Dave Durante: Bar Muscle-Up Variations

Dave Durante: Bar Muscle-Up Variations

First what I’m gonna do is a gymnastics-style kip. So it’ll be like a bar muscle-up, but this is actually a reference to the actual kip that is the name skill in gymnastics. And this is actually—it’s funny because in gymnastics when a kid gets this skill, this is kind of like the Holy Grail. You remember the day when you finally get this skill in gymnastics the same way you do when you get your first muscle-up in CrossFit. So this is a big skill in gymnastics, but we’re gonna adapt it a little bit and turn it into a little bit more of a repetition. So what I’m gonna do after I get up into support I’m just gonna lower myself back down and stay with my toes to the bar and just use kind of a pendulum swing to get back up to support and do a bunch of reps from there. And now I’m gonna show you a bar muscle-up the way it would normally be done in CrossFit. So when you’re doing a bar muscle-up what you want to be feeling is your shoulders coming through trying to hit that front extreme position, trying to get as far forward as possible before you snap. So you have to have a lot of patience on this. It’s patience to allow your body to come forward, open those shoulders up, hit that peak position before you do any reaction. But when you react you have to react aggressively. That’s really key. Its’ not kind of a fluid reaction, it’s patience then reacting almost like a cobra strikes, it’s very quick. So be patient, then watch where my shoulders are when I actually start to sit up in that bar muscle-up. So I think you probably could see from there how extreme forward my shoulders were before I did any reaction. Patience and then reacting quickly at the front part. Yeah, so the first one is more that gymnastics kipping action where you’re getting your shoulders on top of the bar but leaving your feet in more like a toes-to-bar position. And that’s about efficiency. That’s a technical movement it’s not so much strength, so when you start to understand how that pendulum works you’re not really using too much strength. So from efficiency standpoint, it’s actually easy to do, it doesn’t really burn anything out. It burns up your forearms and your grip more than anything else. The bar muscle-up that you normally see in competition and stuff starts from a little bit lower and your’e not allowed to get your feet up so high. So what you do there, I’m trying to work on trying to build that efficiency and build that technique from a different position trying to do it more from my shoulders than doing it from that pendulum with my toes toward the bar. So both of them have value but they’re definitely coming from different positions.

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  1. Haha!
    "A kip doesn't really burn anything out…"

    That's coming from a guy who can, likely, hold an L-sit for 3 minutes.

  2. "You're not allowed to get your feet up so high [in competition]".  Why not?  Why would Crossfit rules prohibit an efficient technique, especially when kipping is allowed?

  3. I know im late, but i just want to make clear that this isn't a muscle up its called bar kipping. And you dont need any strength for this its just technique. I dont say this because i want to hate it is just that when people do a bar kipping they think it is a muscle up. But the point is the muscle up is strength excersice that have to be performed with no kipping. Its pure pull and dip strength while the bar kipping is just a kipping move and in my opinion its bad form because you kip and you can injure your joints. But each to his own.

  4. I can remember 50 years ago when I was doing gymnastics in high school. I never thought about my grip strength. It was always there kind of like children playing on the monkey bars. But, now, as I try to regain some of my lost abilities, I am FULLY AWARE of my weak grip strength. Of course being 40 lbs heavier than when in high school isn't helping the problem. I've been weight-lifting for the past ten years but recently started adding some gymnastics into the routine. It's AMAZING how many muscles you AREN'T EXERCISING with just weight-lifting. Check out Dave's other video working with Katrin Davidsdottir – a female CrossFit champ. Even she noticed how hard gymnastics exercises are and how they affect muscles in ways not hit by weight-lifting.

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