“CORE CRUSHER” Pushup Variation – Core and Upper Body Muscle Mauler!

“CORE CRUSHER” Pushup Variation – Core and Upper Body Muscle Mauler!

Hey guys, this is Jeff Cavaliere back from
athleanx. I wanna show you something really cool. You guys have asked me for some things that
you can do…more chest stuff. So here’s one thing …instead of kind of
creating a whole new workout, let’s take your current chest workout and I’ll give you a
little tip you can do at the end to really kind of finish your job when you’re most tired. I call it my “Crazy 8’s”. Now basically what you’re gonna do is you’re
gonna use some of the tripod pushups and we’re gonna choose over there three medicine balls. So you’re really gonna start to bring in core
stability and my whole “time under tension” concept that you guys know I love, which is
gonna be longer time to perform each set. So here’s how we’re gonna do it… we’re basically
gonna be at the end of our chest workout and we’re gonna come up on 8 reps of this exercise
I’m gonna show you. After you’re done doing 8 reps, you’re gonna
wait 8 seconds and come down with 7 reps, wait 7 seconds. 6 reps, 6 seconds…right down the ladder…it’s
gonna be 36 reps and you want to do it at the end of the workout, 1-3 times, if you
can. You can’t treat it like a set. So I’m gonna head over and start doing this
right now. But you’ll see how there are a lot of other
elements into this than just the regular pushups, especially because at the end of the workout
it becomes much more difficult. Medicine balls are harder than if you had
kettlebells up here. So basically, we’re gonna try to balance ourselves
here into this tripod position and now I’m gonna head into my 8 reps…
[pause] Ok, now when I hold, obviously this isn’t
any ordinary hold. This is a difficult hold…core strength. Ok, 8 seconds. [pause]
And 7 and now we’re technically supposed to spend 7 seconds here. I might speed it up a little bit for you guys,
but that should be good for 7. [pause]
OK, we’ve got 6. Guys, this is the hardest part, this holding
part… [pause]
We’re at 4. Obviously, you can see everything’s working. There’s our 4 seconds. 1,2,3 reps…we’ve gotta wait 3 seconds. [pause]
2 reps….1,2…wait out two seconds. One with our one second and pretty much collapse. Now you throw this at the end of the workout,
it’s a real dropset which is really gonna add on some muscle, because you’re tapping
in the fibres that you didn’t know you had. Keep working on this, guys. I’ll keep bringing these mini-tips to throw
into your workout and everything else, but if you want the whole system, if you wanna
put it all together, get to athleanx.com right now and start incorporating a lot of these
techniques that hit more than just one target area. They do your core, your chest…kind of tie
everything together to be athletic and get that athlean physique. Thanks, guys!

28 Replies to ““CORE CRUSHER” Pushup Variation – Core and Upper Body Muscle Mauler!”

  1. I don't think the med balls are different sizes. Its probably just the camera angle.

    Though I guess you could use different med ball sizes to shock your muscles once you've mastered the original workout.

    Btw, great video Jeff! Sure to try this out soon!

  2. It's finally here! Next Tuesday at 8:30 PM EST, watch a live webinar that you can sign up for at sportsnutritionblueprint. The Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint is here!

  3. YES! I just finished my old program and I starting your program next week JEFF!!!!

    Just a few suggestion Jeff…

    Will you be able to post a video version of your workout menu. It is easier to understand if video workouts are posted. I know this is a big ask -_-" but it doesn't hurt to ask anyway 🙂

  4. Hey Christopher….its' Jeff. Absolutely would work with three med balls the same size. I just happened to grab the only three around me at the time. The off balance sizes creates a little more instability that makes me work even harder to maintain balance….but same targeted areas regardless of the symmetry of the balls.

  5. jeff can you do calve exercises for mass tried out your other exercises and getting excellent results switched from lifting really heavy weights doing body building to doing athlean-x training

  6. How come you aren't going down farther for a deeper push up? You could still keep your back aligned to prevent injury and go even deeper, IMO. Also, feet on a much larger swiss ball would be a better idea IMO.

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