Chest Muscle Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

Chest Muscle Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m
gonna show you some stretches for the pecs. So let’s get started. For the stretches we’re gonna do 30 seconds
three times to get a really good stretch in there. Before we start, if you haven’t already subscribed,
make sure you click down there. So I’ve got my little timer to keep us on
track. We’re gonna do a 30 second stretch, take a
10 second break, and then do that 3 times total. So let’s go ahead and do the pec stretch and
get started now. So with the pec stretch, you’re gonna take
your hands, clasp them behind your back, and you’re gonna push down and out, and then push
your chest forward. So just holding that stretch right there. and with stretches, they shouldn’t be painful,
so if you;re feeling some pain in your chest area, take a little bit of pressure off of
it and don’t push down quite as hard. You should feel that right through the front
here in that pec area and just holding that stretch for 30 seconds. And then take a little 10 second break. So right up in here is where you should feel
it. If you have some issues where the nerve is
getting pressed on, you might feel a little bit of tingling while your doing the stretch,
so again pushing down and out, and pushing your chest forward. Try and keep your head and neck relaxed kind
of in a neutral position. So you’re not pushing out like that, I tend
to do that. Try and relax your neck and head area. But if you feel some of that tingling, that’s
probably just because you’re stretching that muscle and putting a little pressure on the
nerve. So hopefully each time you do that it will
get better. But if it doesn’t then you probably want to
hold off on the stretch and get everything checked out. So we’ve got one more. If you want to shake it out a little bit you
can. And then just bring your hands back. Again pushing down and out, and pushing that
chest forward. and you should really feel it right where
your arms connect to the body, maybe in that armpit area just a little bit, but again,
stretching should hurt, it should be that kind of good hurt, hurts so good kind of feeling. Just a nice stretch there getting those muscles
nice and loose in that area. So those were your pec stretches for the chest
area. This is actually a part of an office stretching
series, so just to get you moving if you don’t get to move a lot when you’re working in the
office, or if you;re at home kind of sitting around doing something for a long time. They’re easy stretches so you don’t have to
have any kind of equipment. So if you’d like to check out more of them,
make sure you click up here. And if you’d like to help support my channel,
click up here to find out how. And don’t forget to click down here to subscribe. And remember, be safe (stretch it all out),
have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

23 Replies to “Chest Muscle Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. I prefer the corner of a room, arms 90° at a right angle and pressing torso forward into the corner, arms move backward stretching the pectorial muscles.

    But this is great too.

  2. Ive been doing a lot more sitting at the desk/Table recently and this was just the stretch I needed, it helped relive some upper trap and in between the shoulder blades for me too!

  3. I like these videos with exercises being shown in real time & the timing shown, so I can follow along as u explain 👍

  4. My left shoulder is bit higher then the other shoulder so my neck is as well goes to the right side which kind of exercise can I do to improve my posture..
    Thank you so much Dr

  5. Hi Dr Jo, your videos are very helpful. I have a query, I am a patient of Ankylosing Spondylitis & Osteoarthritis, is Reverse core bicycle exercise suitable for me?

  6. Looking for more Pec stretches? Check these out:

  7. I have pain on left chest near to left arm.
    I went to cardiologist hey said it's not heart problem. I used the pain killer but it also didn't work.

    Pls suggest me any exercise particularly for this problem.the pain also extends little to back side of shoulder

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