DOMS Muscle Growth and Recovery | STOP Hurting Your Gains

DOMS Muscle Growth and Recovery | STOP Hurting Your Gains

how to get rid of DOMS muscle soreness,
whatever you want to call it the answer is very different than you’re going to
expect -and the experience starts right now! What is going on my name is David Barr [CSCS, CISSN, RSCC]
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tricks. Today we’re doing a rapid-fire quick
FAQ how do I get rid of DOMS how do I get rid of muscle soreness? Usually I’m
pretty diplomatic with this I’m pretty diplomatic with most things I try to be
I force myself to be but for DOMS for soreness I just can’t do it I can’t do
it so if you will grant me license to dispense with the diplomacy for a moment
and just let me be a dick the best way to deal the soreness is just suck it up
-just deal with it. I mean if you don’t like soreness then take up knitting or
something like that and quick SideBarr, I have permission from my wife to say that
because she is a the most anabolic human being I’ve ever known
B she gets sore by looking at a barbell and she is not a fan of people whining
about muscle soreness but see she is also very into knitting so I’m cool to
talk about knitting as long as I emphasize there’s nothing wrong with an
ending if you love knitting cool not saying it’s bad it’s just not going to
make you sore okay now the reality is the real answer is if you want to
mitigate soreness especially if you’re using force eccentric training which is
something I do and something I recommend it’s a huge hypertrophy tip I will link
to that in the top right-hand description be sure to check that one
out but if you are getting excessively sore that key to mitigating soreness
comes before hand comes through proper programming progressions not post hack
post hoc pacification. You don’t want to deal with soreness after you want to
prevent it beforehand. Now I kind of like soreness myself it’s hard for me to get
sore for 26 years of training so I kind of love it when they do get sore but if
you’re getting too sore that says something about your programming you
need to back off a little bit maybe work on progressions progress slowly doko is
hard but if you have actually gotten too sore don’t deal with it afterwards I
mean yes you can it’s not the end of the world
traditional treatments like ibuprofen or compression gear or antioxidants I mean
that’s a big one people love their antioxidants I did lit review on this
for the EXAMINE Research Digest (ERD) I’ll make any money off it now, but check out EXAMINE dot com for all your supplement needs
-they don’t sell supplements for all your supplement information needs objective
lit. reviews fantastic resource but the key is soreness and antioxidants don’t
do it you’re hurting your gains I mean across the board you’re hurting your
gains it’s not the end of the world you don’t want her twice okay I get it not a
big deal sometimes you wanna get rid of the soreness for whatever reason I like
it again it’s a good reminder that you’ve had a great workout for some
people but trying to get rid of it after the fact I mean just if you can deal
with it for a few days just deal with it for a few days it’s probably not that
big a deal right real quick o to hear from you how do you deal with soreness
this is something you chase something you’re after you want to get sore or is
it something you try to get rid of one source or how often does it happen I
really want to hear from you let us know in the comments below so for more
hyperspeed tips check out the video in the top right and the description do not
miss that quick hyperspeed tips but for now this is how you get rid of soreness
again it’s that proper programming progression you gotta know how to do it
you got work with your body figure out how you do it and when you make changes
listen to your body you know what you’re doing and adjust accordingly thanks for
watching I’m David Barr, until next time Raise the Barr

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  1. 26 years in the iron game- talk about being in it for the long haul! Quick Q: do you believe that spacing the antioxidants away from the workout (say at least 4-6 hours) would be enough to allow for full training adaptation to occur? Would redox antioxidants such as NAC impede the inflammation-mediated training response as much as the classical antioxidants (vitamin c and e)? Thank you again for the great video!

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