Chugging A Whole Liter of Gravy (World Record) | FOOD FEATS

Chugging A Whole Liter of Gravy (World Record) | FOOD FEATS

(slurping) (coughing) – Breathing is—breathing is so hard. (dramatic music) There are a lot of very
obscure world records out there involving food and I’m going
to search out the dumbest, the weirdest, the most
insane and I’m gonna try and beat them. This is for every high
school guidance counselor, every little league coach
and every teen on X-Box Live who said I’d never amount to anything. First up, I found a video of this guy. He chugs a liter of gravy
through a straw in a minute and twelve seconds. I think I can beat him. All right, so this guys
name is Steven Ruppel. He is a chiropractor
from Wausau, Wisconsin. Nothing about being a
chiropractor gives you a specific advantage in this. Anyways, he’s just dumping
cans of very gelatinous Campbell’s gravy into a
liter beaker using a very normal straw and he’s
just sucking it down. This guy’s actually pretty quick. He’s got powerful sucking strokes. Here we go though. He’s only about nine
seconds in and he’s already pulled away from the straw. That’s what you need to avoid. You need to avoid any sort
of breakage in your stride. (sucking) It’s almost like a lamaze
breathing technique in my opinion. Also, he’s got a pretty
firm grip on the straw which I don’t think’s helping him at all. I’m wondering if it’s his breathing that’s getting obstructed, if
it’s his sucking muscles that are getting tired or
if he’s getting sick of the taste of gravy. One minute, twelve point
five seconds is the official time to beat. Okay so this guy’s a
chiropractor. He has no specific training in these sports whatsoever. And yes I do consider
gravy chugging a sport. I was a d1 athlete, hammer
thrower at UCLA and if I use the athletic principles that I learned, translate that into gravy
chugging and use it to beat this very average sized
chiropractor from Wisconsin. Okay, so we have all
our equipment set out. This is what a liter looks like. I wish I could just shove the
gravy in there and just go (slurp) Slurp it down like a giant gravy Go-Gurt, but we have to put it in a
graduated cylinder to make sure it comes up exactly
to the one meter line. That’s what Dr. Steven Ruppel did. He poured the chicken
gravy in there and then he microwaved it to heat it up
which is going to make it a little easier ’cause it’s
gonna run thinner, drop that viscosity level a little bit. Because if you see the cold
gravy right now, which Steven Ruppel said he does not like cold gravy, hot take on that one Steve,
you can see it’s real gelatinous. This is gonna be pretty hard
to suck through a straw. Hoping it gets thinner
when you warm it up, but, honestly, it tastes pretty good. Some white pepper in there. Not bad. And then we have all our straws. We have some big guys, we
have some boba straws, some bendy straws, but what he
uses in the video looks like just your average
plain plastic straw. We’re not trying to cheat this in any way. I want a legitimate record,
no asterisks, we’re not going Barry Bonds on this
one, fair and square. So, I need to see what
an average person can do with a liter of gravy. Someone with no athletic talent. Not a competitive bone in their body. I need to see what this
looks like just in a vaccuum. – Josh you have to warm it. – What? – You have to warm– – [Josh] I’ll warm it later.
I just need to see the flow of the gravy coming out and also
this is hilarious to watch the fear in your eyes. I think it’s funny. – [Nicole] Josh! That’s a lot more that—okay – No, no it’s settling. – Okay, that’s–yeah.
It’s totally settling. Yeah, nice and settled. – Okay, I’m going to warm this up for you. – [Nicole] Okay thank you. I feel like I’m gonna throw up. – You might throw up. That’s
a distinct possibility. I might throw up. We all have to be prepared
for every possible outcome. Are you confident about
your chances to finish it? – No! – Here’s your straw. Just give it a little– – Do you think it’s warmed in the middle? – Yeah well you just gotta stir it. Oh, it’s so much thicker than I thought. – Oh! – Okay, we are a little bit
over a liter which is good. Do you want to –you’re
training for the four hundred. Run four hundred ten meters,
go all the way through the line – Do I need to finish this? – I mean– – Look at me in the face. I don’t want to finish this. – You don’t have to finish it. You just have to do the
best you can and then I need to analyze what you’re doing
so I can figure out what I need to do. – Okay. – You’re like my trainer. You’re like Mic to my Rocky. – I’m the –Oh, great. – You’re the Brigitte to
my Ivan Drago actually. I think Steven Ruppel
is probably the good guy in this scenario and I’m the bad guy. – I’m totally Brigitte Nielsen. (dramatic music) – [Josh] Okay, the gravy’s moving. (laughter) She’s laughing. That’s a bad sign. She seems in physical discomfort. She’s not going fast. She’s already failing. Nicole! Suck harder! Just really, just use your chest. You got about 27 seconds left. Is your jaw locking up? It’s become like a (mumbles) And one twelve you’re done. – I started here and I got down to there? – This actually makes
me kinda nervous now. – Yeah I don’t know how
you’re gonna do this. – You were consistently sucking it down. – Yeah I was consistently sucking. – And the gravy wasn’t moving. – My recommendation is that
you should train for this because considering that fact,
how much I got down, I think you have some work ahead of you. – So in the hammer throw,
which is my main frame of reference, I get that
these aren’t exactly similar, but you’ll do what’s called overweight and underweight training. So you go with the hammer
that’s lighter than one you’d normally throw in
competition to teach yourself to keep up with the speed. That’s what I’m doing here. I’m just gonna see how fast
I can chug a liter of water with a straw. All right, let’s start the clock. (dramatic music) (coughing) Breathing is—beathing is so hard. Oh God! Wow! How am I gonna do that when it’s gravy? Oh my god! Okay, twenty seven seconds
and I’m a little worried. I’m not gonna lie at this
point because that’s water and we got gravy coming up
and I mean I thought I’d do that in about fifteen seconds
so yeah now I gotta try the overweight training. I’m gonna try to and chug ice cold gravy. It’s thicker, really work
on that sucking power, see how fast I can go. Hi! It’s me, Josh. You know, the main guy in
the show you are watching right now? Before I chug all that gravy
and potentially go into cardiac arrest, I’d like to
ask you to subscribe to the Mythical YouTube channel. If enough people subscribe,
I’ll be granted new food shows from the internet food gods. Make sure to click that bell
for notifications and thank you for all the support. Now I’m going to try and
chug–this is gravy straight from the fridge. You can just see it’s like
the consistency of jello. We’re gonna reset the clock. I’m not gonna go full liter
’cause I need to save some for game time, but I’m gonna
try and hit it with, like, a quick sprint. Quick, explosive sprint,
fast out of the blocks. My legs are shaking from nerves. I just starting taking
this really seriously. It was jokes before this, but now –Okay (burps) – Oh no! – Are we still rolling? – All right (yells) Speed, fast – [Camera Man] And go! (dramatic music) (groans) – Oh it’s so bad when it’s cold! And I don’t see it
getting that much better when it’s warm. Also I don’t know what
I was timing at all. I don’t know what those numbers mean. That was completely pointless. So I learned with the water
that if I’m trying to sprint the whole way and I’m just (sucking) that I’m not gonna
breathe and I’m gonna get the liquid in my nasal cavity
’cause that’s what happened. So with this, I learned
long, strong pulls. I learned the breathing
technique with that. I’m as ready as I’m ever
gonna be, which is sad because I’m not ready at all. I’m getting worried at this point. The confidence I had, all
the vibrato, it was false. I was overcompensating. I don’t know what I was talking about. (dramatic music) So as it turns out, it costs
money to send an official judge out here from Guinness
to ratify the records, so instead of that we have
Nicole with a stopwatch. And to distract from the sounds
of me just slurping gravy for a minute and twelve seconds
straight, we have Davin on (mumble) commentary. Davin,– – Yeah. – Please head to your commentary booth. There’s one more detail we
gotta discuss so upon further video analysis, we found that
Dr. Steven Ruppel was using an opaque, plastic straw. That means it’s gonna have
a harder plastic to it, that means there’s not gonna be
as much flex and it won’t restrict the flow as much. We’re gonna switch straws. If you wanna cry foul in the
comments, please do that. If you wanna fight me in the
alley outside Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, I encourage you,
but this is what we’re doing. (slapping) (yelling) All right, ready for this? All right, straw is in the gravy. Give it a little stir All right, I’m gonna count
down, three, two, one, go. – Okay – Three, two, one – One liter of Campbell’s chicken gravy. Can Josh drink it under
seventy- two seconds? He’s sipping really quick. He’s already one hundred milliliters off. Eight hundred milliliters to go! Wow! Wow! I’ve never seen a man
suck this fast before! That is crazy! (mumbles) seventy two seconds! Josh! You need to suck faster
than that, man, if you want to break the record. You gotta go way faster than that. You’re about four hundred milliliters off. (mumbles) Let’s go Josh. You can do this. I believe in you. You got you’re headband on,
you got your wrist bands on. Unbelievable! (laughs) Three hundred milliliters, Josh. Let’s go, let’s go. Three hundred milliliters. You can do this. You can do this. Two hundred milliliters. You got this. You got this. You got this. You’re so close. Seventy two seconds is the record to beat. You’re a chef, he is a chiropractor. You got this. – [Nicole] One o seven – Oh my God! Is he gonna do it? Is he gonna do it? Two seconds? Oh my God! Oh no! You were so close! So close! – No! What as my time? What was my time (mumbles) – You were one eighteen. (groans) – [Davin] Oh no! – I did all that for nothing. – Sorry. – It’s so bad. – But you know what Josh? (loud pop) – Why would you do that to me? – [Davin] That’s for finishing
one liter of chicken gravy. – I hate this. That’s still an accomplishment, man. – Oh yeah, I just drank like
two thousand calories and it’s literally three thousand
percent my daily sodium intake, I checked. I’ll have kidney stones
now and no world record. Dr. Steven Ruppel,
where are you out there? Running your successful
chiropractor practice, probably have a family out there who’s
very proud of you for the world record that you still have. Honestly, I gotta give
it up to you. That was really difficult and
this isn’t done though. I’m still proud of my effort. I mean, we know who we are as a team. You guys did great. Davin, really the star here. Nicole. I think we can walk away
with our heads held high, but our job here is not done. Not even a little bit. And remember to subscribe
to the Mythical channel. Click the bell, get notifications. If you do we can make
more food shows like this. I don’t feel good. – You call this a food show? (laughter) (dramatic music)

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