Chiropractor Holland MI area – NUCCA Resolves the Short Leg | (616) 772-9255

Chiropractor Holland MI area – NUCCA Resolves the Short Leg | (616) 772-9255

A frequently asked question that we get in
the office is “I was told that I have one leg shorter the other, and is that really
a big deal? Can NUCCA Chiropractic help with that?”.
The answer to that question is yes, and that is a big deal. It has been said that 98% of
the population has one leg that is shorter than the other. But, only 2% of those people
actually have a true short leg, meaning the bones on that short side are actually shorter
than the bones in the other leg. What the majority of that 98% of the people have is
called a functional, or physiological short leg, meaning muscle spasms in the back and
the hips are distorting the posture, and distorting the spine and the pelvis, pulling the leg
up and making the leg appear shorter on one side compared to the other.
Now, what can that cause? Is that going to cause a limp while walking? What happens is
when that leg pulls up, we can’t walk upright without tilting to that side. When that happens
we carry more weight on that short leg and that puts abnormal stress and pressure on
the feet, on the knees, on the hips, on the back, all the way up the body. It’s like when
a house is being built. If the house is built on a crooked foundation, the walls and the
attic are going to eventually crack. The same holds true for the body, if the legs are distorted
or uneven, it will affect things all the way up the body.
Where this issue starts is at the top of the spine. The head gets knocked out of balance,
the rest of the body distorts, or twists, to get the head back to the center of the
body to support it, and that is what distorts the hip and brings the leg up. Once the balance
is restored to the body by aligning the head and neck, which leads to restoring the even
musculature down through the back, which allows the hips to level out, further allowing the
legs to balance out taking the pressure off the body.

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  1. hi.. my daughetr born with left clubfoot..she is six month old. her foot is corrected what her left leg seems bit shorter… is there any solution for that…

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