Easy Weight Gain Shake — How To Gain Weight Fast with High-Protein Shakes

Easy Weight Gain Shake — How To Gain Weight Fast with High-Protein Shakes

Hey guys, today we are going to make a simple
weight gain shake. It’s for anyone who’s wanting to eat more calories,
or get more calories in their diet. So what we are going to do is start
off with some raw milk. And we need two glasses of this, hopefully I don’t
spill it. There we go two glasses of raw milk. Then we are going to
put in some peanuts, peanuts are awesome, lots of fats in there lots of the
good stuff we need for our bodies. And then we are going to put in some
red quinoa, okay, this is instead of oats it’s half a cup. And there
are high levels of protein in that red quinioa, that’s why we are going
to put that in there. Then for the sweetener we are going to put
one banana, and about five dates. Then we blend that up, so this is the
first part. Then I’m going to add in some protein, some eggs and some coconut
oil, that’s it. I want to put these through at the very end because
they have quite a delicate structure to them, so I don’t want to blend
them to much, you can actually kill the nutrition. Get some ice. So, once
that’s done we are going to add in the rest of it. So I’m going to put some
ice in to begin with, ice is just going to keep it cooler and obviously
when it’s cooler it’s much for enjoyable. So about four cubes of ice. Now
we are going to add in the protein, the two eggs. And we are going to
add in some coconut oil because coconut oil is my favorite, has high levels
of saturated fats. There’s lots of benefits of saturated fats,
particularly its good for bone strength and it’s also good for your metabolism.
Also good as an anti- bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial for
getting rid of bacteria in your stomach. So it’s actually really good for
your immune system. They say you can have up to three tablespoons of this a
day, so we are going to put in three tablespoons and we blend all of that
together. Not to fast. There we have it, that’s made just over a liter of
shake there. High in calories, high in fats and proteins. Awesome. Sweet.
That’s how you do it. Enjoy. Hey guys look, in my experience the easiest
way to get a lot of calories in your diet is to blend them up all together
at once. Instead of having to sit down and eat them multiple things at once,
we are just going to put it all in the blender, and mix it up and drink
it. So much easier.

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  1. Glad to see you are advocating the use of raw milk, other unpasteurized products, and saturated fats. Better absorption and much healthier! Definitely going to try this and pack on some more pounds.

  2. Great video. A little nervous about the egg haha. Just because I feel it won't taste good :p ..but I'm dying to gain weight. I'm 18 and I am not nearly at the weight I should be :/ I work out a lot maybe that's why I don't gain weight :/ but I don't want to stop working out because then I'll lose my abs and butt. I don't even know what to do. I don't workout to lose weight. I do it to stay fit.

  3. i am allergic to peanuts and i like the banana can i add strawberries as well because it doesnt look like that tastes good . but im 21 im weigh 110 pounds im trying to get to 140 asap !! also is the raw egg healthy for you

  4. Will rice milk, submitter work vs dairy milk and peanut? (allergic to dairy, soy, peanut, nuts/legumes). And I am female, btw.

  5. I'm 18 right now and my weight is 45 wanna gain weight so can i go with raw egg + milk !?? i wanna get good physic in next one year !!!! help me out

  6. That quinoa will rape your gut bacteria better to keep the ingredients down.. Cut grains altogether if you're thinking about your gut.

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