now waiting until I moved my be intervened generally
neutral between up on ie no Sangha Malkani run going up girl most
of them via Transfer Protocol is a moment country is a doctor of oppression
yang you know my number to see in Antigua means heaven to what it is in no
homo toboggan I equate a companion cat Rocco for Momo tuna wait ah forget about
Panama to go each and every episode I mean sangoma ningún ganga mucho mucho
I’m Sharon a Cartier nuevos owns a yoga Covina muchas Romo
from beau para Banja new layer watching my mom Sharon HMOs una mirada como
cracked open forum whose day ago I met and I let me try him home opener
focusing on point when a conservative a propidium
thank you okay Nicole a concert tears of a woman who sit in a hotel before now
why Serena neurosis arena of anger which fudge cookie
Jagga osso buco sega obligatory joke of a name given by the back ova okay Nick Judah nothing about to come to
Canada Nova move to our daba daba track use iike in ammonia now cool afraid
almost 80 Navy geo Kira Nick Judah Judah knock of africana neck Judah cottage for
Japanese school and I move a column opposite Serena whole inna necessary
nina pirogova cursor into ecology or jelena engine okay gotta tend embodied
if we knew Nabokov on to Banga Banga be saying classy
yes Selena Avila will move over na na boo boo boo manga never missing forgot
about revelry moko naughty to talking are you thank you concession to me tears
of a woman isn’t over it is a single joke number single night engine even
engine accusing endocrine disrupters of a woman all the same it was the same
layman amazing end of college to Veronica be the best of catharsis are in
tears of a woman Brian song in my Nimba Ultima go to jail
goober good soldier Turkish ago V Nina Palembang severe severe minimal timba
it’s back in Mali in banking you never leave Angus adobo only but possible on
junior deletable winner say hallelujah monastic Doku Umarov or
60 inches of a woman boo – JA – JA in Basel thank you yes ever so soon already
materials available maternity as of a woman who panics Portuguese Amy just
arena she general each solo una muchacha gambit tears of a woman maybe so gonna
be a cut above tears of a woman my mother’s room room Ingham but they are
searching for their rights now you have a second Imam oh god never your no luck
Tia’s of a woman okay I understand we need much vulnerable you know – how
about number one killers yesterday like a tune – city
did you ever come to move to further behind Jack gonna run about punk rock on
Nicole oh but you don’t wanna cook sing man 1290 super social media one decigram
bitches women hosted in ur turn in a move that much this work so show me
tomorrow ok we surrendered our for right is the one off we’re running a shame
name come on come on Sonya but they just so vocally I mean mother
Emory one cup of monogamy there’s no Congolese a cuckoo show in data never
gets love it but I did read it Thumbelina
no but which are you okay no gotta be cool check up on the cunning IVD model
moon it was always that then that would be intimate win across that is a change
triangular in gravity Mustafa I mean our interview in the Cayuga daddy
Oh morning miss it thank you so much um oh you’ll get the full song invisible
Wonga bottom seven the president of Republic of Uganda which have gained
upgrade our what you chops arena in again aqua – we are movie movie f5m is
president of attending here so Carrie Golden Hat of concert yeah Wow well and
it’s a message where there’s a telegraph ooh whenever email or where there’s a
messenger what Monica WI a new food cutting-edge stuff no one D ke bawah
later catch money Jeter Munna get up nobody knows tambura Wow it’s an even
Elwood asleep Savannah do not you gamble the seaman Lucas answer or remove or get
out forgive us again Devon true about pure tickets Abu Mazen Avicii yeah good
amazing makeup president I you know could you promise – yeah and then Oliver
Shaw hmm in a bullet a bogey in game night
general Oliver Shaw I knew Midway upon an hour – okay Angela – crossing it to deco split here
egos egos Elkanah is al Abedin bandy is eloquent production is like the new egos
move material Sango HTV noxus moment here you know Sangha in d1 Walker I
wander Walker Amory Jacobsen knowledge against Sangha the Magnum between a
meeting by / – much effort in a powerful Oliver Tate a personal meeting Trina
meeting already to be adding our ego the egos production yet is the more vodka
engage Vina changing Bob against them or watch continuum back of it but a cheetah Pablo you know pooja mania knows in
Babylon Gino we are yet to say nary a tiger oxidase and about to come
between a meeting thing I would if it about was if I haven’t remember to kind
of butcher in motorcar in the station my anniversary
kikuchi they talked about was it took to is that it goes well egos production the
wattage have a meeting talking to talk about when a chichi watches from either
then each age of 82 watch the conga lay a mechanic a slow
curve as a katana the music sometimes over it goes way out kana
novena Javed inaudible Ong hard on an average everything I could have launched
in golden wedding Roberto ng actually dude Americana
balloon or zania role which much even as a golden band : gone mobile advantage
the movie attend the direct effect thank you so much to read every gamble the
Medina and Takashi oh no you ninny Christmas Oh Leanna Oh Leanna pass occur
only in the boxing the boy energy uses a 90 boxing day okay Buddha Mahavira yo
como watch every other name Finland it one drop a star South Coast independence
rock one’s got the sawanaga c’mon Satya his own garage a circus animal no women
is their young Inaba movin a new Christmas with activists manga in my
name o Davina Jack O’Malley pop music II a Jap of sympathy in Equestria yeah
jungle still Xena Jolie marina Mucha Vina Trina movie directors a
Vitalik achieve inner bow – oh no power-cuts when I’m Adam clock
museum a typography no Christina Puma thank you vamos Avanti Yahoo can split
us production of of creating a new egos Napoleon band in thank you synchronization what we’re
doing in a junior open a banana for Amelie Moochie
so go check it out take care of an educator karamaneh javi the balloons
talking give away the dough Kazuma understand a meeting
so talking about a person someone is over today yeah got gonna be invisible
then I went bang got windy Babylon’s thank you so much Jakarta – really / –
they’re cool politics watch TV now each of your office in Irene another movie
number Mecca in Arcadia not him indigenous holy number maker in the
what’s the judge okay – no need is not when you know I don’t want this what
presidential hospital Museveni HH open a chick boom is using the more this one in
our thank you so much I’m not a more general question energy surging a week
is dragging this a moment in a moment in a ninja like Dada
okay yes sir Empire song attorneys work is in our evening President Museveni
single moon yoga’s a moment in our room it’s okay da da da da da – da Gama Chara
women a man special yes oh yeah – it’d be me some general equality muchacha
Mosinee recover mature your point number one point number two if we’re number two
not good the more saturated liver launched the Aquarian have your credit
thank you point number three reservoir I a gallon yeah banjo but nominated to
what your girl miss Wanda – marina and Emily 900 local say one stronger
actually move from Buda Buda Banga you get an hour with Bo kind of you know
kind of be our kind of you know get up on board
Thank You point hakuna yo Cunha you kind of oily cuts weedy the NASA know about
12 and javelinas and anger towards things we start converting to be turn
NASA now could have Kalani Uganda private facility that’s it yeah macabre
but raka magic moving Iranian economy began to imagine my mood about
youbecause of Managua most vehement was a Miami University back to Anam Basu
push together at a blue moon to Paula beneficence rally one was the second
American Anya means in botanical is a procedural drama 720 octa Zenda Banga a
stove Olaf Ivanka including this day when you talk about
winter Darwin song t.t now talk to your provider you put a warning
and I want em now put on what we know do it just talking an ex-ninja graduating
ago Cucaracha página president civilian woman to move on T going Jacqueline
going on to Union money boom we’ve got a beggar at a study no limit rupee laka
booka Meucci home anyakara Graham Noguchi
a gentleman called as same Vista Baba quadratic watching Robin Hood invisible
Wonga I would make is they believe he knew my name is my exam thank you Sarah
superfish think I represent you recover Thomas Avenida on the Sun or moon they
also can develop don’t whatever one-on-one pokémon a la nam sang who
khattala Indian TV I didn’t interview what do you what war world war a
communicative good hmm we’re gonna took a couch mmm woman welcome another
massive mask Oh mommy aunt waad how much food by the gram weight or money or not
each awarded Minister Minister yet when a muscle game to enhance the cartridge
and Amanjit Triana Julia you may jazz juquila
forget about revenge very first time young to deny a book when ie
name whatever okay that was my first time
Rockefeller inaudible a new knee and in from Muskogee Nissan Ukrainian in Havana
to get the car to interfere for us he hunted by Adam set Omega
that Middletown will reenter the idea up with massage we came back when I
entertaining LaVon to worry about Nimbus 9 boniva I won’t worry man only one a
naive evaluator bad evaluated another storm Genevieve a
ninja robots money yamaha de la una Moneda Aaron on Eva
nalu’s a channel a particular name is Vidya want random semester as Miss
iguana navantia project appear economic a girl reproductive on Ghana Hawaii
member topanga now neighbor in Baku campaign presence even na na want oh oh
ooh la la Volvo ox como parte a barack obama
narrative a furnace and guattari mom kombucha bonita what goodness aquarium
on your watch is a mean upper body a change now HDD war who try to move bad
move on our way never complain you know probably
battalion bomb in a bar so can’t even look I’m not in Japan and an equal
number of presidents after launch the ninja gotta let it wash Sephora no actually ensure that I’m going to do
what bad was you can understand my guru number oh yeah yeah Katsura
rahbaniya na hey Lorenzo Cain Yuma blog inanna a pudgy angle and agenda in a
Hootie when we kick it kick it to watch one cut
now you know among in every so generous so cutting I’m very in acquaintance they
might when I will never took it up on the extra block in Burma Campaign
Khadijah never to eat mmm holy Portuguese I knew not see you in
game man well we condone such fuckin news
pizza chain another Walker Chi hoons in a biblical radio and put a busy one in
our room one more time we are talking campaign yadi mam campaign what other
heating up water monster will you take our most oh come on after checking
successful accommodation not Chicanos I will chew cumin and red music touch one
dozen with Miranda may have attached the wall above and what you do Kapoor near
cousin America Motor Co NATO Cola Obama believe I got the flu thank you would you talk about yo move i’ii be back golden band a
Mossad day Mucha Lumumba at a businesswoman at the same time same
channel Nadine era severe oxidant Luca H severe at retro Graham boy music when I
become cannula campanian Santa’s in America versus Ramadi mocha
Queen valve America seemed barbara bry being open honest a
presidential massive number too much Sanchez oh and they know each other we
Nagaraju in video and you know kim bianco nobody nakamura it have a bangle
okey-dokey music one- Munna he’s okay and okay beautiful music ones we
remember our talk about vapor from a bar to watch back with their butts up time
on each village has seen bitanga co-dependent now a block o hdc1
vegetables identical copy music how you named a capoeira silk well mo campaign
is over me anymore my changing changing a woman who I am you get a simple one
block that seemed like Unni nobody nobody imagined me about Yvonne g9o co
deeply hmm what’s together I wanna buy in Vietnam Cucaracha
capuchin ye may not be stuck with yacuiba
then one but this ain’t no campaigning a window c’mon young
Santa’s our government is that they are so low since the president seven is
Vanessa Williams ever most away you moment zabawa
see taxpayers man named SC see the top of what was so HR to hunger to twinam
city mochi moon so enough Saint Nino kuiba
Thank You Rocky Mikasa game Anya Ganga – Dina Katherine excessive inter vivos of
young men box evacuate up social media conga
male Ginga over you just assume so to me now I know from the horse’s mouth and
Union a be in Hungary as is at as it is uncovered a directional a
more calls the residue of otama 7 catherine serie present himself a new
owner or Napoleon a will be a maker who seemed over not mistaken he’s a verb and
insisting honey all those Snuggie now it’s an
appointment similar Gaga in the wrong is leaning in up against when Sofia will
not check out this side but madam Malti come come on out Vida number which I
need I’ll go vote then it’s enough on each needs a particular grab it up to
tie and while you get an or gate they may not in the mood to move awfully
jumpy I know etiquette area by a BYU gun
yeah Manny no cheese so we don’t see I got my ey Uganda movie no cooler cooler
Canadian corporate chef Manny got bigger a couple shows in in G chocolate will
come and be a successful TV so conservative citizenship what you could
have this equation Goku Narnia Japan yeah I got a new era in me watch a
garage nearby because a mirage thank you so quickly after send SMS
apocalypse procedures and yadi primo Nadia I’m a banker
back yadi microfinance but it’s on the front page a mummy movies
I just saw a video in the video Nandi can I get sewn up baby said it was
examining Avedon time called nitrogen matter you never give over the budget
stuff zena’s he gained here at further why
yourself imma go back on the front page more
about Kosovo fabric was zebra what is a pseudo communes I hang up I may not be
okay scene is again Hina mauka each animal centers oh the budget wanna see
general anomaly you AJ 913 stroke see you later Najibullah was smart video
named co-con I just really mean okay six double 9g the money unions a camera
by the budget then examining that you mean who
Triana Jeff give me giving them money you name Fukumoto graduated Sam niang’s
I just found bootcamp live in Japan I ain’t no damn damn chorus parts Quran no
never got no a maroon Empress mother Kartini a wet day you change I gotta go
indie rock what Megan Ingrid Laska taxi maracas in biochem feh
what won’t we be Monocacy my talk is a magnum certificate hurry yeah running
moveable children I think about extremes of to talk about her um to VD nah nigga
bytes muchas muchas nanny carotid summer Okavango Baton Rouge Oh Sierra Guadalupe
africana the engine and in denim which are leaning in increasing over me vow
leg magically Rida a banana for gonorrhea a name for gonorrhea
we’ve got mahalia leaning in a motorbike which averages about the cocklebur just
never got area whenever yeah Nene imboca Ling in a mocha window
window biggest in me knocking on window then I’m afraid o GX GXL melange our
universe returned Akira I’m not okay about the president yet where you prefer
such big a Bobby I belong to the cosmic was coming with the furniture a motor
car by mu Tong a Prado Bahamas my presence in young Vinney de sitio get to
watch the movie Mugabe hmm naive a mocha Java gamba Maracana Chippewa conch
mutters what Buddha worry yourself propaganda popular Prado Nyjah bro I
mean yes sir never look at as they contain a
black energy drama Christmas restaurant where government president you talk on
camera grammar time nakamoto ter puak waiters and i for the idea a Bantu since
I began Baba minimis achieve a uniform either mmm about nerve endings umberto
robina plan emolia Garnica think Obama began the
baby pool RSA pussies occupy each catch end up with a budget I’m paying pony at
the same time when you’re black and I love what damping Canadian work with way
Kijiji America in Jelena Young America tries to mimic a speedy Wien army is in
a baby maruka Angelina M it as a joke we can play catch in a
much kinder gentler game yes a column in emergency so very very present here zero
Deborah do they do each other because that’s all okay for any de genogram it
will magically G tuned America thank you posing or Nene what across the
president here dipwad present an aquifer Thank You commander president no one
believed me no branch of the motor to get a car your
message are you watching I see my child is drinking forever the slippers a movie
mmm yeah thank you it’s not a sort of could you could you
come on I am cooling William who never say is bitch Acharya purchasing a
diagram or ocular nonsense instead of a single Abu Musab sorry not
permitting a sadena hakuna matata much much attack this sandwich is now holy
one moment in this seminar Metallica that is good attack ad do not know
feeling giddy Nizam chora nanda Nina no disaster yes
in Karen is equal polka little Portugal Jacob and River oregano cumin every Rio
because the poverty Bhavana comet is Ivanka married up twin move on a motor
vehicle not Voodoo’s condo Utica crossing over voila Abu cha-cha name
anima Jo Maura Fonda Casa de varios Oregon evocative guava vaca a vocal demo
company Oh a beluga a Visio vo name would have annual Casa Grande now mo
Tokyo SS haqqin haqqa gt2 leader kojima haruna Kamiyama you settle it out of
court home alarm Asiago amazon go resume over
gamma chickening out over you chickened out of the case why apology leader what
happened Oh miserable work Widow I’m sorry man is an a20 navigable waters
for you mmm nobody knows of it Kusum ba ba ba ba ba
ba si never Bible mmm
kikuchi for 12:11 going on sound whoa no question um mmm
you look about Utica Zynga – never mmm that’s why which tiwa sister booted it
they were launched again I’m going to own them well I went around my back
about vitamins so we didn’t come on it’s about sauce anyways it was an atrocity
by their brands of ERISA okay she’s all concerned in tea no fornication that was
what most of the other needs is a man engaging behind roving of vanga not to
see so your case yes got a police take to operative in when I when I just check
a pedicab economy trial government of South what Domino mood is a city of
grandeur after that incident yeah but that will be not the man in the world
who have a yoga position the wrong number toward sano-kun number you that
mom say about magic severe Lynch even women would rip away in our Tea Room
hooker than a Hasidic Wanda come on come on
labels we talked about okay thank you so much
but work today what you were about to member nanoucoco a plan no waiver is a
hula for a new good I’m going to pursue Cameron
besides optimal image home where you know company visible Babita better sad
baby jelly mr. Schlup cream oil okay company no or employing go back to the
mecha pingas it from your beam geometry attains doctrine you are inevitably
amongst Nagas one new being an idea Cardenas wing Gavin travel era
Bobby taxes in change in G nature money moved among a monocoque using Ciccolini
Uganda Trina Kenya Tanzania Rwanda Burundi
food Annie emissary and Geeta truepani neck Quang never become our words have
enough aluminum you can see what the sexes are Uganda as far as where become
our Dean Aruba or what we talkin Huachuca mhm be Nevada by the vitoca
Valley Authority which Kamali hi mama Cindy
Boombah boom oh one more one who got away VD business college etc
mizuka business you give young man da cunha now a change document about fini
fini new market opportunity instead what we will be wasting ammo at econo dairy
cow oh okay thank you so much I want to be to back
up by weighing over TECA comienzan a millimeter or a movie
I envy for name Vaganova Angela judging vocally the same Angela Lambada it’s
that one no hope in my channel when you say to another hostage mmm too much has
too much a German usage of a promoter promoter
turbocharged ammonia st. eg also maybe centers of boy I gotta knock that Damien
is such I’m talking about man enough to never to Omega minus Dominica I think
what about those trains up on us ain’t y’all got me leave any turn what does it
in a joke whatever I’m still singing connect me to my Chapel initials ninja
who ever said to one a jellied yeah mm-hm 7000 carranza don’t win bets wanna
call a shame the balloons that is just a shame Novato quotation from your Alabama
you volleyball remove the context of course tuna no financing is that one
more but attack Sakana concert thank you well you know president during October
17 RMB I remember when auntie Mui phones our president when the more kids are
able to talk our president in a church charm about your wedding
mr. Moyer chugga-boom human intelligence terminada a cha-cha
Baracus I can invoke on the wind about your data muchacho vie de leche news of
Gambas to pura besakih on green when I talk about for the chance but we
in beautiful money you need and about whom I need cheating on performing a
four-stage tanda anggre cool the first time you pulled a banger in Karachi Nino
chorus change it I could end up with a woman as the out in a number even never
gonna throw together creep up to feed our developer maybe a buffoon of an
impact event fools of against abandoned welcome to boom and I will serve it in
Savage Arena in Columbus evaluations after each watch chung hua buddha-nature
grams average 20 on claimed as a year are checking a new person a baby who
keeps a lien upon you in your day they are available campaigns demo campaign
telepresence we took up confident at an angular gravity before Teddy you people
already beginning yeah yeah yeah banana stuffer true value campaign finance
Angulimala roberto busa students who are now over a war domain big of eight
American wanna have a single government in became a government human influence
one winning bidder on freedom city salmon video stop at the wall voila
enemies of women upon wreckage Inari manraja baccarat I’m sure now the
smoke in together better Nancy you guys look of expenditure did you buy Ostia
Davonte begin that Thank You King Michael / DJ Mike we have another movie
an alleged champion Obama teen body moved almost Ilocano updates I’m
appalled never won a race so Chad tournament swordmaster games to
me – muy bien busy thank you let’s drink to the seeker
social media or equal social media Wendy on the couch who it’s a brown because we
have to snapchat see baby – okay thank you Makarov it is Dana Carvey
doctrinally used in a whole amused manga una Carrera GT never the matura Facebook – my god she’s a mover no but I will
change you can stay home cause of some water
you got energy up Cora and it’s about to see the body mr. Collins
hold it Cinna champuli de America lumpy kind of social media bathroom and member
oh I’ll get the back to cut in a Polaroid what if it is running on the
weights but they took colocar to Chile which team at a Japanese the neuronal
snow moves camera you’re gonna be up social media
no skull of mine award see more of an ambience it was fancy
rocketing I won’t get a day an hour with cheating applying basic of an ethnic
slur watch no no no no no – is thank you let’s do it again so garage in a beach
wave in Belgium chariot approaching a Demeter Oh Katya no no no no FEMA FEMA
or chi-chan no for the polymers in temporada Nava drama and Ebola never got
my trailer for San Siro you I wanna do a student funding to show you I know thank you nutrients a class students go
home avocado the constituency I want to
anabolism is kinda by some medium 4:30 and then optimizing live in a hotel
don’t forget it will be enjoyed Vonda take a second on junior koala the
filippova never provided any problems in you exchange our jacuzzi originally
conceived non-committal girl then abomination aqua master pornography they
can occupy enjoy natural changes of garments emo jungle devil child
Elizabeth of commands is an edifice change no stone cannot you hear that so
clear that anyone even get any performer that is cut cut changes of government
mooch a monkey have a negative energy have and you got about the economy
squalor that German forgive a question is open ambit Jeremy but the Ranji a
cheater Mustapha have all this love me about
digital music guitar music between politics political on over cylinder
politician politician once again Impala me communicating back to respecting a
mobile companies in the Delaware work we member some whatever about a bureaucracy
we know get it I’ve got the boom Manzana munagi Yamanashi travel TV to our where I got a
couple mother was to mother and a politician I’m an optimist thank you so much because I give my
nigga again afterwards I may never be able to Buddha mrs. Obama thank you so
much sure not Ferrari took another one in
despotism when I was following an interview never whatever server I’m
Sharon finally to say that from Lisa who you read the movie cambogia vertebra
across the whole world thank you so much Jimmy enough the governor self-interest
coverage upon yourself twenty Sanabria dannel malloy a non from an Islamic his
comment Otunga ported a non-permanent Wonga Lawrence E or Jatin do 18 updates
and Hindu files later for yourself Ibrahim Okazaki mahogany Guevara Ranji

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  6. Naye banange wat is this woman carrying in dat big head really does she even has brains, does she even first reason before she talks, did i hear this idiot yapping dat the security of uganda is good ???????? Oh God help Uganda but if those pipo dat have lost their loved ones watch this they will never stop crying

  7. Naye Nyabo kusasira size eyitilide. You are over weight..You might get a heart attack. Emere jikendezeko. Eat small portions at a time.

  8. The Security you are talking about is only in your house. People are dying in Uganda. Naye sente zamuseveni kibagejeseza bulala.

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    Akola obulungi asimibwa abenugu bafune kubutwa banyweko bajja kuba bulungi๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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