Dmitry Klokov- CrossFit Tabata (Part 1)

Dmitry Klokov- CrossFit Tabata (Part 1)

My name is Dmitry Klokov.
I’m from Russia and I’m a World Champion, European Champion,
Silver Medalist of Olympic Games in 2008. My snatch PR in competition, official competition,
international competition is 196 kilos. And in training in gym 206 kilos is my best
snatch. I like Tabata Songs. I remember your first
Tabata Songs. This was very good music and when I made my video for my YouTube channel
it was this Tabata Song, where a lot of people, Russian people, asked what is, what is the
music? What is the name of this music? And this was interesting, yeah. I love it. (Tabata music begins playing) Welcome to tabata. Here we go in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go. Tabata. This is twenty seconds works and ten
seconds break and again. Eight rounds. This is cardio for me (laughs). This looks like weightlifting exercise but this is cardio for me. I started weightlifting December 10, 1995. I was 13. CrossFit changed the weightlifting world a
lot. A lot. Totally. Uh, because before this was not popular sport,
this Olympic sport but not really popular because, uh, it is dangerous, it is difficult. And now when CrossFit is popular weightlifting is now popular too.
Because CrossFit, this is weightlifting too. This is like maybe sixty percent of CrossFit
uh is weightlifting exercise. And of course people try. My body all ready for lift for one rep max. But doing something like more than one minute
(laughs) is crazy. All of us think about like dreams. That’s good.
But demand maximum. For example when I train I believe for the future I will be Olympic champion. But my maximum was silver. Demand the impossible maximum result. is what I mean. Same in your normal life.

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  1. No offence, this is all great, but your movment, as a doctor and as a profesional athlete, ill say to you – you will be in wheelchair for 20 yre

  2. Beware: it's not Tabata. It's just a random interval training with random, unspecified results. Tabata is a specific olympic-level workout with a scientifically measured performance and outcome.

  3. 3:10–3:16 what’s the name of the exercise in english and what’s your daily routine for low back?

  4. Have a ton of respect for these athletes but I’d hate to see what their shoulders look like in another couple years from these type of workouts.

  5. What an amazing athlete! Lifted for years but knees are bad now. May try some of this next time I'm at the gym

  6. Piting le klokov press 😱😱😱😱 Comment dire 🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄🙄 trop 💪💪💪💪

  7. Every Russian I have ever trained with is hard core. They don't waste their time doing arm curls and silly body building routines.

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