Hello and welcome to Physioclassroom. Today, we are going to talk about role of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) in Bell’s palsy in detail. and in this video, I am going to tell you whether EMS should be taken or not by the Bell’s palsy patients. We will also tell that if EMS is required as a treatment, then what is the best time and way of taking it? and if you watch this video till the end, then you can know about the important points that need to be considered while taking EMS. when a Bell’s palsy patient visits his doctor or a therapist for the first time, most often EMS is mentioned in the treatment chart. and the patient is explained that taking EMS is very important for recovery. So, lets first understand what is EMS? if we explain the use of EMS in a very simple language, then it’s use can be compared to the use of generator in house in case of power cut. Normally when a healthy individual wants to do any movement then the brain sends signals to those muscles which are required to be moved. In Bell’s palsy patient, the 7th cranial nerve (facial nerve) gets inflamed/ damaged because of which the signals sent from brain are unable to reach the target muscles. therefore the patients find it difficult to move one side of the face. And because of paralysis when muscles of one side of the face are unable to contract for a long time then these muscles start getting weaker and thinner day by day and this weakness is also known as muscle atrophy EMS is prescribe to the Bell’s palsy patient to prevent and slow down the rate of muscle atrophy. In EMS, the muscle are stimulated directly from outside through therapeutic currents. When we stimulate the facial muscles through therapeutic currents then these facial muscles do not get weak, the muscle tone/ firmness remains maintained EMS also helps in maintaining good blood flow in paralyzed facial muscles And considering all these beneficial effects, often the Clinician or Physical therapist advice and prescribe EMS to their Bell’s palsy patient. So now lets take up and discuss the first important question? Do all Bell’s palsy patient should take EMS as a treatment? And the answer to this question is NO! Scientific researches have also shown that 70% of the Bell’s palsy patient recover completely without any treatment! (including EMS) So now the question arises that who are the right candidate to receive EMS treatment? If you or your know to has been recently diagnosed with Bell’s palsy And if you are thinking of taking electrical muscle stimulation then first pay attention and determine the grade of your facial paralysis you have to find out that the facial paralysis that you are having if of which grade? To determine the grade of paralysis, we use House Brackmann grading system in which there are 6 grades of paralysis So, if a Bell’s palsy patient is unable to move any of the muscles of the forehead, eyes and lips, then it is considered to be grade 6 paralysis Grade 6 is the most severe form of facial paralysis those patients who can not move the muscles of their forehead, but can slightly close their eye and slight movement is also present in the lip area then such patients are considered to be having grade 5 paralysis whereas in grade 4 paralysis, patient still does not have any movement in the forehead region, patient has incomplete eye closure, and patient has fair movements in lip area but mouth still gets deviated to normal side while smiling Where as those Bell’s palsy patients who have slight to fair movement in their forehead muscles, and are able to close the eyes completely but with maximal effort and have fair movements in muscles around the lip area but still facial asymmetry is visible on smiling then such type of patients are having grade 3 type of paralysis grade 2 Bell’s palsy patients have near normal function they have good movements in muscles of forehead but still muscles are weaker as compared to normal side eyes can be closed completely with minimal effort but when you try to lift the upper eyelid of both sides you will notice that the eyelid on the bell’s palsy side can be lifted easily whereas the eyelid on the normal side can remain closed Similarly patients of grade 2 paralysis have normal facial symmetry on smiling House Brackmann Grade 1 is given to those patients who have no more symptoms of paralysis in them Grade 1 is considered completely normal So why did we discussed this facial paralysis grading scale? We discussed this scale in detail so that a Bell’s palsy patient can easily identify that he/she is having which grade of paralysis. because facial paralysis grade is the determining factor which tells us whether a patient should or should not take EMS.


  1. Main. Phsio. Tech. Hoon. Main. Ne. Ap. K. Is. Video. Ko. Buhot. Pasand. Kia. Brai. Mehrubanl. Ap. Is. Qisam. Kee. Mazeed. Electrical. Stimulation k video. Hum. Take. Puhoncain

  2. Mere muh par 7 mahine Pehle lakwa aaya tha Aur meri Khal Patli Hone Lagi Chehre Ki aur mera mouth Ko thand bardas nahi hoti Tu Mujhe kya karna chahiye

  3. sir mujhe grade 1 ki bells palys hai kya ye jyada ho sakta hai or kya iski exercise ke sath baki exercise kar sakte hain or kya isme face pe jhanjhnaht hoti hai

  4. Hy sir main pregnent the january main muhnjht 8 month chal rha tha tb muhnjhy bell pulsy ka attack huwa tb dr ny baby ki waja sy medicine nhe rakhe phir phesiotherepy kerwany ko kha.phir mainy 15 days kerwae then maire delevery 13 feb ko hue or cezer huwa to bad main dr k pas gae to unhony dawa nhe de ab boht farak reh gya.ab is ko 4 month chal raha hy kya kru

  5. Aapne bahut acchi or gehre tarike se information di. Sir muzhe puchna h ki muzhe ye bimari hue 7year ho gaye kya me theek ho sakti hum, mere age 49 year h.

  6. I am suffering from Bell's Palsy since 3 days and its 4/5 grade Bell's Palsy.
    But my physiotherapist has suggested me EMS from today (3rd day).

    Is it okay to start EMS from 3rd days as you are suggesting to start it after 2 weeks ?

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this information. You gave the precise information needed that will help the patient. Great job.
    I have a request to Please show me the points for stimulation, i had bells palsy November 2018,it was quite severe grade 6, now i am a grade 4.

  8. Sir mujhe 11 sal se bells palsy hai kya EMS se recover ho sakti hai .please advice sir bahut pareshan hoon. Age 23 year old

  9. Sir I think I have grade 2 bells palsy on the right side since childhood till now I am 30yrs old I still have it what should I do..recurrent pain always on the normal side..

  10. Sir mujhe facial paralysis hua hai 25 days ho chuke ha i electric stimulation bhi le rahi hu par abhi tak koi fark mahsus nahi ho raha hai. Bahot tension me hu sir koi upay batao

  11. Thanks so much sir
    Meri 1-gread ki mujhe kya krna chaiye plz answer sir
    Aap video bhut shandar hai

  12. Thank you sir Mujhe 10 years pahle grade 1 facial paralysis hua tha main ne koi treatment nahin liya par uska effect ab face pe dikh raha hai eye k side men skin thin ho rahi hai aur lips side se loose ho rahe hai kabhi kabhi face pe haviness feel hoti hai..sir mujhe kya stimulator lena chahiye ya koi aur treatment

  13. Please help, I have Grade 5/6 Bell's Palsy for two months now and I don't know what to do. Can I get the equipment myself or if you know any professionals in California?

  14. Hello!
    I just came across your video…. it’s very informative….. wish I had this knowledge before ….. I had Bell’s Palsy in 2017 (grade 4/5) on the left side of my face and at the same time was diagnosed with Brain tumour…. I underwent a surgery for the tumour…. after 10 days started EMS again for facial palsy….. now the condition has improved (grade2) , but still there is tightness on the left side of my face and as you said due to overstimulation “synkinesis” when I try to smile eye closes and the nerve near the nose lifts…. yet I’m not able to pout well as my left side of lip is still weak….. I have stopped taking EMS 2 months ago…. can you tell me how to I make my facial nerves strong and get back my regular beautiful smile back?
    awaiting your reply….. Thankyou!

  15. Sir mujhe 6 grade paralysis hua tha ab mujhe one and half month hua hai sir kya puri tarah se thik ho jaungi kya abhi bhi mere smile karne par muh tedha hota hai please reply sir

  16. Generally how much time it takes to get the nerve recovery back to normal? N what is the prognosis difference for facial palsy n bells palsy?? Does it so ,facial palsy takes more time n bells palsy recovers little eralier than facial palsy ??? Please kindly reply back sir🙏🙏🙏

  17. Sir muje eye flu hua tha jiske karan eye to puri movment ho rahi h smile pe mooh teda Hota h. Or eyebro ki movment nai hoti. Akh band ho jati h. But normal ke mukable thoda jor laiti h. Plz btao sir ji kya kre

  18. sir mujhe right leg maine paralysis hua hai to usme maine kuch jada hee stimulation liya hua haine to usme ankle maine mujhe akdan maisuse ho rahi hai to usper koi illage hei kya. please reply

  19. And sir I got injury on left side of my head above left ear where I got 8 stiches, sir,, I got bleeding from my left ear … my last jaw swelled like a balloon but now my left jaw is okey upto 99 percent

  20. But sir I am unable to blink left eye , unable to move my left forehead side area, I am unable to move my left cheek even on my my left lips side area…. when I closed my left eyes . It remains little bit open.

  21. Sir mera elbow fekchr joint mai ho gaya tha.. Plet skru dale joint mai to andar ek nas dab gai our opresan mai bhi galti ho gai… Hath moment nai ho raha hai to kya mai tens ki masin use kar sakti hu…. Mere hath mai sudhar aayenga kya aap meri sahai kar sakte hai

  22. सर आप का नंबर मिल सकता है क्या plz bhut jaruri hai sir dijye

  23. Hlo sir mujhe optic atrophy hai left eye main 5 year se
    But sir mujhe pahle headache rahta tha ab continue facial pain hai or eair k pichle hisse main continue pain rahta hai sir hasne se bhi left side se face main khhichao hota hai sir please best suggest me exercises karne se sir pain or badh jata hai left side se kuchh kha nhi sakti

  24. Dr. According to my physiotherapist I m in grade 2 catagory and according to u its grade 4.I have started ems after 26 hours of diagnosed abt it according to my neurosurgen. I have barely any movement in my eyebrows and lips. Today it was my fifth session of ems and im feeling tightness in my cheekbones and flickering in eyes and lips. Kindly suggest what does it mean. I will be very thankful to you.

  25. Sir? I am maria from gujrat, my face is totally paralyse from right side and left side is normal,but my right side is effected from 6 years i am very worried about this problam i have bells palsey ,meri zuban ma taste feel nhi hota jo bi khaou meri hont aik trf right side sa tery han dantou ki position bi i mean dant bi effected side sa ghir gaiey han effected side sa eye bi choti ho gaie ha or mskratay houay effected side sa mou tera ho jata ha bat krtay houay bi ma kia krou mjay aik dafa lqwa bi ho gya tha but ma na usss ka treatment bi krwaya tha lakin ussss ka bad mjay ya problam ho gyey ap hi btayey ma kis doctor ka pas jaou mera mou bht tera ho gya ha please help me sir and give me answer

  26. mera chehara daayeen or achaanak aa gaya aur mujhe pata tha ki bels paalse ne mujhe maara hai. main ek maanspeshe nahi hila sakata tha, aur na hi apne daahinee aankh ko jhapakaata tha, uchit uchchaaran ke saath bol bi nahi sakata tha. main fir planet ayurveda pahuncha aur Bell's Palsy Care pack aur kuchh aahaar yuktiyaan praapt keen jinaka maine acche se paalan kiya. isane mujhe 2 month me theek kar diya.

  27. Sir i am suffering from bells palsy before 13 months ..but still not complete here doctor say 75% is good but not complete in this case how can i fully recover my condition sir

  28. Dear Sir, post operative case of tumour decompression done in June 2018
    Developed post operative bells palsy.
    Partial recovery. Changed from grade 6 to grade 4.
    Now still palsy persistent. Is EMS Advisable now also. Please need your help.

  29. very informative video!!! Thanks a lot.
    I am feeling grade 2/3..Bells palsy symptoms for two days.. should i wait 2 weeks or should i consult neuro surgeon immediately?

  30. Sir mujhe fasiyel paralysis rigth said me huwa hi halka sa asar hi ankhon me jhukao hone se thoda sa porablam hi mujhe kyea karna chahiye me abhi saudi me hun

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