Chevy-Swapped 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE! – The House Of Muscle Ep. 5

Chevy-Swapped 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE! – The House Of Muscle Ep. 5

– Beautiful California coast. Classic ’62 Ferrari. Monterey car show? Perhaps the Concourse d’Elegance? No this is the House of Muscle. So you guys might be asking yourself, Mike why do you have a Ferrari
on the House of Muscle? I mean it’s not generally
what you guys feature. Well it’s not generally, we never feature stuff like this on the House of Muscle. However if I kind of do this, drop a gear. (engine roaring) You know for some reason
that doesn’t sound like a V12 now does it? Nope. Alright so let’s talk about
what’s in this car right now. This is the cool part. So long gone, and I mean long gone, is the original Colombo V12
that came in this thing. In its place is, ready? Wait for it. (engine roaring) A 383 Chevy. Never mind what the valve covers say. This engine, it’s all bow tie small block. Mechanically what are we looking at? We’re looking at a 1962 Ferrari GTE with a 383 Chevy, a Tremec five speed, OK, and believe it or not an 83 quarter rear out of an old Chrysler
with the flanges milled so that they will accept the knock off, real Barrani wire wheels. That’s pretty cool. (engine roaring) The beauty of an old car is
that every old car has a history every old car has a story, every owner has a story about
the old car that they own. This one is very very interesting. Because it has somewhat of a sordid past. In 1960, the 250 GTE
was released by Ferrari. This car was Ferrari’s first four seater. That was huge. Because all of a sudden now, as opposed to just bringing
your mistress on a date, you could bring your
wife and your two kids and you could leave your
mistress or your girlfriend at home so like wives were
a big fan of this car. In fact it was a wife, and not a mistress, who actually should be
credited for finding this car. And if you’ll let me go
in reverse for a second, it’s owner Gary found
this particular Ferrari the same way I used to
find my muscle cars. There was in fact a time where
the internet did not exist. And that to find out the
history of a vehicle, you actually had to do some research. That meant going to the library. That meant looking at
periodicals trying to find old magazine ads. That meant actually doing your homework as opposed to just
clickety clicking clicking on your keyboard. – My wife and I had a habit
of going out to breakfast early on Sunday mornings back
in the time where you look for old cars in the Sunday classifieds or community newspapers. Sometimes we’d play a
little game and she’d grab the classifieds before I could get ’em and she’d start ready off
ads and ask me questions about ’em and she said
oh here’s a ’62 Ferrari, you know what do you think? She told me the price
and I said oh it’s a kit. – Gary couldn’t believe it. He thought it was a kit car. Because well that price
was really really low. But then it kept nagging
at him and nagging at him and nagging at him. And like any good car guy,
he said you know what, let me call this number and let me go take a little ride down to San Jose, and see what this thing is about. – It was about 6:30 in
the morning by the time we’d finished breakfast
and I called the guy and he said no it’s a real car, it’s had an engine
transplant and it’s apart, but you know everything’s there. Got there as quickly as
we could and pulled up. I saw it rolled out, the doors
were off, the hood was up, trunk was up, I could
immediately see parts of the tube frame and it was a real car. Turned to my wife and said oh it’s real. And I went back out to
the car to tell Patty we’d bought it and there were
cars lining up at the curb wanting to see it so I think
it was a good decision. – And that was it, he owned this car. The other thing, when this car was new, it came with a Colombo V12
that made about 240 horsepower. That engine propelled
the car to zero to 60 in about eight seconds or so. That car also made the top
speed around 140 miles an hour which was not bad for the
day, in fact it was damn good. The suspension was a double
wishbone setup up front, with a four speed manual
and electronic overdrive. Out back it was a soft live axle. – They built about 950 of ’em. It was intended to propel
Ferrari from a specialty boutique manufacturer of low production cars to a mass market manufacturer. Today 950 in a year sounds a little silly but that was a big big jump for Ferrari. – But what’s crazy is that this used to be a Ferrari parts car. This is what the Ferrari ISTY
would use as a donor car. They would lake the motor
and take the Colombo V12 and they would take the transmission out and they would do transplants
into like a 250 GT California. Or a 250 GTO. So many of these cars were basically just stripped for parts. – I never really actually
considered putting a Ferrari engine back in this car. The original matching numbers engine, the whereabout was unknown
when I got the car. I chased some leads down
early on in my ownership and all ran into dead ends. And you know potentially if
I’d found the numbers matching drive train I might’ve considered that. But the car had already been
modified to some degree. Because a V8 had already been installed. My Dad picked up the project,
took it on wholesale, to really finish the car and make it a operating driving car. – It’s when you start it up
and the ear will tell you that OK well something else is going on. You know when you jump on
it and you hear that burble, it doesn’t sound like a Ferrari. It sounds like a hot rod,
it sounds like a muscle car. But a little different in that respect ’cause believe it or not, about half the exhaust is still
the original Ferrari exhaust so you’re talking maybe
like a 1 and 7/8 inch pipe as opposed to like a 2.5 inch
that would be on a normal kind of 383. Oh but the thing’s got grunt. Got a lot of grunt. When Gary got the car he said
OK he goes well you know what, we can have a little fun with this thing and we can do it right and we
can do it in such a way where people look at the car and respect it. And it’s going to tell somewhat
of a story of Gary’s family. – So I originally bought the
car as a retirement project for myself. I literally bought it,
put it in the garage, threw a cover over it,
rented a storage place, which just ended up filled
floor to ceiling with parts and boxes and everything
that went with it. Dad had always been into
airplanes, cars, trucks, whatever and he called me, said
what would you think if you wanted to bring
the car up and I can spend a little time on it this winter? The stage was sort of set. – We know that this story
has a very happy ending, because well I’m driving it. But Gary’s pursuit of his
version of a muscle car doesn’t finish with this one
piece of Italian perfection. He’s a car guy and what
does every car guy need? Well that’s easy, something big enough to collect and carry his cars. So let me introduce you
to the super hauler. (upbeat music) – Super hauler was born from our desire to have a personal transporter
to move our own cars around, to go pick up cars at
other places in the country and have it be a vintage looking vehicle and at the same time, usable, comfortable for long distance travel ’cause
that’s what we had in mind. – Ladies and gentlemen,
meet the super hauler. The 1971 American LaFrance
fire truck that was built by Ben McCloy of Jack Dick
Customs in Martinez California. Now this isn’t your normal
everyday car hauler. This is a 100% custom rig
that was built because well, Gary really didn’t know what he wanted as far as a custom toy hauler was. And Ben, well he just
knew how to build one. (upbeat music) – We had talked quite a few
times about what kind of car would make a good car hauler. We came to the conclusion
of the fire truck being the beast chassis,
weight, capability and engine. – When Gary showed up to Ben’s door, he said a couple of things. One of which, the hauler
needed to be comfortable. Two, it needed to have
things like air conditioning, and a stereo. Three, it needed to be
something that the world had never seen before, and something that was
going to make people just stop and look at it. – We came back with that
thing and really started looking at what it was going
to take to tear it apart, make something different out of it. It was overwhelming to say the least. – It’s just cool, it’s so
neat that they’ve just thought outside the box like way outside the box. And created a rig that just
nails it on all points man. – So we had this pencil drawing, and this is what we’re
going to make the car. Unfortunately it was a pencil drawing and an artist’s conception and
making some of the features that were on that drawing come to life, got difficult at times. And the only time Gary
and I ever disagreed was right here. I made this the first time
and it was a little too steep. And then I made it and it
was a little too round. And we probably redid
this one arch four times before it was perfect for
what he saw in the drawing and what he fell in love with. Which we just kept doing
it until it was right. – There were going to
be a lot of challenges, but he’s famous for
saying it’s just a car, we’ll figure it out. And he did. – So powering the behemoth,
is an 8V71T Detroit Diesel. It makes 385 horsepower and
over 1100 pound feet of torque. Now is it fast? Well if I nail it, well no the answer is no,
it’s totally not fast. This doesn’t have to be fast, you see you can get on the
interstate with this thing and you cruise it at a solid 65, 70 miles an hour if you like. And the way that Ben and
Gary set this thing up, it’s actually very comfortable to drive. So inside, what am I looking at? Well it’s a beautiful custom interior. That interior includes seats
out of a 1973 BMW 3.0 CS. It incorporates a
beautiful suede head liner with push on lights. And now you even have cup holders, I mean it has every amenity you can want. I’ve never driven
something like this before. But I know that I want one. While the super hauler is super cool, ultimately it’s not
why I brought you here. This is. Gary’s pursuit of perfection
was never intended to sit in a museum or a showroom. Because Gary’s a car guy, and if you haven’t figured
out by now, car guys drive. – To go find a derelict
car that’s one that you’ve always admired and
bring it back to life, and then enjoy it, is,
it’s just a lot of fun. I’ve had cars that were
so picture perfect, that you’re afraid to drive
them because you come in from a drive and feel
like you have to wipe down the underside and you know
life’s just too short for that. The driving is the most fun to me. – [Mike] When he couldn’t
find a part, he made it. When it was cold in his shed
behind his home in Idaho, he added more wood to the stove. And when a language
barrier presented itself, he simply referenced the
old Italian dictionary, he kept by his side. That was Gary’s father,
the man who helped bring the old Ferrari back to life. – It’s just amazing. I mean he was 80 years
old when he took it on. Two years later we were
driving it down the road. We hit a long straight
stretch of deserted road and planted the throttle, I
dunno how fast we were going, there was a grin from ear
to ear like a little kid. He just loved it. – So will he ever sell this car? No, this car is never going anywhere, this car is going to be about lineage. – My goal is that it stays in
the family literally forever. One of my sons has said he
will take on the responsibility to be the steward of the car
for the rest of his life. And so I’ll transfer it to him. He will maintain it, insure
it, protect it, and preserve it for the next generation. And his job then is to identify someone a couple of generations
out that’ll take on the same obligation and preserve it. So my hope is that a future
descendant will be enjoying this car 100, 150, 200 years from now. – So here’s the thing about
both of Gary’s creations. On the one hand you have the super hauler, this gigantic sea foam green car hauler. Yes let’s face it, it
is a beautiful piece. And then you have this. This wonderful beautiful Ferrari. Some people will say
well is it all Ferrari? And my answer to that is well yeah. Is the engine American? Yeah sure it is but here’s the thing, if I go in and I need a heart transplant, does that mean that I’m not Mike anymore? Does that mean that that new heart doesn’t give me life anymore? The answer to that is no. What Gary did with this
was he gave it life again. It’s not languishing in a barn, it’s not languishing in a garage. It’s here at the beach, in 60 something degree weather. So here’s the deal, is there
anything wrong with this car? Pfft, not a damn thing. (relaxed music) so just a reminder that episodes of The House Of Muscle go live on Motor Trend On Demand. Com about a month before they go live on Youtube so head on over there and check them out This is Ford’s big,
old full-sized for 1960. 1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner. love this thing each new episode of The House Of Muscle premieres exclusively on Motor Trend On Demand sign up for a free 30-day trial and watch the latest episode now

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