Disc Golf Chest Stretch for Back Pain Relief and Increased Mobility

Disc Golf Chest Stretch for Back Pain Relief and Increased Mobility

How’s it going, Seth Munsey here with
Disc Golf Strong. When you go out to play your best round of disc golf, you want to
be able to make sure you have some good upper back mobility. To play
disc golf, or really to do anything, we want to have good upper back mobility,
and we want to have good lower back stability. A lot of times I see people
try to increase the mobility in their lower back by trying to do
toe touches, or they twist through the lower back. We don’t want to do that
through our lower back. All of our mobility should be through here…through
what we call the thoracic spine… the t-spine, this upper back, this upper spine
right here. Well when we’re at home or at work, when we’re in the car…we’re
usually sitting like this, and a lot of us slouch. Unfortunately we don’t always
have the best posture, so I’m slouched forward like this. If my hands are on
the computer while I’m writing, or my I’m holding on to a steering wheel…that
brings my my shoulders rounding forward which tightens up all the muscles
here in the chest. Well if I go from work…to the car…to the course,
now I’m like this, and now I’m out there and I’m trying to throw, okay, if I do
this and I’m slouched forward look at my mobility…that’s as much as I
can rotate through my upper back. Now if I open up the chest…I get my back nice
and straight, look at that mobility there so I went from there…to there. That’s a big difference, okay, so I… come through being able to do that
versus slouched forward. So if I’m not able to do that, that’s going to
put a lot of pressure, it’s going to put a lot of tension on my lower back.
It’s going to lead us to maybe some shoulder issues, neck issues, lower back
issues, maybe even hip issues if we don’t have mobility up here. So a great
exercise you can do either at home or before you head out to the course, or any
time during the week, to help increase that mobility- or before your round…or
even during your round, here’s an exercise that you can do to get that
mobility back. So I’m going to take a disc, I’m going to put my fingers inside
the rim, I’m going to put it behind my back and I want to feel like I’m trying to
tear the disc in half. I’m trying to rip it apart. So it’s here…I pull the
disc apart and I open my shoulders up and I feel a big stretch in my chest, and
I feel some mobility in that upper back So hold about five seconds like
this…relax…again…relax…pull…relax five to ten repetitions…whatever
works for you. So give that a shot before you go out and play disc golf. I
hope that helps. You can always email me at [email protected] If you
have any questions about that exercise or any other training related to disc
golf. Have fun out there and play Disc Golf Strong

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  1. Hey don't u do trick shot in your backyard too? I've seen some videos long time ago same fence too unless it's not

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