eccentric training for muscle growth – negatives/eccentric training and a muscle building trick

eccentric training for muscle growth – negatives/eccentric training and a muscle building trick

Hey everyone, I want to share something that
has been bugging me for a while in regards to how we tell people to train when they want
to build muscle. Now look, I’m not Arnie the “terminator”.
I’m not saying, if you go to the gym, train hard, pump yourself, eat a lot of protein,
it will work. I’m not saying it won’t. I’m just saying, there’s a big elephant in
the weights room. Hopefully, I can get you to see it, get it dealt with, and get better
results. I’m Jacob Nadav from and this
is the “Eccentric Problem”. Even though research into this matter is on
going at all times, we all know that there are better and worse ways to build muscle
mass. If you are training for muscle growth and
strength, this video will introduce you to one of the most fascinating subjects in sport
science. We call it the “Eccentric Problem”. The exercises most people do, consist mainly
of two phases. The concentric phase, which we like to call the way up, and the eccentric
phase which we like to call the way down. Now this is true to whether you use body weight
calisthenics style exercises like pull-up, as well as weight lifting like a deadlift, biceps
curl and virtually any other fitness exercise you see in the gym. As they say:
What goes up must come down. Both the way up and down or the conenric and
eccentric are done with the exact same weight. So if you weigh 150 pounds, when you do a
pull up, 150 pounds goes up, and then 150 pounds goes down. If you’re deadlifting
100 kilos, that’s a 100 kilos bar going up, and a 100 kilos bar going down. And how strong are you? Can you lift 60, 90,
200? Whichever is the right answer we can all agree that the maximal amount of weight you can lift up is your 100%. And that is exactly the problem. See, while
you can lift a maximum 100% on the way up, you can actually control up to 175% on the
way down. Yup, you are up to 1.75 times stronger on the eccentric phase. You might already
know that, and if you don’t, you should probably google that. The next questions is… should you care?
When training for both strength and for muscle gain the eccentric phase matters far more
than the concentric phase. This is where we get high threshold muscle fiber recuirtment,
micro-trauma to the muscle fibers, this is where we do “time under tension” and where
we go “slow and controlled on the way down”. In fact, it is the eccentrics that provides
the mechanical stimulus, via the mTOR pathway to synethises new protein and essentialy build
more muscle. It’s the eccentrics that strenghen your ligaments and add collegen into fibers.
It’s the eccentrics that allows motor control aquisition and the expansion of your mobility.
So.. yeah – the eccentrics matter a lot! There are of course other factors like protein
rich nutrition or stressing the muscle metabolically with lactic acid and pumping, it’s all relevant.
However, most experts agree that the quality of eccentrics we achieve in training factors
for most of the results, so if you want to get big results, you need to get big on eccentrics. The way most of us workout, is by choosing
loads around 60% and do 3 sets of 8, 5 sets of 5 or something along those lines. Essentialy,
trying to balance the volume of work with how much fiber recruitment and muscle damage
we can get. We almost never use 100% because that will burn us out too quickly and we won’t
be able to do many sets and reps. However, if you run the numbers, you’ll see that 60% concentric means 34% of your eccentric capacity. This doesn’t mean you’re lazy or you don’t
train hard, it just points to the simple fact that 34% is inefficient for what you are trying
to do. Arguably, it would be much better if you could
figure how train at 60% on the way up and something along 140% on the way down. That
way you’ll get much better at stimulating protein synthesis which will help you build
muscle faster. One way around this problem is to have a strong
training partner, who is crazy enough to spot you by taking away a lot of the weight on
the way up, and giving you a lot more weight for the way down. But they will have to make
sure you don’t smash anything and they will have to give and take the weights from you
at each and every rep. It’s possible but probably not a great solution for most people. Luckily, there are clever ways to solve the
eccenric problem without a training partner but it requires a different approach. If you want to learn more about the Eccentric
problem, and find out how we solved it, head over to
Click on the “science” button and start reading. So I hope it was helpful and that you learned
something. Before you head on to the website to read how to actually solve it, I do like
to ask that if you did like this video and you want to see more videos like that, please
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If you’ve got any friends, any friends at all, share it to them.
And until next time, have a really nice day.

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  1. Great info but personally I find the music distracting, at the least a bit too loud. It doesn't really add anything useful, IMO.

  2. How much carbs do we need to build muscle? And which type of carbs? Do we have to eat carbs after lifting heavy weights to replenish glycogen?

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