Cooking With Protein Powder: Does Heat Destroy Whey?

Cooking With Protein Powder: Does Heat Destroy Whey?

Hey what’s up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of with a Muscle in Minutes Q & A, where I provide quick to the point
no BS answers to your bodybuilding and fitness questions. Today’s question is, does heat
destroy whey protein? So you might be asking this question for one of two reasons. Either
you have tub of whey protein that’s been sitting in a warm location for awhile and you’re wondering
if the protein is still good or you are cooking with your whey protein and you want to know
if the, if heating up the whey protein destroys it or affects it in any way. So the simple
answer here is that whey protein just like all proteins are basically a 3D structure
that is made up of individual building blocks called amino acids and when you heat up the
protein you do denature it, which basically means that that 3D protein structure gets
unravelled and broken down a little bit, however, this does not actually affect the whey protein
in any functional way because when you consume whey protein that’s what your body does with
it anyway. It breaks the protein down into the individual amino acid building blocks
to be used throughout your body. So denaturing the protein really isn’t a bad thing whether
you denature the protein when you’re making a protein pancake on your oven or whether
it gets denatured when you chew it up and swallow it and it mixes up with all the digestive
enzymes in the stomach and the acids, etcetera, it really makes no difference. At the end
of day your body is going to break that down into the individual amino acid building blocks
anyway and so denaturing the protein by heating it up really makes no difference from a functional
standpoint. So that’s that question answered. I hope you found this useful today. If you
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26 Replies to “Cooking With Protein Powder: Does Heat Destroy Whey?”

  1. Funny, I was just researching this last night. Although, for every opinion like yours, there's the opposite opinion…

  2. I always cook my whey protein before drinking, 30mins pre-workout and then max 40 mins after workout, the window of opportunity, bro's approve!

  3. True, but the fitness industry is overwhelmingly made up of people who have little to no clue what they're talking about, so that doesn't say much… Also, there isn't really anything in this particular video that is my "opinion".

  4. Everything that Sean said in this video is scientific fact, not opinion based. I studied Cell Biology and Health Sciences in University and I can tell you that Sean's one of the few people in this industry who actually has a very thorough understanding of this stuff. Nonetheless, it's always important to research things for yourself instead of just believing someone in a video, but always make sure to look up facts…not opinions! Thanks for another informative video Sean!

  5. Yes, opinions vary greatly in this field. I did search for case studies, not that cooking with whey is a super big deal, but I'm sure you can appreciate, for the consumer, its about 50/50 as to whether "denatured" protein has any real benefits.

    Anyway, thanks for the reply.

  6. Thanks for the info Navid. I'm new to his channel; don't know much about Sean, as there's no bio or anything other than the supplement website . I guess I used the word "opinion" because there are no reference links posted (I like those), & as I said, those I found were pretty much split 50/50 on the subject. Although when it comes to nutrition, that's often the norm. Again, not a super important subject, but if we spend good $ on whey powders, I wouldn't want to waste it by cooking with it.

  7. I actually heat up my protein in boiling water. I find this helpful in increasing digestibility, solubility, and reducing your body's immune response to whey products.

  8. thanks for the vids, cause i have been using isolate protein + whole wheat flour to make non-yeast-indian-bread (Chapatti)

  9. Thanks for the info! Recently I’ve found that mixing whey with hot water rather than cold makes it a much more enjoyable drink. But today I put damn near boiling water in the glass by accident, and rather than mixing as it normally does, it also foamed up at the top, and I worried that maybe I’d broken down the protein beyond usability. Good to see I was wrong! Unless boiling temps fuck with amino acids

  10. Why my whey protein don’t desolve. Im using warm 1 glass of water and spoon. I don’t have shaker yet. Im newbie.

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