Could You Rip Out A Spine?

Could You Rip Out A Spine?

Vsauce, I’m Jake and our vertebral column
– our backbone, our spine – is incredibly important. It’s what protects the spinal
cord, that pack of nervous tissue that connects to the brain to create the central nervous
system. It’s what keeps us from being spineless, so we can stand up for ourselves, hold our
heads up and not cower…or, as things like Mortal Kombat and Predator have taught me,
the spine is the thing you rip out of someone in an incredibly easy and clean way…which
got me thinking…Could You Rip Out a Person’s Spine? Let me start off by saying that you could
not tear someone’s spine out like they do in Mortal Kombat. In the game the severe spine
removal seems to be done one handed by grabbing the victim by the neck and pulling up. This
would just lift the person off the ground by their head and would be kind of awkward. No not me! The stunt guys are over there.
Over there! I’m not sure why we needed that many closeups…that
was kind of awkward…So let’s figure out how we could pull one’s spine out of their
body in a single go. You’d have to use one hand to hold the person
down while using your other hand, your murder hand, MURDER HAND!!, to apply an enormous
amount of upward force to the neck. Now, IF you applied between 5,000 and 15,000 newtons
of force…but this is just a demonstration… the head would just pop off. Now if we were to detach the head without
exceeding 5000 newtons of force, then we could possibly pull out some of the spine, but it
would be VERY messy…The spine isn’t just some clean, unconnected pieces of bone. Our
vertebrae are connected to a lot of muscles inside the body, and some large sections like
the rib cage and pelvis. Let’s go through these parts individually. The lamina, the rear part of the spine, is
connected to the back muscles via tendons. It would take around 1 million newtons of
force, the force equivalent of ten high speed car crashes, to break them all simultaneously.
Instead, what would happen is the muscles of the back would stretch and come out of
the body with the spine. During this process your spine is still attached to your ribs
and pelvis. what would happen to those? The spine detaches from the pelvis immediately
and starts to come out, but the victim’s torso is horribly mutilated in the process. The
ribs snap off at the spine and their connecting muscles also detach. To actually get a clean break from the spine
and all that is attached to it and the body, you’d have to pull pretty far because muscles
will extend quite a bit before breaking. It’d be like a muscle and tendon rainbow. Pretty gruesome but let’s imagine an ideal
spine ripping scenario where the spine is firmly attached to the skull AND disconnected
from all those tendons and ligaments….what would that look like if we ripped it out?
Well, initially it would look similar to what we’d imagine from Mortal Kombat or Predator
but then it would get a whole lot worse. You might have trouble even imagining it…which
is why we built a machine to show us everything! So even with the spine reinforced to the head,
the ligaments, and tendons and ribcage disconnected…we were still only able to get 8 pieces of vertebrae
out which is still really impressive. And as we can say incredibly deadly. But if anything
it shows us that to survive this you don’t need a spine to be brave. And, as always, thanks for watching.

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  1. "Could you rip out a spine?"

    This morning on channel 0 news, Jake from vsauce3 has just been accounted with first degree murder

  2. 😀 This is how you do it: 1:01 on this video

  3. Hey what I like about this guy's videos is they always stem from a cool nonfiction book movie or game, like mortal combat or Kirby

  4. everything about your videos are great man, the ideas the production the presentation! very entertaining and educating.. I JUST WISH YOU TALK NORAML INSTEAD OF YELLING ALL THE TIME

  5. You call that breaking my spine?! You red team ladies wouldn't know how to break a spine if- OOOOOOWWWW, MY SPIIIINEE!

  6. Now these are the pertinent facts. I've always needed to know the exact forces to destroy my enemies. 😎

  7. почему не все выпуски с русскими субтитрами? это так больно!!!! я плачу каждый вечер вспоминая это!😢

  8. Pffft spine pulling is sooooo last month , what you wanna do is rip off the full skin suit and through it against a closing door HAHA #PyramidHeadFTW

  9. I came here after watching HarperLarper's top 5 favorite characters (he briefly mentions you on his 1st nomination, a.k.a The original Subzero). This video was really entertaining to watch and got me to watch some of your other videos. If you decide to make more of these types of videos, I personally would love to see a similar type video demonstrating whether its possible to pulverize a human body into a piles of bones like the Brutalities in Ultimate Mortal kombat 3/ MK Trilogy or the recent Killer Instincts games (Killer combos). It would in fact be very interesting to see the intrinsic details on how a body would progressively break down from a long chain of ruthless body blows, ending with an explosive uppercut.

  10. I kinda wish it really is possible to RIP out someone skull and spine intact and then predator pose with it. You know so in a movie then can say its really possible!

  11. I honestly think you can do it because you didn’t take in the factor how many x rays they be doing on each other.

  12. my uncle told me some stories of when he was in iraq that sometimes if they shot an enemy in the neck they’d be able to pull the head off with the spine still connected similarly to a child messing around with flies… sickening

  13. 1 Million Newtons are equivalent to
    100 Tons of Force.
    So I guess That means that
    100 Tons of Force is required to Rip off a person's skull with the spine Still attached.
    And That's also enough to Destroy Multiple City Blocks…
    Wait, then does That mean that we humans Technically have Multi-City Block Level Durability?

  14. Can't help but notice that the dummy was wearing a GoPro camera on its forehead but there isn't any footage from that GoPro in the video. 🤔

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