Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) – Hips

Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) – Hips

Hey, it’s Jason from Kinetic Sports Rehab.
I’m here today to demonstrate our hip CARs. CARs stands for Controlled Articular
Rotations. Basically, it means we’re gonna take our hip through
its full range of motion, not only building mobility but stability
through the entire motion. You’ll get some strength here, too. So
begin in the hands and…with your hands under your shoulders and your knees
underneath your hips. Start with building a big brace in your core, so tighten
everything down. You’re going to begin by bringing your hip up and forward, then
start rotating it high, all the way back into hip extension and
then back to the beginning. You can also do this motion in reverse.
Again, taking your hip to its outer limits of your range of motion, make sure this is
all pain-free. You should feel a lot of work happening in this position,
specifically on the outside of the hip here, that’s good. Another variation of the same exercise is
to do at standing. This will focus on different muscles just because you’re
fighting gravity a little differently. Begin, start with the big brace, grab
something sturdy, bring your leg up as high as you can, start to rotate it out to
the side. Once you reach your outer limit here, keep the knee tall as you begin to
rotate the foot up and out. Again, all of the musculature on the
outside of the hip is working really hard here as you come into full hip extension
and back down. Make sure that you don’t tip forward in
this position. You wanna stay with a nice vertical torso throughout this motion.
Again, coming up as high as you can, rotating out, keeping the knee and the
foot pretty much as high as you can throughout the motion. That’s our hip
CARs. Have fun.

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  1. Been doing this for a month and finally seeing great results. The backwards motion still has a hitch at the end but I won't give up

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