Does Expired Protein Powder Go Bad? Is It Still Safe To Use?

Does Expired Protein Powder Go Bad? Is It Still Safe To Use?

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of,
and in this video I want to answer the question of whether expired protein powder is still
okay to use and if it’s fine to consume the product even after the date listed on
the tub has passed. Well, as with most bodybuilding and fitness questions, there is no single
black and white answer that will apply in every situation. So rather than giving one
definite guideline here, I’ll just go over some of the main points that you’re going
to want to consider. So first off, before doing anything, you’ll obviously want to
examine the powder firsthand to look for any obvious signs that it’s gone bad. So if
it contains any clumps due to moisture getting inside, if it’s discolored in any way or if
it smells or tastes slightly off, then you’ll definitely want to get rid of it and just
purchase a new tub instead. Now assuming that the powder looks, smells and tastes fine,
the next thing to consider is where it’s been stored and whether or not the tub is
still sealed. If the protein powder is still sealed and if it’s been stored in a cool,
dry environment, then it should be perfectly fine to consume for quite a long period after
the expiration date has passed. 6-18 months past the date will almost certainly be okay
in most cases, again, as long as you know for sure that it’s been stored properly,
and technically speaking it might be good for even several years after the expiration
date. However, there are no guarantees here, and whether or not you want to consume a protein
powder that is 2 years or more past the listed expiration date or just purchase a new tub
is up to you. Now, if the protein powder has been opened and if it was previously already
used around the time when it was first purchased, then you’re dealing with a different situation,
and in this case, there’s already been a chance for moisture and bacteria to get inside
the tub and to multiply, and this becomes a particular issue for concern if the protein
has been stored in a warm place for any reasonable length of time. So, if the expired protein
powder has already been previously opened, then I would recommend that you be a lot more
cautious with it and I personally wouldn’t consume it any more than probably about 6
months past the expiration date. Again though, do keep in mind that these are just overall
guidelines and it is possible that it might still be perfectly okay. There’s no way
to know for sure, however, I would personally much rather err on the side of caution and
simply purchase a fresh tub in this situation. The final factor to consider is whether you’re
dealing with a pure protein powder (like for example, whey or casein) or a product that
has additional carbohydrates and fats mixed in, such as a meal replacement powder or a
weight gainer powder. If the expired protein powder contains additional fat that has been
added in, then you’ll also want to be more cautious in this situation since the fat will
eventually go rancid just like it would in any other food product. So, if it’s an expired
meal replacement powder or an expired weight gainer powder that contains added fats, then
I wouldn’t consume it any more than probably a few months past the expiration date. Keep
in mind once again though that the guidelines given in this video are just general overall
recommendations to go by, and there really is no way for you to know for certain whether
a particular tub of protein powder is safe to consume or not. So my suggestion is that
if you do find an expired tub of protein that you aren’t sure about, examine it firsthand,
take the points in this video into consideration, weigh it off against the cost of just buying
a new tub altogether, and then make the decision for yourself. So thanks for watching this
video lesson, I hope you found the information useful here today. If you want to learn some
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66 Replies to “Does Expired Protein Powder Go Bad? Is It Still Safe To Use?”

  1. Sorry guys I am not good in English but I will try my best to Explain my problem…I bought A pro complex gainers , And I stopped using it for 3-4 months and stored it in my room … But I live in very hot city and some times the temperature in afternoon will goes to 25-40 degree Celsius !
    Should I use it or Through it away 🙁 ?

  2. My Whey protein expired one year ago! but it has not been opened and is sealed shut! I kept it in my cupboard all this time. I will open it after i start training next week. I think it should be fine!

  3. I bought mp whey protein…… It is not expired yet…. But it taste like shit….. What u think is it expire or anything

  4. Bro.. Plz answer me… I have gaint sports protein.. I opened it in march 2016 nd because of some reason i didn't use it… But now i want to use it… But its going to expire in october 2016.. It is safe to use it in October… Plz answer

  5. I just bought a protogen whey protein powder and it says best before may 2016. FYI is sealed completely and was stored in a cool dry storage room

  6. i have a carnivor beef protein isolate (loaded with creatine and bcaa), exp 5/16..
    its already opened, but i stored it in dry area…
    is it still ok?

    please answer this.. thx

  7. I opened my protein powder 3 years ago, and it expired 2 years ago. I just mixed some and it tasted great. Hope I don't get sick tomorrow. It was GNC's Wheybolic for anyone interested. A little bit of an "off" smell though.

  8. I just opened up a tub of Whey Protein that has been sealed and stored but expired August of 2003. I'm just going to use it because I'm too lazy to buy a new one.

  9. my serious mass is already expired at dec 2016, so i just watch this. and i already drinked it. i hope i will be okay tommorow, but my mass still desame, the odor and the look. but im afraid now. goodluck to me

  10. today im planning to consume few scoops of protein powder which is left in a tub which i havent opened since 5years, i do have a plan to kill the bacteria by keeping it in the microwave for a couple of minutes lets hope i make it the next day…! after all life is cheap…!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. My powder expires until 2018, it has been opened but I haven't used it for about 2 months since I bought it, and I'm using it again right now. It looks good but when I start mixing/ shaking it turns a bit yellow and doesn't mix as well.. is it still good to consume?

  12. How old is the protein powder that has been mass produced, stored then packaged for transporting and sale? I am wondering if anyone knows.
    Great info….thanks for doing the vid.

  13. my protein powder it expires at 2018 but i had it open for like 10months and im wondering if it is okay to drink it, i've been stored it in a dry place so am i good to go?

  14. I am curious about an expired protein's effectiveness. I've read that the protein loses potency after expiration. If this is true, how long do I have after expiration to use it before it degrades, and at what rate does it degrade? I'd be very appreciative of a good answer!

  15. May 2016 was the best before date on my brothers Whey protein I just consumed 2+ scoops. He did open it once just to sample and stored it away in a cool dry place. No bad smells so I guess I'll find out tomorrow if it's OK or not.

  16. My supplement best before date is January 2018… Now can i use it or not…?? it sealed in air tight container…

  17. Mines been opened… Slowly used, kept dry/cap on etc. It smells and looks fine about to finish it off and it's about 1.5yrs past ;p literally the only think I'll consume past date for some reason

  18. about to consume whey protein I had stored for 2 years in a cool place. Looks and smells the same as when I’ve first opened it, no chunks and the color is the same as I can remember. wish me luck mates!

  19. Just chucked away a 5kg bag of protein which was a year out of date , pretty annoying . It had been opened but looked perfectly fine . End of the day I just didn’t want to take the risk

  20. So im starting to workout two tubs that i had when i was working out..they expired last month but smell and looks good..should i consume it? Its been kept in cold rooms for the most part haha

  21. Hey sean,
    preworkout & Glutamine past 1 year of expiry but that has been sealed and stored in a cool place.
    Smells fine and no lumps at all.
    Is it good to use?

  22. I had some today and i feel like absolute shit, i feel like im going to throw up, but ill get through it

  23. I found some whey protein forgotten in the back of my bookcase. I used to hide it when i was a kid because my parents wouldn't let me have it. It doesn't smell too bad, i ll try it and return tomorrow to tell you how it went…

  24. If there’s just a few small clumps, can I remove them and still use the rest of my whey protein powder? It’s been stored in a dry pantry for about 2 years

  25. I am currently using a powder that expired in 2016. It looks and tastes perfectly fine. If im still alive in a week im going to comment again how it went.

  26. Mines pure protein (chocolate) product and expired 2months ago. So far haven't gotten sick yet. Got it at Walmart.

  27. I have about five proteins powder but only one has not expired so I’m just gonna eat all of them this month and try not to have eplosive diarrhea 😂🤣😂😂

  28. So I bought whey protein powder and it hasn't been opened yet, but it expires in a month. Should i return it or is it safe?

  29. I have USN Creatine Monohydrate and also USN Whey Protein powder. Tried the protein a few times and tastes better than some GNC powder I had. The USN expired 2 years ago. I've found no compelling evidence other than to be guided by use by dates. However is this manufacturers wanting us to simply purchase more. Also, the people I listen to on YouTube have shown no credentials of any medical background, no quoting of research papers etc… I'll keep looking for some evidence through research and if not will just through out the several tubs I have of each.

  30. I've used old protein powder before. The taste was a little off, but I never got sick. Also, when many oils go rancid, they're not unsafe to consume…but they taste and smell really bad so you naturally wouldn't want to use them (or any products containing them) if they're too old.

  31. Never opened Powder expired 1year ago and stored in my bedroom (Sometimes cold(5 degree) Sometimes hot (30 degree)). Can I still use it?

  32. My whey protein expired in 2017 but i sealed in cool and dry and dark location in my locker is it safe to use it again and the color is same when i buy it and the samll good

  33. I have some hemp protein and fiber powder that expired in 2017. It is barely used but it's opened and has been stored in a place that gets hot in summer and freezes in winter.

  34. my mutant mass protein expired in like 6 months .. and he said for whoever using gain powder he should not use it anymore … so it means i dont need to consume it anymore?

  35. I Just drink my whey protein that expired in 2018 Just right now..and I hope I still breath for tomorrow..pray for me..😇

  36. My whey protein been 10+ years now, I’m not sure if it’s still good because it was used by my dad when I was still smol kid, I’m going to workout and consume it everyday now. Pray for me to let me live and hope I’m still breathing after today or even 2 month!!!

  37. Mine expired last year august 2018, but I only opened it 4 times during 2016. And now July 2019, 11 months from its expiration date and I drank 6 cups already. I am still alive. Its still good, smells good and taste good.

  38. Mine was two months expired but sealed and stored in a proper location for the supplement, and was fine to drink!

  39. Hello, I want to ask some question about my protein powder. I Bought it last month and I consume it half way, It have been 1 months after but I still havent finish my protein powder. But I doesn't keep it on the hot place. Is it still save to consume?

  40. I have 10 to 11 month old used by my hand in India Delhi but still in expire date , smells good looking and fresh it will expire after 3 to 4 month later , it was stored in almihra winter temperature minimum 7 degree summer temperature maximum 45 degree . Should I consume it. Plz suggest..

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