Daily Protein Intake: How Much Protein To Build Muscle?

Daily Protein Intake: How Much Protein To Build Muscle?

Hey, what’s up guys? Sean Nalewanyj, of EliteImpactLabs.com
here, with another Muscle in Minutes Q&A where I answer your bodybuilding and fitness questions
in two minutes or less. So, today’s question comes from Braden. And he wants to know what
the proper protein intake is per day for maximizing muscle size and strength gains. So, the very
important thing to realize with this question is that there is such a thing as optimal
bodybuilding nutrition. There is no such thing as bodybuilding super-nutrition. In other
words, your body can only synthesize a limited amount of muscle in a given day. And the big
mistake that a lot of beginners make is they think, well, protein is the primary nutrient
involved in building muscle. So, I’m just going to cram as much protein down my throat
as possible, and watch the muscle gains pile on. It really doesn’t work that way. There’s
a finite limit per day. And any excess of calories that you consume whether those calories
are coming from protein, carbs, or fat are simply going to end up on your waistline as
excess body fat. Most people way overestimate how much protein they really need. For the
vast majority of people, you’re not going to need 300grams plus of protein per day.
A very reliable guideline for protein intake is to simply consume 1gram of protein per
pound of body weight each day. This is going to vary a little bit for those that are more
on the overweight side and have a higher body fat percentage, you can usually get away with
less protein, about 0.8grams or so, because protein intake is ultimately based on your
lean body mass. And for people that are very lean and are carrying higher amounts of muscle,
they can generally get away with consuming a little more protein, maybe around 1.2grams.
But either way, those small amounts probably aren’t going to make a huge difference. Either
way for most people, I would just say, 1gram of protein per pound of body weight, period.
So, if you weigh 180lbs, aim for 180grams of protein. Simple as that. And if you are
someone who does their measurements in kilograms, then, you know, obviously keep in mind that
1kg is equal to 2.2lbs. So, you can just do the calculation that way. So, that’s your
question answered. I hope this information was useful to you. If you have a question
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66 Replies to “Daily Protein Intake: How Much Protein To Build Muscle?”

  1. Hi Sean,

    I have been consuming hemp seed/oil for about a year now and absolutely love them! Have you ever tried hemp protein from pure hemp seed? When compared to any form of whey protein, which I understand comes from milk, is far more superior in every aspect of nutritutional value. Your thoughts?

  2. No. All proteins are broken down into individual amino acids and as long as you're getting the bulk from a few high BV proteins you're fine. Don't listen to idiotic advice that you must "rotate your protein sources" or consume 10 different kinds etc.

  3. There are multiple studies showing anywhere from 0.7-0.8g per lb bodyweight to be optimal, and this study was done using elite natural bodybuilders.

  4. The 2 issues with hemp are 1) Low leucine content… leucine is the primary amino acid involved in stimulating protein synthesis – whey is packed with leucine. 2) From the research I've been able to gather hemp has a reasonably lower BV rating than whey… Whey has the highest BV of any protein source. That said, hemp is a complete protein and has other nutritional benefits so I don't see any issue with including it in your diet. But In terms of body composition whey is going to be superior.

  5. How many grams of protein should you consume daily to optimize muscle growth/fat loss?

    "How Many Grams Of Protein Per Day"?

  6. hey sean.do you include in that 1 gram/pound protein carb and fat sources or do you mean only from animal sources? thanks a lot

  7. Sean can you make a video on the topic about skinny fat guys? I use to be overweight but now I'm skinny fat. I have a normal weight but 22,5% bf. I'm clueless to what I should do kno, I wanna tighten up but I feel like if I get even smaller I would kinda get anorexia ish and get unhealthy. Obv I attained this high bodyfat because of crash and jojo dieting, so my metabolism is probably fucked up too by now.. plz sean any advice, tips on this topic on how I can recover from this?

  8. When it comes to protein I prefer to go slightly higher just to be on the safe side. It's not a huge difference, it's not going to hurt you, and any excess will be converted into carbohydrate anyway.

  9. Hello, im already training for 3 months, im using 160 grams of proteine per day, i weight 136 lbs (with body fat) is it bad if i take this much protein?
    Thank you in advance!

  10. Just eat at calorie maintenance level with the same macros I always recommend. (1g protein per 1lb of body weight, 30% of cals from fat, rest from carbs)

  11. no way man!!! More like 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight. As long as your working out and trying to bulk up you need 1.5 grams, you dont NEED, but it will deff. help you grow at 1.5g. or even 2g per pound of weight for bodybuilders or athletes…correct me if im wrong! Please……

  12. I'm actually going slightly higher here to be on the safe side. Most data shows 0.8-1g to be the right zone for athletes/bodybuilders. 2g is definitely overkill.

  13. actualy no i am no pro..but in biology proteins basically consists out of CHON which means carbon . hydrogen . oxygen and nitrogen…so excess protein goes under a process called de-amination of amino-acids which basically getting rid of the N and storing the CHO as glycogen in liver…. only Nitrogen gets down with urin

  14. Hey man sorry to be a pain im 19 an 5 ft 10 weigh 185.4lbs ive worked out the 2 grams per lb bit and it comes to 168.192. Does this mean everything individually on my plate can weigh anything from that lowest number to the highest ? or does it mean everything all together has to be somewhere in the middle between both numbers thanks wish i knew more about nutrition lol thanks for reading this if you do 🙂

  15. how much would you take from shakes or can you get all the protein from food even when trying to loose weigh?

  16. Ive actually had better workouts & strength gains with only .75g per lb. down from 1+g. Maybe its just me but I seem to be stronger and haven't noticed longer recoveries. Im running & doing super set calisthenics so if pure bulk & a certain body image are your thing or maybe just weight lifting in general then maybe 1 or even 2g per lb is optimal, just not for me. Im saving a lot of money in whey too.

  17. If i currently weigh 160 lbs and I want to bulk up to 180 lbs, should I still consume 160 g of protein daily or should it be 180 g of protein instead?

  18. is protein dangerous for your body? i see videos on youtube of "doctors" saying that protein is dangerous…. 
    how much is too much? … and do you have good arguments against these claims..
    i am 184 lbs or 84 kg what is too much and what is right ? are many people doing this?

  19. How often do you need protein in a day i usually just have protein at breakfast lunch and dinner, should it be every two or three hours or is it different for everyone

  20. What i dont understand is if that number that you get is protein from the jug or protein daily including your foods … for example my protein calculator came out to be 129 g of pretein per day but is that number based on the whole day from eating food and taking the protein powder or that number is only the amount you should take from just your protein powder jug witch for me is 129g and ontop of that eat your 5 meals thats where im comfused… but i think its 129g of protein including foods and your protein is that right?

  21. Hi, Sean ! Here's a three-part question about muscle-building, in relation to protein, that I didn't know where to ask ('Sorry!) .

    1.How do I determine how much protein I need a day to build muscle? 

    2. How much do I need to just maintain muscle gained (bare minimum)?

    3. How much protein  would I need to reduce my intake of before muscle-loss began ( Most important one, for me ! In case, I wanted to because I felt/looked bulky) ?

  22. I disagree. .1 gm of protein per pound is a waste….optimum requirement even for a body builder is not more than 1 gm per 2 pounds of body weight..whoever feels otherwise is either promoting some supplement company or has too much money to waste on buying all those not required protein supplements

  23. What evidence are you basing this off? 1 gram per pound is far too much – muscle protein synthesis maxes out at 0.8g/kg of lean mass, even in elite athletes (would you like to see the test studies?). The gram per pound is something that american supplement companies spread in the bodybuilding world to be able to sell their shit, making people believe that they need crazy amounts of protein. Too much protein is damaging, in a number of ways

  24. SEAN I have a question I get 400 carbs a day and 2 apples that are included in my diet are 25 carbs each so both add up to 50 carbs , do I add those 50 carbs into my macros or I ignore them and only count carbs from my complex carb sources like brown rice and sweet potatoes

  25. some even double up their protein intake, i know that sounds unnecessary but there is a calorie calculator counted that someone like me need around 3500 calorie per day to gain muscle in a surplus, if i take only that much calorie from protein, should i load up more carb and fat to increase that amount of calorie? but there are most recommands high protein high carb with low fat, what if fat higher than protein? a little confused

  26. Wouldn't eating 1 gram of protien per body weight cost allot of money if your eating that much everyday?

  27. I really find it hard to only get 1g per pound of bodyweight, is it bad to eat about 1.5g per pound of bodyweight while bulking?

  28. Imcurrently taking 12 pcs of egg whites a day and tuna wheat bread and peanut butter … can i gain muscle without supplements and chicken breast as a source…i calculated my intake it fits me help pls 😭😭

  29. Thanks, man. I just got a job at UPS and I know my skinny body is gonna gain. I was just wondering about how many grams of protein would I need to help my muscles out a little, but thanks to you I don't have to wonder anymore.

  30. The RDA is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight… not pounds. So when you plug in the numbers you're recommending almost double the amount of protein one needs Sean

  31. but does all of my protein requirement have to be complete protein? not all of my protein intake are from meat or powder everyday, i consume a lot of seeds and nuts too. do those incomplete protein count towards daily requirement as well?

  32. It seems that 1 gram of protein per body weight is the standard for bodybuilding. I personally stick to .75 grams but thanks for the video.

  33. i wonder when this idea that you need 1g 2g 3g of protein to build muscle will dissapear? the body does not work based on numbers, if you are hungry then you eat protein and the body works on that protein, if you are not hungry you do not stuff yourself with protein just to reach a number, eat protein when hungry and thats it, the fitness industry made us think that we need to stuff ourselves so we buy their powder, what is the point of eating when not hungry? the body will talk to you, it will tell you when and how much to eat

  34. sir if i complete daily protein intake by 50% whey prteion is it recommended ? or should i rely more on foods and less on protein powders.

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