Do You Really Need to Stretch? – Muscle Myth #3

Do You Really Need to Stretch? – Muscle Myth #3

Stretching. Stretching. Stretching. Everyone
does it, and everyone knows how important it is. From preventing injuries and improving
flexibility, everyone HAS to find time to stretch. But are we “stretching” the truth
about stretching. Let’s take a lot at all of the supposed benefits of the magic of stretching.
The most clear benefit of stretching is improving flexibility, which is shown to be completely
true. Routinely stretching will improve one’s mobility and range motion. If you need mobility
work, stretching is your go-to exercise. But what about stretching to relieve soreness?
Unfortunately, the science gives this one a thumbs down. A research review from Cochrane
Database concluded that healthy adults stretching before, after, or a combination of before
AND after exercise, did not have “clinically important” reductions in muscle soreness.
Another strong belief is that stretching improves performance. Again, the science says, “Not
so fast.” A study in the Journal of Strength and Condition Research found that static stretching
REDUCED strength by 13%. Another study on ten male distance runners showed that when
the runners stretched before a mile run, they ran, on average, 13 seconds slower than if
they did not stretch. What about for preventing injuries? Does stretching
really help? Short answer: not exactly. A 12-week Australian study consisting of 1,538
male army recruits found “no clinically significant’ reductions in injury occurrence between stretching
and non-stretching groups, and also suggested that fitness levels and age were the main
factors causing injury. However, it is important to note that sports such as football and gymnastics
will benefit from stretching to avoid injuries related to having a low range of motion muscle
compliance. Lower stretch-shortening cycle activities, such as jogging and swimming,
do not really benefit from stretching. Now that you know the truth about stretching,
should you stop stretching before your exercises? For the most part, no. Stretching still has
the benefit of increasing flexibility, something that almost everyone needs.
What are your thoughts about stretching? Do you find it useful to stretch before or after
your exercises? Let us know your opinion on the comment section below!

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  1. static stretching should not be done when your body is not properly warmed up , it can only cause injury . Your muscles are like a rubber band , they need to be properly warmed up in order to stretch . Where as dynamic stretching is helpful as it engages more muscle groups and helps to warm up your body .

  2. Have u ever even worked out in your life or do you just sit behind a screen all day …. I'm a fighter and stretch everyday. Why would you even make a video on this when it's clearly a crucial thing to do as an athlete, just a basic routine that us REAL athletes perform to enhance ourselves? Seriously man your a troll behind a computer screen who makes videos on things I guarantee you've never done and I'll never understand that. Stick to video games or something lol. I'd like to see a video with you in it, to see if your in shape and whatnot, not just a researcher, because I can tell you it's easier to relate if you've done it.

  3. In my opinion stretching is a part of overall Fitness.As per my understanding of fitness a person should be efficient
    1.musculoskeletal strength
    2.Muscular endurance
    3.Cardiovascular Endurance
    4.Ideal Body composition

    @PictureFit what is your Take on Fitness?it would be great if you could do video on this topic.

  4. Typically you should stretch after a workout so your muscles are warm. However, as said in 1:24, if you have poor mobility and you're doing an activity which requires mobility, you should stretch first. A prime example is if you have poor shoulder mobility and you're going to do a weighted dip or overhead press.

  5. i stretch since i got multiple injuries in 3 years of my early days. it helps relieve the pain and prevent injury for me

  6. For those of you who think they shouldn't stretch anymore, that will all change the day you pull something. Happened to me. I started sprinting without stretching. Heard a pop in the back of my leg. My leg was sore for 3 weeks. Not sore like fro a workout, but sore in pain like something ripped. I was 24 at the time, and exercise regularly, so it wasn't because of age. After that kind of pain I don't care what research say, I'm stretching

  7. The part about reducing soreness is false, cause everytime I DON'T stretch I always get sore, but when I DO I dont get sore and its always the same daily routine, but the muscle thing is correct cause when I do stretch I realised I cant do as much curl ups as when I dont stretch

  8. You should be clarifying between dynamic and static whenever you say stretching. You should also do dynamic stretching before a warm-up to get the blood flowing and your joints warm. Ex. If you are going to sprint, you would want to do some knee raises and butt kicks before hand. If you want to max bench press, you should definitely warm up your rotator cuffs before hand. If you do not do dynamic stretching before hand, you're much more likely to get injured while performing intense exercise.

  9. I dunno about this one… I’m a big athlete (soccer, basketball, cross country, sailing) and I find that warming up and then stretching greatly increases my performance.

  10. Stretching before doing martial arts is probably beneficial, don't wanna start throwing head kicks without a little stretching, and stretching a muscle after you workout might not make it less sore, but saw a study that said that it made the muscle like 20% stronger or something like that compared to ppl who didnt stretch over a period of time. Would def keep stretching.

  11. Is there a relation between stretching and muscle growth ? I have found an article somewhere I don't remember but it links stretching with muscle growth. Is that true ?

  12. There are so many benefits to post workout stretching that I don't think the person doing these videos actually exercises anymore than less moderately. Anyone who runs long distances will tell you, slow or fast, you're going to benefit from better blood circulation and have much more comfortable muscles to work with if you roll and stretch post work out. This vid is silly.

  13. As a 16 year old weight lifter, I don't have time at the gym to do stretches. I just get straight into my workouts. If you want to "warmup" just start with a lighter weight if you're lifting

  14. I do warm up exercises before I lift light and medium weights. I don't lift heavy. I also hit the sauna after exercise. My routine has kept me injury free for decades. This was learned through trial and error. It's what helps me. You should find what works for you and stick with it.

  15. Stretching is awesome to increase performance but only when you do mobility moves of stretching pigeon,back sit up,(hip and shoulder mobility)

  16. streching should be done after your work out. it is extreamly dangrus to do it before you work out. also your musscels are cold. so all it will do is make you stiff, if you want to strech fir do some arobic exersizes first then when your wamed up then stretch. but yes working out after you strech will just lose all results of it

  17. Don't Stretch before workout, because for example if you do squats you can go downer than you usually do and that's is not healthy if you already go down enough. Warm up instead! Every muscle group should be warmed up, that's how you avoid injury. Stretch is important but still not after workout because it can kill your gains. It should be twice a week in a warmed up state too on a rest day, because your muscles get shorter with every workout and you will suffer after some years…

  18. I find stretching does help me with my fitness, but I do martial arts to stay fit. I can kick higher after stretching and it makes grappling easier. I also do weight training and cardio 3 times a week and doing some stretching before helps my range of motion for exercises like squats.

  19. yes dynamic stretching definitely helps and prevents any muscle pulls for me. No more shoulder pain since I started doing dynamic stretches before

  20. Stretching after a run is vital! If I just sit down and forget to stretch after a long run all my leg muscles tense up and I can hardly walk!

  21. Stretching prevents injury in all activities because it promotes greater flexibility and eliminate body pain. Almost all runners even boxers, it helps them to achieve their speed after performing enough stretching. Of course over stretching before running will reduce athlete's endurance. I do stretching almost every day and I've felt the great benefits in my body and even psychologically.

  22. Static stretching before lifting is detrimental but dynamic stretching between exercises when muscles are warm I believe is helpful…at least that is my experience.

  23. I forget it sometimes. because I do stretching after workouts. but sometimes when in a hurry after a workout i forget it

  24. Lies. Not everyone cares about stretching unless you love exercising or you got the right education to know why stretching is important.
    Depend on the person. Swimmers should consider swimming if they want to avoid those stupid cramps in the toes

  25. I think most people confuse warming up your muscles with stretching. If you gonna do peak-performance you should warm up your muscles with some low intensity movement.

  26. What stretching also can do for you is release tension on your muscles which helps you relax better.

  27. This video only makes people undermine the importance of stretching. Flexibility is more important to your daily life than being able to lift 20 lbs. You should stretch, it actually reduces the risk of injuries no matter what sport you play and no matter what activities you do everyday. The increase of range of motion and mobility will improve your performance over time.

  28. Since it increases flexibility, i can see how it would reduce strength/power since the muscle is being elongated instead of dense and close together.

  29. I talking from a pure bodybuilding-powerlifting perspective about streching..Let's say you are warmed up and ready to go in first set..Streched person before workout will have felling that is stronger due to strech, but in fact they will be weaker as a non streched person..Think about muscles and tendons in a slingshot band way..The more you pull and hold rubber band on a slingshot the more elastic and weaker it gets over streched period of time, you lose conctracted force in the muscles that was build for that first set to explode or lift heavy..Im not saying streching is bad, it's great but after the workout when you wanna ease your muslces to relax and increase joint mobility and flexibility

  30. Funny how I come across this video as I thought about the topic of stretching to relieve muscle soreness. The next day after our company conducted an APFT, my battle buddy noticed that I was stretching a bit.

    He said, "Hey battle, I don't recommend ya stretching because you could do more harm to your muscles in this state because you're not warmed-up yet." I was like, "Mhm, thanks battle. I'll look into this…" I stuck with massaging the sore muscles groups instead for the rest of the day.

    But it got me thinking… because I have always heard that it is "best practice." This video was a great tid bit to explore that idea. Thank you for the upload. ^-^

  31. Stretching used to scare me because of muscle cramps. But I noticed since I started doing body weight and dumbbell exercises some what regularly, I almost never get muscle cramps anymore.

  32. Wtf this is bull shit because when I stretch my rotator cuff I can lift so much more and my shoulders never hurt if I stretch lol if y’all don’t stretch gl with not tearing a rotator cuff lifting big

  33. I went on a run Sunday morning hardly stretched and now I have a pain in my groin area, I would suggest stretching before a work out for sure

  34. I agree, stretching promotes flexibility and reduces injury before exercising. And a person like me that is on my 40s with lots of medical issues but wants to stay fit by going to the gym stretching is a must and I can totally feel my performance is better whenever I do my head to toe stretching with breathing exercises specially on my chest and legs day.

  35. All the young people under 40 saying they don't need stretching will find that in their 50's it will become one of the cornerstones of their training (that's if they are still training in their 50's). We loose flexibility as we age and even if you're working out but not stretching, you will become less mobile and capable if you don't stretch.

  36. Well I used not to stretch before jogging and every time after stretching my groin would hurt. And then I started stretching and it went away. Stretching is very important!!!

  37. Such bullshit mate, I literally stretch before every soccer game of mine, however, last week I did not and I tore my entire quad. There certainly is a correlation between stretching and reducing injury during exercise.

  38. The stretching mark on my left biceps say: "Do not stretch at any time!"
    (If you do enough sports outside of bodybuilding…)

  39. Your "studies" are looking at short term benefits/changes. I dont think stretching works short term. Long term benefits are why we all stretch.

  40. I totally disagree !!! I find stretching very useful to release muscle soreness. Like A Lot !!
    Also , it helps improve flexibility and relaxs my sore muscles. If it wasn't for stretching i wouldn't be going to gym after doms set in

  41. Stretching AFTER a hard workout can hurt your muscles and cause injuries. Only do stretching after light workouts

  42. I do freerunning and in the 4 years i have trained i have never stretched regularly. I am always considering it because of the sore muscles i sometimes get but if it doesnt help why should i even start. flexibility isnt a huge issue so if we skip that why would i need to stretch?

  43. I think not necessarily before or after workouts but very useful in the morning when you wake up or before sleeping

  44. He is incorrect on this one sorry… especially after exercising, increases muscle growth due to it mobilising the fibramiagla around your muscles

  45. Stretching is not for competition.
    Stretching is not for Instagram post.
    Stretching is not for survey purposes.
    Stretching is not for comparison purposes.
    Stretching is not what somebody tells me about baselessly.
    Stretching is not for your YouTube videos to gain likes and dislikes.
    Stretching is not for you to run your mouth.

    Just SHUT UP and STRETCH for your own good.

    🙄 To be honest sometimes I wish I was suicidal lol so I can get the fuck outta this dumb as$ world. But damn it, I can’t even pinch myself, coz I love myself so much. (🤗 oh Didi, you’re so cute – telling myself)

    Hey don’t come back here to count for your dislikes and likes. You don’t need it to be healthy, if it’s what puts food on your table, oh well. Typical of the world today. Everyone selling fake sh!ts!

  46. Why do most of these “stretching” studies emphasize muscle soreness?
    1. Why worry about muscle soreness?
    2. Who’s training regularly and is still getting muscle soreness?

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