Diabetes Diet Guidelines : Protein & Blood Sugar for Diabetes

Diabetes Diet Guidelines : Protein & Blood Sugar for Diabetes

Hi! My name is Brenda Thompson, registered
dietitian and owner of Life Skills Nutrition. In this segment, I’m going to talk about protein
and blood sugar control. Protein helps low the digestion system down, which in turn,
helps slow down the rate of carbohydrate going into the blood stream. It’s a good idea to
eat small lean amounts of protein. This includes some of these foods over here. Fish; there
are a variety of types of fish. Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids. This is a lean
94% lean ground beef, which is about 4 ounces. These are about 4 ounce servings of chicken
breast. This is about a 4 ounce serving of pork tenderloin. These eggs are omega-3 fatty
acid eggs. If you are not consuming the egg yolk, you might want to try the egg substitute
so that you’re not eating the cholesterol. Nuts are a very great source of protein, including
peanut butter. Cheese also eaten in moderate amounts is a great source of protein, and
lean dairy products, such as skim milk. By choosing these lean small portions of protein,
you can help control your diabetes by controlling your blood sugar slowing down the digestive

30 Replies to “Diabetes Diet Guidelines : Protein & Blood Sugar for Diabetes”

  1. Why would you say to eat lean meats or no egg yolks? There has NEVER been a study to show that animal fat is detrimental to health. It is a high carb diet paired with high overall fat that does so.

  2. Are you crazy… What planet do you live on. Meat is dead. Animal protein clogs your arteries, wastes your calcium, and makes you fat. Cholesterol will kill you faster than wheat bread. There are millions of studies that prove animal fat causes diseases that kill. Complex carbs will burn fat, but don't keep putting the fat in. Go vegan and live!

  3. Whats wrong with this stupid bitch recommending diabetics eat meat, eggs and dairy? Fucking unbelievable, totally wrong…how does she have a degree?!?! Go vegan people, only way to cure it and feel great. Don't listen to this moron in the video.

  4. Eggs are not the evil thing they've been made out to be. Recent studies show that cholesterol from eggs (eaten in moderation, of course) does not contribute to heart disease, or cause it.

    Meat is also not the culprit either. Humans were designed to eat meat. Look at the Inuit in arctic regions of Canada. Their traditional diet consists of lots of meat.

    Put them on a Western, carbohydrate-oriented diet and guess what happens? They get diabetes!

  5. I would not call the presenter moron, but I strongly agree that diabetics should check up on Dr. Neal Barnard's work regarding reversing diabetes. I think I'm not going too far if I say that the regularly recommended diet for diabetes is just the continuation of the cause of (type 2) diabetes; "thinking inside the box" in a typical western way.

  6. I also made the mistake of connecting the sugar content of a certain food with a faster rate of carbs entering the bloodstream. Using this connection is not what it seems and can be very misleading. Its all about the Glycemic Index ( GI). The glycemic index is the actual rate of of how carbs in food affect our blood glucose over time. Skim milk actually has a low GI, which means a low rate of carbs entering our bloodstream over time. There are GI databases that give readings on all foods.

  7. Protein is good…slows things down, but you also need fats. They always miss that. The low-fat diet promoted these days does more harm than good.

  8. Saturated fat like full cream, butter and animal fat is the best way to control diabetes. LCHF and Atkins works. Carbohydrates is poison for a diabetik.

  9. @LoCarbHighFat Carbs are poison? Only processed hi glycemic carbs are bad, I eat about 80% carbs, 10 percent fat and 10% protein and my glucose numbers are great.

  10. My wife has changed from 50% carbs to 5% carbs and have gone down from 92 units dinnerinsulin per week to 62 per week, With 50% carbs she had a bloodsugar that whent beetween 2-25 (Swedish scale) Normal bloodsugar for a nondiabetic is 5. Now with only 5% carbs she is beetween 4-8 every day, Never gets a cold anymore. Bloodpressure fantastic, all values amazing. She has diabetis typ 1.

  11. one CANNOT control digestion plus what is the point..
    its worked for thousands of years now you want to control it?
    this video is nonsensical one CANNOT control blood sugar.

  12. this very is very educational. thanks for sharing this one. i found tips on how to control blood sugar at google search at q.gs/572387/bloodsugarcontrol

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  14. Oh hai! Have you tried cleverous 402 diet (do a google search)? Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy lost crazy amounts of weight with it.

  15. @googlibrary My grandfather was a diabetic and lived till he was 93 years of age and died of natural causes because he followed a diet just like that.

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  17. i was insulin dependent diabetic for 2 years. Within 30 days of eating a vegan diet I was off the insulin. This spokes person for the meat and dairy industry are lying to you…
    You eat like she suggests, and you'll be on insulin for life.
    And that won't be long after your first coronary artery by pass…
    I have no respect for people who sell out for money…

  18. This information is obsolete. Excess protein has been show to increase the risk of diabetes. Google animal protein and diabetes.

  19. This is the best guideline for the diabetic people who wants to be aware on his/her diabetic diet. Of course it is so hard to control the food you want to eat, but sometimes it is necessary for a diabetic patient and even those who have not yet, to  be aware of the foods that they take in order to have a good health. Diabetes diet is recommended and best for all diabetic people. Thank you for having a good post of guidelines here. 🙂

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