Easy Back Stretch Technique for Trapezius Muscle Pain Relief | Yoga Tune Up

Easy Back Stretch Technique for Trapezius Muscle Pain Relief | Yoga Tune Up

Next we’re going to expunge all the stale blood
from our trapezius muscles. The trapezius incompasses nearly the whole back
and its shaped like a stingray Inhale. lift your shoulders high up, pinching them into your neck. On exhale, squeeze the uppermost portion of
the shoulder blades together.. lower down a ways find the middle portion Lower all the way down find the
bottom tips. Pinch them together, and then release. again Inhale. Lift your shoulders
all the way up. Exhale squeeze deep… the uppermost portion.. Lower find the middle portion of those trapezius. All the way down find the bottom tips. You can
even pull your elbows back to find more… and release. Do you you feel that rush of blood going through
your whole back? Its that easy.

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  1. What do I do for the pain in the upper Traps surounding my entire neck? I sit at a computer all day @ school/home on here and onling games. my whole back is sore I can't even sleep right

  2. thank god! Today's cookie-cutter medical environment just doesn't have time for these simple but important things. I had anterior discectomy on 3 vertebrae in the neck with fusion and plate. I tell ya, these muscles: My new neck does not like my old posture (kyphosis) and I'm very proactive after successful surgery. This is what I needed to relieve that pinching in my trapezius muscle.

  3. How is that a trapezius STRETCH? I'm looking for something to relieve lower trapezius pain, not increase it!

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  5. I have chronic trapezius myalgia (chronic regional pain syndrome) and this exercise helps. I like the woman who demonstrates the technique: she is clear with her instructions and enthusiastic in her teaching style.

  6. my husband has been in so much pain for a week now and we've tried everything you could possibly think of. this didn't rid all of his pain but it is giving him a lot more relief than he has had

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  9. I play soccer and I had this pain in what started as my left side. It was very mild and tolerable. But because I love to play and cannot sit out, ( 7wow.cc/5dl3 )I hurt my right side a lot worse. For a few days I could barely walk and when I lay down on the ground, I can barely lift my right leg due to the pain. It's been 3 weeks and still no sign of getting better, I can't run more than 5 min without a sharp pain. Do you know if this sounds like the hip flexor or if it something else?

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