10 Replies to “David Baker (U. Washington / HHMI) Part 2: Design of New Protein Functions”

  1. I saw something where someone took the proteins that makeup silk and added them to a goat's DNA such that they are produced in the goat's milk. Now they milk the goats and extract silk for profit. That seems to be a related technology. So I was wondering how this could be used to invent and manufacture miracle fabrics.

  2. It's important to remember as well that the virus is a living organism with it's own defense mechanisms, it's only going to bind if to the virus it seems like it belongs.
    Perhaps it's not coincidental that the structures in which the proteins are bound are much similar to salts and sugars, which most living beings understand as food. Maybe the most successful way to bind a protein whether it's synthetic or natural is to have the host understand it as food.

  3. This is awesome stuff of course…but wow…forget global warming…this is what could likely destroy the planet.

  4. Did they research this new materials for it electrical, thermostability, chemical activity, optical and mechanical characteristics?
    Maybe it can be usefull for some nonbiological application?
    For example lubricants, fiber, flexible electronic, electrodes for implants, micromechanical systems and so on. Looks like potentially very useful things even today. Give the samples to physics))

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