“Do I Need Protein Powder To Build Muscle?”

“Do I Need Protein Powder To Build Muscle?”

Hey what’s up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of
SeanNal.com and BodyTransformationTruth.com and in this video today I want to answer the
question of whether or not protein powder is a mandatory part of an optimal muscle building
diet plan and whether or not you need protein powder in order to build muscle at your maximum
potential. So a high quality protein powder is one of the very rare few muscle building
supplements that I do stand behind and that I do recommend. Including a protein powder
in your muscle building diet is going to help to streamline your overall meal plan and it’s
going to allow you to reach your daily protein needs in a more convenient way. Assuming that
you’re choosing whey protein, egg protein or casein as your protein powder source, or
some combination of these, you’re also going to be receiving a very high quality of protein
with a top level absorption rate and a very strong amino acid profile. But do you need
protein powder in order to build muscle? Well, although protein powder is certainly a viable
addition to your overall program and although it is something that I do recommend in the
majority of cases, the reality is that it most definitely is not a must have and you
absolutely can reach your full muscle building potential without it. The mistake that most
people make here is in thinking of protein powder as some kind of magical substance with
over the top superhero-like muscle building effects. Now this really just is not the case.
Yes, these powders will provide you with a very high quality form of protein, again assuming
that you choose the right one, but in the context of a complete diet that reaches its
total daily protein target through a combination of other whole food sources, such as chicken,
red meat, fish, etcetera. It’s really not going to make any measurable difference to
your bottom line results whether you include a protein powder in the mix or not. All forms
of protein are ultimately broken down into their individual amino acid building blocks,
and as long as you’re getting roughly 0.8 to around 1 gram of protein per pound of body
weight daily from a variety of high quality sources, you’re easily going to be receiving
enough of the essential amino acids that are needed to max out your body’s muscle building
response. Remember, just because some protein is good does not mean that more protein must
be better. Your body can only synthesize a very limited amount of lean tissue in any
given day, and any excess amino acids above and beyond what can be used for building muscle
in that period are simply going to be converted and used for energy. Now don’t get me wrong
here, I definitely do think that most serious trainees will be better off by including a
protein powder in their diet. All I’m saying here is that it definitely is not mandatory,
and its primary benefit is simply a matter of convenience more than anything else. Most
people who are busy and on the go or perhaps who don’t have a large appetite, are going
to find it much easier to consume, say, 2 to 3 whole food meals and 2 to 3 shakes per
day as opposed to 4 to 6 whole food meals. It’s much faster and easier for you to mix
up a shake containing 30 or 40 grams of protein along with some blended carbs and fats in
liquid form as opposed to sitting down to chicken and rice or steak and potatoes every
time you’re due for a meal. It really just comes down to you as an individual and it
depends on what type of dietary structure allows you to stick to your meal plan in the
most effective way and also what you enjoy the most in terms of taste. So at the end
of the day, whether or not you decide to include a protein powder in your diet ultimately just
comes down to convenience and taste. No you don’t need a protein powder to build muscle
at your maximum potential, but in most cases it will make your diet a lot easier to follow
over the long run. So thanks for watching this video lesson here today. I hope you found
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26 Replies to ““Do I Need Protein Powder To Build Muscle?””

  1. Hey sean, great video as always, i was just wondering whats ur opinion on soy protein vs whey? I find that whey is way more expensive where i live but I ve heard bad things about soy. Whats ur take on this?

  2. I have a 5lb container of Whey protein I bought a few years back. It's been sitting in the back of my closet. It expired 3 years ago, but still has an airtight seal and was never exposed to heat.

    I've found that in many items, the expiration date doesn't mean too much. What is your opinion on the protein I mention above…

    Is it still good?

  3. I think I speak for most of your subscribers when I say we'd like to see some training videos from you.

  4. Great vid. Sean. When you see 1 scoop of protein powder picture 4oz. Of chicken sitting there. The powder is more convenient and portable 😉

  5. Hi Sean, What about the HGH that is already present in our body when we are young adults? Would that rebuild the muscle for us with protein? Also, what is a legit n trustful Bulk powder company that I can shop online at that has high quality products. Thanks

  6. ur channel is so underrated sean. You are super intelligent and super helpful.That is so true TN Dang people just follow the guys on lots if steriods and that talk alot of nonsense. Sean is the truth only real people with real minds fellow him. Sean you are much appreciated brother.

  7. I hate protein shakes. I eat loads of chicken sometimes 2 meals a day, I'm not even trying I just like it haha. Just started working out and I'm seeing a difference already, so I guess I'm getting enough protein then?

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