DOMS | How long does muscle soreness last?

DOMS | How long does muscle soreness last?

But I worked legs three days ago, it’s a nightmare for me to sit on the toilet why have no fear Today that’s the question we’re going to answer in this video What’s going on guys Irvin Felix John hare back again with another episode of brain gainzz Now if it’s your first time here welcome to the fitness journals LLC make sure you check out the other videos on my channel I don’t want to take too much time to promote because you guys are gonna see the value in this video and want to Subscribe anyway, so let’s get right into it. It’s Monday evening three hours ago You lifted a total of six thousand seven hundred fifty pounds in volume for your leg day now your legs are stiff But they’re not sore Yet at this point you’re walking like a newborn watermelon DOMS So you see that word pop up really quickly at first glance. You’ll think it said dumbass That’s what your legs are telling you when you’re fighting is sit on the toilet bowl So what is Dom’s I’m sure if you just had that in anywhere Instagram YouTube Google wherever You’ll see that it brings up delayed onset muscle soreness now. What is that exactly look? It’s pretty self-explanatory, but let’s review assuming You skip leg day for a while, and you finally got confronted about it and decided to do them that stiffness that you feel That tightness in your legs that soreness thats doms so real quick Let’s note that eccentric training the negative portion of exercise That is the best way to bring about Dom’s if you’re like sick like me and like that feeling now for a beginner I definitely would not recommend negative training because it does cause a lot of muscle damage and if you’re new to this it takes a lot more time to recover than someone who’s more experienced more seasoned so just off the Bat if you’re fresh new to working out I would not recommend doing eccentric training negative training Especially if you’re under a lot of load so if you’re with your body weight we’re doing calisthenics here Take your chances, but still take it very easy with the negative training It causes a lot of muscle damage, but once again once you get to that level one you’re progressing because we do progressive overload That’s how we train progressive overload once you’re doing that Definitely negative training major key for serious strength gains you want to get strong like a bull negative training your training Let’s get back to Dom’s down Dom’s is an acute result of a training belt usually within 24 hours to 48 Sometimes even 72 or longer in cases like me I go You know sometimes two months without doing something crazy then I decide hey I’m gonna come back into the gym and start freakin going crazy go in the park and try and do you know muscle ups with? a crazy amount of weight and up Demolishing myself probably a few reps or poles short of injury And then that’s when you really experience that full effect where it might even take a week But anyway back to that 24 to 48 72 hours that is when you start to feel the effect of Dom’s So initially before it was believed that lactic acid was the cause of this muscle soreness But we know that lactic acid now that we know you know we’ve done research And we know that lactic acid is cleared from the muscle. You know moments minutes after the workout. We know that it’s not Due to lactic acid so once again if you’re newbie Sometimes the pain can lead people to believe that they’ve actually experienced a serious injury in my case I mean, I’m not a newbie, but I workout so very easy sometimes I do often more often than not injure myself, but no need to worry more often than not for most people It’s caused by exercise induced muscle damage Aka it’s the first stage of the hypertrophy process So by the time you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning That pain and stiffness would have probably increased by twenty to forty percent you’re gonna feel it and you’re not off the hook yet Throughout the day the pain the stiffness is soreness everything will increase You’ll know because it’s gonna be harder to walk when you touch your leg or whatever the area That’s damaged that you worked out. It is damaged because once again. It’s muscle It’s exercise induced muscle damage So you’re purposely injuring yourself micro-trauma so yeah by the time I mean you’re gonna know because you can touch and you’re be like oh my god this hurts so bad That’s how you know for sure that you’re experiencing Dom’s when the muscle is not contracted the pain is somewhat bearable But one stretch contracted or put under any type of pressure Your rethink ever working out again now. I wouldn’t suggest stopping because you know every time you stop and start again You’re gonna experience that same pain over and over again, but when you continue your body gets used to it It that it adapts, and you shouldn’t have any major concern Moving on now now once again. What is the exact cause of this? What causes that pain and discomfort now the most obvious like I stated before would be micro trauma? You’re purposely causing muscle damage breaking and rebuilding hypertrophy That’s what it is other cases state that cellular respiration is repressed and ATP is slowed down, and then we know that We know that ATP is needed to transport calcium to the sarcoplasmic reticulum and the sarcoplasmic reticulum big word there if you don’t know what it is Google or I can make a brain games on that but the sarcoplasmic reticulum is a specialized complex used to store calcium ions I think I’m gonna have to do brain games on that let me know in the comment section below Okay, so now that we have understanding of what don’s is. How do you avoid it now? If you’re like sick like me quite frankly. I like to fill the pain. It’s probably why lately I’ve been pretty lazy You know now I got used to the pain, and I feel like I missed the pain Yeah, but anyway if you’re normal, and you don’t want to feel this pain on a regular basis I’m gonna show you exactly the steps that you should take To suppress it a little bit so progressive overload take your time and progressively add resistance and volume to your routines Exactly what it sounds like progressively bit by bit little by little you don’t want to do too much too fast If you’ve been away for a while, or if your new brand you just come in you started working out It’s in your best interest to take it so and I’m not talking about doing eccentric training. I’m talking about progress into its own No rush, there’s no need to rush and be like oh, I’ve been doing this today tomorrow. I’m gonna increase No, it doesn’t make sense your body knows how to adapt. That’s what our bodies Do they adapt to different situations different environments? And it will use something called the repeated valve effect look it up once again And or I could just do a brain games on this you see like every brain games There’s more questions that need to be answered, but this is good, but it’s something called the repeated bat effect And it will ensure that your muscles adapt To these exercises to these strains to these pressures When you do it again, so it’s not gonna be every time you do that you’re like on This is why a lot of people start work to stop working out because they feel that pain and they’re like I don’t want to Feel this pain anymore, I’m gonna stop working out It’s so uncomfortable, and if you know that’s you like it’s a mental thing too. If you’re like I don’t like to feel pain, and that’s what discourages you from working out then take it easy you know When you stop you’re making you’re not making it easier for yourself I said this earlier, but that’s important to know that get past that initial Threshold of your pain like get past that continue doing it And then you’ll be happy you did because those pains that you felt from doing that resistance or volume before you won’t feel it anymore Because your body would have adapted and it’s something that’s normal for you now now do keep in mind these probably for another video I’ve talked about injuries like in a video like months ago it’s got like a hundred views on it, but if I’ll link it here you guys can look at that video, but if You feel a sharp pain during your exercise It is not dogs Don’t so don’t think oh I watched that video Earvin said you know the pain is normal know if you feel a sharp pain during your exercise it’s not Dom’s and chances are your We want why didn’t you beat that? I’m just I mean I said you’re injured that’s not them well quite frankly I don’t like to worry either But injured you’re most likely injured, and that’s what you would call a sudden onset injury So you know don’t get it mistaken. You know do your due diligence? Common sense will tell you damn it you get a sharp pain in your chest and you’re doing weighted dips And you feel something tear right here It’s not Dom’s, so just keep that in mind, so you know um listen to the biofeedback of your body, and that’s it I don’t want to make the video too long. I feel like it’s already. It’s already gone. I’m gone too long so guys, please Stay tuned for future brain games folks if you guys ever have any questions Leave it in the comment section below make sure you like share subscribe my battery’s about to die I don’t want to die while I was speaking out cuz I’m gonna be so upset I’m gonna have to shoot this again, so guys like share subscribe and definitely please guys Leave your feedback on this brain games post in the comment section below. Let me know if it was helpful, please Another way by letting of letting me know. It’s helpful. If you just click that button and click that button thumbs up That’s how we know so like you said you’re gonna find value on my channel I know that for a fact so definitely go hit that subscribe button Or this go browse around and look at the videos that I’ve have I have up there already I feel like that’s this last part has made up half of the video anyway guys. I’m out Thanks for watching brain games

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  1. People say Bro-Science and "Soreness isnt an indicator of a great workout" – to which i say B.S. – I always reward DOMS with EATING more – more carbs more fat more protein and especially casein (grassfed ice cream before bed.)

    The #1 supplement for overcoming DOMS is called ZMA – you can buy a supplement with all three ingredients: Vitamin B6, Zinc, and Magnesium Aspartate.

    Great vid! Editing becoming real slick and entertaining style 💪🏻🕶

  2. Brain gainzz what a Great content, one on Diet could be interesting. Your last video on this topic was good. So many people still dont know how a diet should be aproche. Peace

  3. Your tips and very helpful and thanks for that,channel is growing,it's nice to see that cuz u deserve it.
    1 tip only,hope so u don't mind,you should collab more often with Doc&Zef.

  4. First time seeing your videos today brother, dope! Love the idea of how you are pushing calisthenics, I follow 2 other huge channels for calisthenics but it's great to see newer guys talking straight, keeping it real and supporting calisthenics. Subbed and liked, looking forward to seeing more stuff from you. Respect bro!

  5. I'm loving the brain gains series bro…extremely informative.  Glad I ran into your channel cause I'm sure I can learn a lot from your desired style of training.  New subscriber to the channel here…looking forward to more great videos.

  6. Hi great video & very informative. If we felt sore the day after training, shall we stop or continue till the pain is gone?

  7. Hey thank you!Very superb video. I just happen to have a question for you. You know I am a crazy runner… It happens many times when I push myself to get sore at least one day on a weekly basis the day after my long run of the week. Usually Sunday. I would really love to continue running also when sore,but I have been told that I will damage my muscles and over time.. It will lead to overtraining. So i just force myself to rest. Even two days in a row when really sore becauee I do cross training with core exercises whoch leads to longer soreness because i usually dont do strength training. What do you think?Would you still have a run with sore legs,core and body in general?

  8. DOMS or whatever don’t make sense. Every shit depends on your determination and paying attention to your body. I skip for a long time still come back and carry on with my numbers. Train, take a cold shower after. Do shakes or take some pain meds if you feel DOMS. Disregard the DOM and hit the gym, your body will adapt. Most of this guys do crazy bulking of steroids and badass Tes to keep them going. That’s what you don’t hear from them.

  9. I am a newbie i just started workout and while doing so i felt some pain in my left arm's bicep but i continued (i didn't know about it being dangerous) now 4 days passed and i still feel pain… If anyone knows what happened to it pls tell me.

  10. yeah i was watching a Mike Israeltel video on Stubborn Body parts… he had a checklist about like, making sure yer training and stuff is good before calling a part “stubborn.” He spoke about, if yer not sore or at least kinda weak in your trained muscle group, yer not doing enuff… and im like, i dont get sore at all anymore.. and theres no question i train hard enuff and w volume… so that was weird too me

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