Do This After Every Workout

Do This After Every Workout

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  1. Yo Chris, I've started getting into calisthenics and have made some improvements e.g. worked up to 10 reps 3 sets of decline push ups.

    What exercises would be best for the bigger guys? I'm currently 6'6" 113kg but roughly 18% body fat.

    Cheers dude.

  2. What to do after every workout?

    Chris Heria: WORKOUT!
    Average Joe: continue playing on phone, motivational hashtags for life.
    Chris Heria: does 1000 Burpees in 20 seconds
    Average Joe: Runs in Terror.


  3. Man I’ve been watching quite a bit of your videos and you’re an inspiration. I have questions though:

    1) Is it necessary to rest between sets? If yes, how long?
    2) How long should I rest between rounds?

  4. You should do a challenge that you do 10 more push ups every day for a month. So on the 1st you do 10 then 20 you know… 💪🏼

  5. I'm feel very sorry for this, I just started workout about 2,5 month. But until today I saw that the video that explain about the copy right. Austin's video about the Truth about Chris Heria. But is it the dislike bottom from there?, I don't give a fuck, I don't give a shit about the people personality. I come here to see cuz this is the best way that I can understand to learn.

  6. Wait so this guy pretty much just took Jeff Cavaliere's brand "Athleanx" and omitted and switched around some letters?
    Tatted, cornier version of Jeff lmao shamelessly stealing the likeness of his brand

  7. hey Chris. my names Azia and I'm eleven years old and I have been watching all of your videos for a while now and already seeing a dramatic difference. Thank you!

  8. Салам, Крис спасибо тебе за советы люди из стран СНГ наблюдают за тобой удачи тебе и всем. Даст Аллах все будет хорошо на это земле живите правильно в мире и согласии молитесь Богу занимайтесь физкультурой и любимом делом и все будет найс.👍

  9. One question I have for you Chris. I follow your routines from many months and I want to know something. What do you think about Deadlift? To what we can apply DL to calisthenics? How many weight can you carry doing deadlift? THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND ALL THE KNOWLEDGE YOU GIVE TO THE PEOPLE!!!!

  10. "these next few exercises aren't that difficult for me so I'm going to add weight…"

    First exercise is burpees

    Me: 👀??

  11. I was able to do muscle ups when I was a kid because I was always hauling myself out of the pool every day, all day long during summers 💕

    Now? pffft

  12. Hello, im trying to remove my subscribtion on the Heria pro app bit i cant figure out a way to do it!!  Can you please help?

  13. Love all your work outs bro! They really do me alot of good and I love the challenge you bring to it. Keep up the good work bruh.

  14. I don't understand why do people dislike this all he's doing is teaching you how to exercise calastatic Style… Is it nurses and doctors that feel like he's not telling the techniques properly or something.

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