Diastasis Recti: 5 Exercises To Close the Gap for Postpartum Moms

Diastasis Recti: 5 Exercises To Close the Gap for Postpartum Moms

>Alright guys, so we are talking about diastasis
recti, or diastasis recti, however you say it, now for YouTubers that are watching, this
is actually a demonstration video that goes along with a blog right now on HeidiPowell.net,
so for the details, head over there, I’m simply going to demonstrate because it’s like 115
degrees, and Chris is filming, so we’re gonna’ be fast here.
>Alright, so we’re doing um, one test, and we’re going to be doing 5 different exercises
so you can see what they look like. The test, this is a test to check to see if you have
diastasis recti, or diastasis recti, I’ll call it DR for now. Alright, so you’re gonna
lay flat on your back, you’re gonna bring your heels as close to your booty as possible,
you’re gonna take one hand, put it underneath your neck, up here, the other hand, you’re
gonna put your fingertips flat on your stomach, fingers pointing downward, keeping your chin
up towards the sky, you’re gonna lift your upper abs, put your fingers in there, and
like, push down. I have a 2 finger gap right now, right there, you can kinda see it. See
that? So the biggest thing you want to do is keep your chin up, don’t do this, chin
up. So that’s to check to see how big your gap is. I used to have a 3 finger, now it’s
just under 2. Anyway.>Alright, so the first exercise, again, for
all the details on how to do it, how many to do, etc, go to HeidiPowell.net, the first
one we’re gonna talk about is simply drawing in. Now this one technically is a part of
every other move that we do, but I just want to show you what drawing in is, it is not
sucking in, it’s not like, you know trying to suck in as hard as you can, cuz typically
we pull in those upper abs, drawing in is done from your lower abs, you’re gonna act
like there’s a string attached to the inside of your belly, and something’s pulling in
and up, so you’re gonna pull your belly button up towards your spine, I’ll demonstrate…
>That’s drawing in, I’m just holding in as far as I can, from the bottom, where it’s
sucking in a lot of people do. That’s not right. Draw in, so chest up, draw in from
the bottom, that’s a draw in.>Okay, now that I can’t breathe, we’re gonna
move on to vacuums, so a vacuum, we’re technically, we’re gonna draw in, just like we were before,
we’re not gonna suck it, but we’re gonna do an inhale, and exhale, and on the bottom of
the exhale, we’re gonna’ draw in and we’re gonna hold for as long as we can, once we
can’t hold our breath any longer, keep our abs drawn in, and you’re gonna breathe slowly,
so let me demo. Heads up, I’m gonna run out of breath with this, but here we go. Inhale,
and then I’m gonna exhale all of my air, draw in, and hold. It’s really hard. So say I can’t
breathe anymore, I’m still holding, but I’m breathing nice and easy, and again, recommendations
for how long you should do this, head to my site, and that’s a vacuum.
>Then next exercise, this is what the barbell, or barbell, broomstick, you could do barbell
too, but let’s not start that. Broomstick or dowel rotations, so basically, we’re gonna
perform a vacuum, and at the bottom of the vacuum, we’re gonna twist. This seriously
is one of the best moves to kind of cut in those obliques, cut in the sides, and define
those obliques, I love it. So inhale, exhale…So basically, you’re gonna perform as many rotations
as you can, while holding your breath and keeping your abs drawn in. Now I’m sure if
you need to breathe and you want to keep going you can, the way that I personally do them,
every single day, is I draw in, or breathe in, breathe out, suck in my abs, and I rotate
from side to side, I try and get in about 10-12 reps before I have to breathe, I take
a quick breather, and then I do it again. So I’m not gonna do it again, cuz I still
have two more exercises to show you.>Next one up, this is a fun one, it’s an abductor,
and abduction with core activation, this is great for diastasis recti, so we’re gonna’
lay on our backs, using a resistance band, you’re going to once again, draw in, and activate
our core, so we’re gonna exhale, activate our core, and we’re gonna do an abduction
with the knee, so…rest…got that?>Alright, so the last exercise we’re gonna
take the band off, this is called a heel slide with core activation. So same kind of a concept,
we’re gonna activate the core out on the exhale, and then we’re gonna slowly slide one foot
at a time, so…keeping that core nice and activated the whole time…other leg, slowly
slide that heel back, keeping that core activated, inhale, exhale, activate, slide down, and
slide back.>So again, go to my site at HeidiPowell.net
for all the recommendations on how many reps you should do, when you should do these, moms,
if you’ve had babies, there’s the test to check to see if you have diastasis recti,
so anyway, let’s get fixing it! Just like I did, again, I went from a 3 finger gap to
I’m about a 2, little under 2 inches, 2 fingers now, so it does work, it just takes time,
persistence, and patience.>Alright guys, hope this helps! Bye!

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  1. It seems like you when laying down do not take the inhale at all with belly breath – looks strictly chest and diaphragm – is that how to do it???

  2. Hi! Thanks for the ex-s. Please let me know how many times per day and week you do this and how long did it take to get from 3 fingers gap to 2?

  3. Sorry BUT: Oblique twists are BIG NO-NO for people with Diastasis Recti… I had mine expand from 2,5 fingers to 4 fingers in about 3-4 week period by doing those oblique twists upon recommendation of an unknowledgable trainer. Ladies beware; lovingly suggest DON'T DO ANY TWISTS if you have DR!

  4. I don't know where Ms Powell got her exercises for DR, but twisting is a big NO for DR. She may have had strong abdominal muscles before her own DR and that might have allowed her to do the twists. But if you haven't exercised in a long time and developed DR, do not do twisting movements.

  5. I was told the reason I have a pooch is because I have muscle separation, but looking at you, your tummy is completely flat, so Im thinking, my pooch is more likely fat? 😉

  6. I nevet had a boctor give my broken stomach muscle a name. I had twins 24 years ago can these exercises still work? Praise God I know the name!!!

  7. I almost have no muscles, so it's so soft when i press my fingers down, can't really feel if there's a gap or not 🙁

  8. Im 45 and had 3 children between 19-23 and I am JUST now learning about this. I've been working out for years since then and have been doing all of the wrong things. Is it too late to start now?

  9. its pretty depressing ive tried so much I work out I use belly wraps and my belly is still lose and floppy. maybe im doing too much ):

  10. I had my baby four years ago and I exercise almost every day but I have a pouch above my belly button and a lump in pregnancy they thought it was a hernia, is it possible it could be diastasis recti as matter how much cardio I do and abs it stays the same and I get pain there and it swells after exercise. I am fit and eat healthy but frustrated. can you it be fixed with focused exercise?

  11. I love this!! you are the only person so far that I have found, that helps me to understand how to fix my diastsis recti

  12. Do you have to lose weight on your stomach for these inner muscles to hold the stomach in? My stomach is quite fatty as I like my treats and I can't give them up because I'm sad. Is this going to prevent the healing? I can see that you have no belly fat at all and we can see your muscles very clearly like an athletes.

  13. Hey! Wow! I thought if I had the gap I couldn't get abs and my stomach would always sag. So does this mean I can do regular ab workouts WHILE I work on the diastasis recti too? That would change everything…

  14. I have been suffering from this condition since the birth of my first child and I am now or for 3 children and still have a swollen stomach. Do these exercises help me get rid of my stomach and how many weeks do I practice?

  15. Oh. My. Vacuums?! Twists?! Everything I am seeing is causing MORE pressure in the abdominal cavity, therefore WORSENING the DR!! Goodness… There are steps to healing this, and the first one is NOT just checking for separation: separation is the symptom of bigger issues including a poor pelvic floor! Ladies, please SEE A PHYSIOTHERAPIST FIRST!!! They will be able to evaluate your case and see what are the best for you because what works for one may not work for another but PLEASE do not put more pressure on your abdominals… That could lead to more serious issues!

  16. i like the exercise that she demonstrate.mine was 2 finger gap been pregnant twice one was via c-section and normal labor for the second one,I've got a lose skin and my belly button actually never back to its normal size..all i did was just do a workouts that I'm comfortable doing it and not hurting my self.

  17. If what she is doing isn't correct then does anyone know what kind of professional I should go to to get help?

  18. Heidi I love you and your show with Chris but this is stepping into physical therapist territory…have all your clients consult a pelvic health physical therapist first!

  19. How do you have all those six packs a flat stomach and recti?? What should an out of shape overweight mom of four start with? These?

  20. This is a fantastic video for women! I had a radical Hysterectomy and I haven't been able to find a trainer who knows how to help me rebuild my core. As a result, my workouts have caused more pain that benefit and that isn't a very good motivator I am trying this tomorrow! Thanks Heidi

  21. I was wondering how long after having a baby did it take for you to get your stomach skin looking that good? Im a small girl and back to my normal weight but have so much loose skin its discouraging at times.

  22. I really love that you did this video. Thanks Heidi and Chris.

    I have been told not to do any twisting of my core. I had a scare so I'm really concerned about what to do. For now I will get to moving with breathing and other grounded workouts while minding my belly work. Is it possible to see full DR dedicated videos a week's worth of three that can be rotated? All the best. #Hugs

  23. Hi, I would love it if you could show your post partum stomach. How big was your pouch before getting in such a good shape and what took for you to get rid of the stomach fat?

  24. She explains in more detail on how and how many reps here, I am just reading
    Thank you for posting this Heidi, you give me hope when everyone just says I need a tummy tuck to heal my dr. I admire you, you have an amazing family and body!!

  25. YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS VIDEO DOWN!!! I gave birth 6 months ago and have DR I have been following this video for a while with no results after being referred to a physio and talking about what I’ve been doing he said your advice on doing twists is the worst worst worst thing I could of done. I’ve made my problem a lot worse! 😩

  26. hollup. Shes teaching how to get rid of diastasis while she has diastasis. Obviously this doesnt help at all otherwise she wouldnt have it

  27. I can see you have 2 finger gap but you don't have the pooch.you have great ab.how did you do that?

  28. Thank you! That was very helpful. I wish I saw that before. I’ve had my 5th child 2 years ago and I although very small, my gap is still there and it bothers me. I will definitely start doing those exercises daily hoping my gap closes 100% soon 🙂

  29. OMG! After many videos I found the right one you are mother of 4 is incredibly you looks AMAZING!😍thanks so much for sharing this definitely I will start to doing this.😙

  30. Thank you. I got it from gaining weight and doing sit ups I could feel my gut rip. Now it looks like a egg under by chest in the top part of abdomen

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