Catherine Paiz | Before and After Transformations | Plastic Surgery Transformation

Catherine Paiz | Before and After Transformations | Plastic Surgery Transformation

A few of you requested that I do a Before
and After vid on Catherine Paiz of the Ace family – so here it is. It only made sense to do hers considering
I just did her BFF Chantel Jeffries’ Before and After transformation too. Catherine’s real name is Dolores Catherine
Paiz and although her family is from Panama, she was born in Montreal Quebec. At the time of this recording she is 29 years
old and her Instagram following (@catherinepaiz) is at 7.3million followers. Even though Catherine was born in Canada,
she moved to Tampa Florida and grew up there, then went on to attend St Louis university
– the same school as her man Austin McBroom. Catherine was a model and actress from a young
age, so it only made sense to move to LA afterwards to pursue more opportunities. I guess she found what she was looking for
there considering her and her family currently still reside in LA to this day. If you’re familiar with Catherine than you
know she rose to fame with her now husband, Austin – who she has two daughters with. They’re best known as The ACE Family who
found huge success with their YouTube channel which now has over 17million subscribers. I’d say they’re the most famous YouTube
family – that’s for sure. These days Catherine is not only still a YouTuber,
but is also a famous influencer across other social media platforms, and an aspiring TV
host. Being famous on YouTube and always being involved
in Hollywood it’s no doubt that Catherine has made some changes to her appearance – this
pretty much comes along with the territory. So in this video we’re going to be taking
a look at Catherine’s transformation over time. She’s admitted to getting some work done
– like a boob job, but not everything else. And fans do speculate that for sure there
has been more. What’s going on guys and girls, my name is
Kara and this series we have titled Before & After. Today we are going to focus on Catherine,
any cosmetic work she’s had done or what’s speculated, her body, fitness and just how
she’s evolved over the last little while. I’ve done other celebrity transformation videos,
including ones on her BFF Chantel Jeffries and Lele Pons and we’ll have links to those
at the end of this video. I’ve also been reading all your comments
and I’m going to be responding to some at the end of this. As always, if there is anyone else you want
me to document, let me know in the comments down below. Now, let’s get into this video. FACE/COSMETIC WORK
Let’s start with Catherine’s face. Catherine denies getting any work done to
her face, but when you compare pics from then (Photo before 3) and now (Photo now 1) you
can see some noticeable changes. Catherine’s nose is actually perfect, but
it hasn’t always looked like this. I think getting a nose job can change your
look quite a bit so that’s one of the reasons I notice it so much. Catherine’s nose before (Photo nose before)
was a bit larger and had a slight bump, but it still suited her face. These days, her nose is super sleek and petite
with zero signs of any bumps or imperfections (Photo nose now 1). The difference is the most obvious I think
when you look at her side profile (Photo nose b&a). Clearly a lot of fans think the same thing
(Photo nose IG). Considering Catherine has never admitted to
a nose job this is all just speculation but I’m pretty positive she’s gotten one. What do you guys think? Looking at the rest of Catherine’s face
I would assume she hasn’t got any other major work done, probably just non-invasive
stuff. Reading some threads online, fans also said
what they think she had done, for example one person said (Photo fan comment 1)
“…I suggest you go to Catherine Paiz before Instagram page and there’s proof specifically
of the nose job. She’s gotten her nose done, boobs, lip fillers,
Brazilian butt lift, lipo, and tons of Botox in her face. It doesn’t take a genius to know that.” Interesting. Well, I definitely think she does the lip
fillers considering her lips weren’t nearly as full back in the day. (Photo before 1). Although they weren’t that thin and looked
nice all-natural, in most of her photos these days they have that extra plump look to them
(Photo lips now) I know that everyone edits their photos and
can hide flaws with great makeup, but I think it’s possible that Catherine also uses fillers
and/or Botox in her face too. Seeing as she’s almost 30 she may use it
to keep herself wrinkle free or even to accentuate certain parts of her face. I think she does look pretty different though
(Photo face before and after). Finally I think that Catherine has veneers
on her teeth (Photo teeth now 1) but only because they are way too perfect, white, and
straight (Photo teeth now 2). The girl does have a great smile though so
whatever she did it worked. So I’m not 100% sure about the changes Catherine
has made to her face over the years, but it seems like she was always naturally pretty. Being a social media star and living in Hollywood
I’m sure has the most pressure so if she does get some cosmetic work done I’m really
not surprised. I wanna know what you guys think though…has
she gotten all those fixes that people think she did? Comment and let me know. BODY
Let’s move on and look at Catherine’s body. First off, the only work that Catherine admitted
to having done on her body is a boob job. It seems like Catherine always had a nice
body which shouldn’t come as a surprise because duh – the girl was a model. (Bikini bod before clip 1:55-2:00 No SOUND)
Still, she did look different back then. (Photo before 2) Fast forward to now, and two kids later, Catherine
still has a picture perfect body and maybe even NICER than before (Photo body now 1)
So the question is – is it all natural? Well, like I said the boobs aren’t but we
know that. Catherine said she didn’t really need a
boob job but got one a few years back – and that definitely made them a lot bigger when
you compare pics (Photo boobs b&a). I actually can’t find too many pics of Catherine
pre-boob job. Anyways, Catherine was really open about this
procedure because she apparently would get asked a lot about it. Some years ago on Instagram she posted a photo
talking about her boob job, saying (Photo boobs IG):
“Ladies, so I find myself getting tons of emails regarding my breast augmentation & figured
I might as well post this – I did the procedure about 3 years ago and went with saline, under
the muscle, incision through armpit… I have little to no scares due to it being
done on the crease of my armpit. I’m very open about it and although I didn’t
need to do the procedure I have no regrets – life’s too short to not go through with
things that will make you happy” Well said Catherine, but I think she had to
be open about her implants considering they were pretty obvious especially when they were
new. That post was pretty old though and Catherine
said she got it done 10 years ago as of this year. As we know, she’s had two kids now so I’m
not sure if that was the only boob job or if she got them fixed up post babies. We know Cardi B got some post baby work done
to her boobs and some lipo – we even did a video on Cardi’s updated before and after
too if you wanna check that out. Fans also have speculated that Catherine got
lipo, maybe after becoming a mom but it’s unsure. It seems the girl does work out extra hard
and commits to staying in shape so it could just be good old fashioned diet and exercise. (Photo IG post baby) Finally, I wonder if Catherine got a Brazilian
butt lift or any work done back there. Some comments that people have posted in threads
online say that for sure she has, but I don’t know if I believe it. There was a video her and Austin posted on
IG a few months back of Catherine dancing on Austin in the mirror and it got people
talking. (Butt clip 0:14-0:19 NO SOUND) People said
that her butt must be fake since it looks so much bigger now and after seeing that clip
and the photo (Photo butt selfie) I can see why. In some past photos, like after Catherine
had their first baby, from the side view her booty looks a lot flatter (Photo butt before). Catherine has said that since her pregnancies
her weight has fluctuated quite a bit and there have been times before when she’s
lost a lot of weight because of breast feeding and stress for example. This all does make sense because we all know
that weight changes can make the butt shrink or grow bigger. Her and Austin even addressed the fake booty
rumors in a vlog: (Butt surgery vlog 14:10-14:27) and went on
to just explain they were natural changes after having her second baby and definitely
not a butt lift. (Butt surgery vlog 17:50-18:11)
Anyways they seemed pretty convincing to me – I think I’ll let the booty rumors slide. Whatever Catherine is doing, she looks amazing
for someone who just recently had 2 kids. But we’ll be looking at how she keeps herself
fit next. FITNESS
So if you follow Catherine you’ll know that she bounces back quickly after having babies. I’m sure it’s not exactly easy and it
definitely takes some discipline. After her second child was born she recently
post on Twitter a photo showing off her bod with Austin, writing (Photo post baby 1):
“5 months post partum – no protein, no detox teas, no waist shaper, no pill, no fat
burners, no diets, no surgeries. Train in silence without having to prove anything
to anyone but yourself…feeling myself again” So what did Catherine do to get herself back
in shape? According to her she just exercised a lot
(post baby workout vid 0:14-0:30). Not only did she workout post baby, she also
exercised while she was pregnant which helps a lot to keep you in check. Her and Austin posted some vlogs of her pregnancy
workouts and I’m sure it helped having her man to train with her and keep her motivated. (pregnant workout vid 14:00-14:22) I think
it’s definitely easier to exercise if you have a workout buddy especially if they are
just as motivated as you. It also doesn’t hurt if its your boyfriend
or significant either – It’s like a date just more productive. (Austin and Catherine vid 0:15-0:30) Not only does she do at home workouts but
Catherine spends a lot of time in the gym too, doing a variety of cardio, weights, and
other activities (gym video 0:24-0:32). She also goes for runs or hikes which doesn’t
surprise me because when you live in LA you have to take advantage of those hills and
views. (gym video 0:55-1:05) I’m not sure if Catherine has any specific
diet but I would assume she eats pretty healthy – it seems like everyone in Hollywood does. From watching her vlogs she doesn’t mind
cheating either though, I know the girl likes Krispy Kreme donuts but they’re my weakness
For the most part it seems like Catherine’s hair and makeup look has stayed pretty similar
over the years. Although she’s had dark hair before which
you can see in really old photos, (Photo before 5) she has been the same colour for awhile
now – which is like a dirty blonde / highlighted brunette look. (Hair video 5:30-5:55)
I think when you compare pictures, (Photos hair 1&2) her current hair definitely suits
her the best so I’m sure she’ll stick to it. (Photo hair now) CONCLUSION
Catherine is a natural beauty who seems to look great without having to do much. I think that people online can be extra critical
towards her just because her and her family are so famous. Although some speculate that Catherine got
a lot of work done to look the way she does, I do think some of it is just rumors. I think Catherine’s post baby body is the
way it is because she exercised during and after her pregnancies but who knows. I don’t think she has a fake butt or lipo
in my opinion. But I think that she got a nose job. Those are just my thoughts! Let me know if you guys think I’m right
or wrong in the comments. Whatever she has or hasn’t done Catherine
will just keep enjoying her ACE family YouTube successes and either way her and Austin have
made a super cute family. Clearly, considering how much everyone loves
to watch them. COMMENT SECTION
OK guys so just like before it’s time for me to read out some of your comments from
our previous video. This one is from our Lindsay Lohan Before
and After vid, Alar Lillevali said (Photo Comment 1):
“In my opinion she looks really good now!” Yay finally a positive comment for Lindsay
– I think she needed that. Honestly I was watching Mean Girls the other
day and I remembered just how much I love her. On our Ariana Grande House Tour Video, Omzi
said: “Love this channel”
Thank you so much Omzi I like knowing that you guys are enjoying the videos. And finally from our Tana Mongeau Before and
After, Rachel Smeith said “Its probably a non surgical nose job, so
they use fillers to make everything look even. I mean we all know she’s been so open about
getting filler” Good point Rachel – that very well could
have been the case. I just assumed that it was a nose job because
she needed that non cosmetic one in the past…but fillers could definitely give her nose that
straight and perfect look too. Aright guys and girls, that wraps up this
video here on Before & After. If you wanna talk more about Catherine’s
transformation you can hit me up on Instagram (@kara_emi). Let me know who else you would like me to
make a Before & After video on and I’ll see you guys in the next video. And if you haven’t yet, hit that subscribe
button! I want to get to know you guys better and
hear more of what you have to say! Let’s get the 50K to 100K. Bye!

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