Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread | Healthy Recipes

Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread | Healthy Recipes

[music] Hi, I’m Jamie Eason and today
I’m in the BODYBUILDING.COM kitchen, excited to show you how
I make my cinnamon swirl protein bread. It’s one of my
favorite things to eat. I can eat it at
as a snack or even as a meal, because it’s got your healthy
carb, and your healthy protein. So, let’s get started. First thing you’re gonna want to
do is preheat your oven to 350 degrees. The next thing I did
was I got my pan ready. This is
an 8-by-8 inch Pyrex dish. I just did a light
little nonstick spray and you can set that aside. And then I get all my
ingredients together. And for this I want a large bowl
for my dry ingredients and a smaller bowl for
my wet ingredients. So, the first ingredient
I’m using is oat flour. In the supermarket this is
what oat flour looks like. Now, I’m often asked
if this is gluten-free. And oats typically
are gluten-free, but one thing to note is that
unless it doesn’t indicate it on the bag, you’re never really
sure if maybe it was cross contaminated in processing. So, for this one it doesn’t
indicate gluten-free, but for the most part oats
are, but if you’re concerned, be sure to look for that
indication on the label. If you can’t find the
oats in the supermarket, you can actually make your own. You can use a coffee grinder
and just grind a little bit at a time or you could use
a blender. Just make sure to know that
sometimes you can’t get it as finely ground as
what’s in the package. So, you might have to increase
the amount that you’re using for the recipe. In this large bowl I’ve added
a 1 1/2 cup of the oat flour. And to that I’m gonna add
a vanilla whey protein. Now, you can use
whichever one you’d like. There’s two scoops in here. Make sure to know, though, that
the different flavors from the different manufacturers will
make them taste differently. So, I like to use one that has
as few ingredients in it as possible;
the cleaner, the better. So, I’m gonna dump
that into my oat flour. And then to that I’m
gonna add my salt. Now, if you use a leavening
agent like baking soda or baking powder, you usually need salt,
because that makes it react. Add those in. And then to this dry ingredient
batter I’m gonna actually add 1/4 cup of Stevia. This is what Stevia looks
like at the supermarket. Stevia is a great natural
sweetener because it’s no calorie and it has no carb. But I don’t typically use just
Stevia alone to sweeten my recipes, because it
can be kind of bitter. There’s different
brands of Stevia. There’s Stevia and there’s
another brand called Truvia. Truvia’s a great option too, but
it’s typically more expensive. There’s two sides
to the stevia plant. This one tends to be
slightly more bitter. It is cheaper. And then the Truvia you usually
see it in packets or in a little tiny tub for baking. We’re going
the cheap route today. So, that’s it for
our dry ingredients. We do have these
two other ingredients. These are the extra special ones
that just make it extra yummy. But we’re gonna use those later,
so I’m gonna keep those to the side. I’m gonna get my whisk and
just mix this up really well. Make sure I get that baking
powder all incorporated, because sometimes if you
don’t it won’t bake evenly. So, I think that looks good. So, I’m gonna set that to the
side and get the smaller bowl ready for my wet ingredients. For the wet ingredients we’re
gonna need two egg whites. You can actually use a whole egg
if you want to use a whole egg. But I prefer to minimize the fat
in pretty much any recipe if I can do that
and my second egg. And if you ever drop
the yolk in there, you can just use the same
shell to fish it out. It comes right out, so. I’ve dropped plenty. And then to the eggs
I’m gonna add one jar of baby food applesauce. Now, you can use
regular applesauce, but one of the reasons I like
the baby food brand is there’s typically no additives, as
long as you read the label. There’s no additives and it’s
nice and portion controlled. So, I’ll open that, get all
the good stuff off the top, and then scoop this out. But again, just unsweetened
applesauce from the jar that works just as well. That’s my additional
sweetener–one of them to the Stevia, which actually will
cut some of that bitterness. Next thing I’m gonna add
is gonna be my yogurt. And I choose Greek yogurt,
because Greek yogurt actually has less sugar
and it has added protein. So, I only need a half
a container of this. So, I’m gonna scoop that out. That’s gonna add some
moisture to this bread. The baby food applesauce and
the yogurt actually replace the butter and oil in a
traditional recipe. So, I’ll add that. And then for a substitute
for milk I’m using my unsweetened Almond Breeze. Now, Almond Breeze, again, I
like this better than say soy or rice milk, because it
has, again, added protein. So, it’s just more nutritious
and it’s healthy fat. So, I’ll add that. I’m gonna do about a cup. And that’s about it
for my wet ingredients. Make sure I combine
that really well. This is really
a pretty simple recipe. And it tastes
really, really good. It’s, again, one
of my favorites. You can actually make this in
either the 8-by-8 like we’re gonna do or you can do it
in a traditional loaf pan. Now that I’ve mixed all
the wet ingredients, I’m gonna add the wet
ingredients to the dry ingredients. So, I’ll get my large bowl back. And I’m gonna get my
little rubber spatula, so I can get all of the wet
ingredients out of there. Just really scrap the bowl. The more moisture, the better,
’cause then they’ll be nice and moist and stay that way. Not get dried out. So, I’ve added the wet to the
dry and I’m gonna mix that. And let’s see. And you want it to
be slightly runny, because it needs to
pour really easily. So, if it’s too thick, you can
always add a little bit more of the Almond Breeze
or almond milk, whichever brand
you want to choose. Alright, that looks pretty good. I’m always tempted to lick it,
but I won’t ’cause there’s raw eggs in there. So, I’m now gonna set this to
the side again because now I’m gonna start using my
special dry ingredients. Here I’ve got my cinnamon
and I’ve got Xylitol. Now, Xylitol is the other brand
of sweetener that I like to use or the other type of
sweetener, because this one, even though it’s no calorie,
it actually has carbs, but it is far less bitter
than something like Stevia. So, I find whenever I use both
it kind of balances out that bitterness. So, I’m gonna add my
cinnamon to my Xylitol. This is a 1/3 of a cup. You can use more or less. I just like my cinnamon swirl
protein bread pretty sweet. And I’m gonna add 2 or
3 teaspoons of cinnamon. Again, however much you like. I added 3. I really, really like cinnamon. So, I’ll pour that in. You mix that up really well. Now, Xylitol does tend to be
a little more granular than traditional sugar and more
granular than the Stevia, but I think that’s good, because
it actually helps sort of maintain that layer that
we’re trying to create in our protein bread. And also, I don’t
know if you know, but Xylitol is actually the same
thing that’s used in fluoride toothpaste and it’s actually
good for your teeth. So, imagine that; a sugar
that’s good for your teeth. So, I think that’s
nice and mixed. Looks pretty good. So, now I’m gonna set
these things aside. Grab my pan. Now, we’ll start putting
together our dessert. I’m gonna pour a really shallow
layer on the bottom of the pan, kind of spread that out. The thinner, the better, because
if you pour half the batter, which seems like
that should be fine, typically you’re gonna kind of
miss that little cinnamon layer that’s in between. So, I’ll spread that
out really well. That looks pretty good. And again, depending
on your protein, the consistency of your batter
might vary a little bit. So, now I’m gonna add
my cinnamon Xylitol mixture–cinnamon sugar,
we’ll just call it that. Sounds better. And it’s pretty heavy. I like to actually
add more than half. So, that’s covered pretty well. Got about that much left,
I guess, for the top. And that’s what my
middle looks like. So, then I’m gonna pour the
rest of the batter on top. And you just kind of want to do
it where it’s, you know, even. Make sure you get it all
covered and… Alright, that looks pretty good. So, I’m gonna spread that out. And then I’m just gonna add
the rest of the cinnamon sugar on top. The nice thing about this too
is that it looks really pretty. And if you make it
actually in the loaf pan, you can cut slices and actually
use it to make French toast, which is pretty good as well. So, I’m gonna take my knife now
and to make a swirl I’m gonna draw my knife
through the batter. Can do it however you want
just kind of make sure it’s incorporated. I just kind of go back
and forth a little bit. Now I’m gonna put it in the oven
that remember I preheated before at 350 degrees. Okay.
It’s been 24 minutes. Let’s check our
cinnamon protein bread. Your oven, depending
on the temperature, they kind of vary
sometimes it’s 24 minutes, sometimes it might be
more like 30 minutes. So, let’s check and
see how ours looks. Okay. It looks pretty good. I think now we’ve got to let it
cool down for about 5-10 minutes before we can actually
cut it into serving sizes. Okay, now I’m gonna cut
this into serving sizes. Let’s see. I do about three cuts
this way and then three in the opposite direction. And that should make 16
for your 8-by-8 inch pan. And about two squares really
would be a serving size. For a guy you could get away
with maybe three or even four if you really, really want
to indulge, I guess. But two squares is
gonna have, you know, just around only 100 calories
and it’s about 8 or so grams of protein, about 8 carbs. It just depends on the type of
protein that you decide to use. So, looks pretty good. You can see the little,
hopefully you can kind of see the little layer of
cinnamon in there. It’s a little
harder to see here, ’cause my cutting
skills are poor. But, let’s see what
it tastes like. Tastes pretty good.
[giggling] You’re gonna want to
make sure you store these in the frigerator. There’s no artificial
flavors or preservatives. and also, if you want to see how
I pack these to take them with me when I travel, check out
the pumpkin protein bar video and for this recipe check
the bottom of the page. For even more of my
recipes and articles, check out BODYBUILDING.COM. [music]

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