[ENG cc] Will I make it!? *struggling to finish this drawing before deadline* | Raveeoftitans

[ENG cc] Will I make it!? *struggling to finish this drawing before deadline* | Raveeoftitans

Hi guys, it’s Ravee here Hi guys, it’s Ravee here. If you’re wondering why I’m wearing the same outfit as my last video, it’s because I’m filming these videos on the same day. By the time I upload this video, I’d (hopefully) have already put up this drawing which is for a drawing contest that I’ll tell more detail of later in the video. As I’m filming this, I still haven’t finished this drawing yet. I want to start filming today to show you behind the scene of making this drawing for the contest. I hope that I’ll finish it on time for the contest and for this video. As for this drawing, it is for a “Come closer, get close, I’ll brush for you” contest which is a collaboration between OokbeeComics and Systema. I was told of this contest from a friend. honesty, the money prize is very eye catching, I’m not even going to lie. From what I’ve read, there’s no age limits for participants, so I thought I could enter too. I’ll just put it out there that I’m not sponsored by Ookbee Comics or Systema in any way. My friend just told me about the contest, and I’m very attracted to the money prize. So, I participated in this contest. At the time that I’m filming today, it’s the 1st of September, and…. the deadline for submission is on the 5th. I only got to the lining part for now as you can see. For the contest’s point system, it also includes number of likes and shares, which means the faster I upload this drawing, the more time for people to like and share. So we’re going to have to see if I can make it before the deadline, and if I can have more points that those who’ve already uploaded their works. For now, I’d like to bring you guys back to a week before this, before I get to this point in the process. For you guys to see what had been done before I got to this lining part. Let’s go back. Right now, I’m reading the guides and rules. Once I’m done reading, I’m just going to sum up what I need to include in my drawing. From what I’ve summed up, I’ve got only 3 things I need to include. There has to be a person, male, female, or both. Present the toothbrush. And must portray teenagers. Then I sketched out the ideas I had in mind into these three brief sketches. I just sketched them out this small at first to save some time and just to see the full picture of my ideas. For the first one, there’s a couple brushing their teeth and we see their reflections. Second one is viewed from the side, at a 45 degree angle. The third one is a landscape format like a novel cover, of a couple brushing their teeth. At first, I was going to work on the first sketch, but then I leaned towards the second one. I’ll tell you later why. After this point, I’m going to pose the models in Clip Studio. These are the models which I’ve put into poses, of when I forgot to record the part because it took me super-duper long. So I decided to just show you the final product. As I mentioned earlier that I wanted to work on the first sketch, it was going to be viewed like this. But it’s not interesting, and it looks better at this angle. So I decided to work on the second sketch instead. Once I’ve put the models into their poses for reference, I screenshot it. Oh, just so you know, I didn’t sculpted these models as they’re already provided by Clip Studio program. Then I placed the reference into different positions, and then sketched some more. I sketched out two versions. I wasn’t sure if I wanted the guy to be on the left or the right of the girl. So it took me some time to decide on this. In the end, I decided on this. It’s a little too faded to see because I’m preparing to line the sketch. This is after increasing the opacity so you can see what I’m working on. I wanted my submission to look like a web comic panel, having several panels, which could represent Ookbee Comics. In the middle panel, I drew a closeup of the toothbrush to emphasize the product. Then I started sketching again, but this time making it more detailed. After sketching, I began to line the drawing out. Meanwhile, I also took a few reference photos of hand poses. Just set up my camera, and posed my hand like I’m setting down my toothbrush, then took a photo of it. At first I didn’t actually film the process, but I’m just showing you guys that I do set up the camera and pose into different positions and took photos for reference. And that’s it for this drawing’s concept. Did I explain it well? I hope you understood that. And now we’re back in the present where I’m about to line out my sketch. Also, I actually remember the due date incorrectly too. I thought the deadline is on 15th September, but they are going to announce the winner on 14th September. I’m so confused as to where I got 15th September from. Anyhow, I’ll excuse myself to go line the sketch out, and finish coloring in the drawing too. I have to go into concentrate mode now. I’ll see you later at the end of the video. Here, I pulled a reference photo onto the sketch I’ve drawn earlier. I don’t usually do this, but I did it this time because I’m in a hurry. Also, I used a photo of my hand, so I’m technically not in the wrong doing so. It’s okay to use your own photo. But if it’s someone else’s photo, I’d have to ask for permission to use before. Got it? While I was drawing, I was struggling with the guy’s muscles because I haven’t drawn them for a long time. [Thai joke that doesn’t translate well into English]. I hope my anatomy teacher doesn’t see this video. I’m so embarrassed. I don’t want him to look. LUL! I’ve actually tried to search for muscles reference from a lot of places just to draw this guy’s muscles. As I kept drawing, he just kept looking so buffed. Too buffed. I’ll make some adjustments to his muscles later when I color them in. As for the perceptive lines that, at a glance, looks so cool like you also use perceptive lines? I actually didn’t know what I was doing, and it didn’t work for me. So I deleted all of that and drew my own randomly just enough for you to tell it’s a bathroom. Lol *cries*. For coloring, I tried to keep the colors to be around dark pink, yellow, and blue. Honestly, that’s almost the primary colors. With these three colors and black and white, you could almost make any color. So I tried not to mix the colors together too much. I tried to block the tone, similarly to the way they did for cartoons and anime. Actually, more like webcomics where they’d have more simple and basic coloring style. So for this drawing, I chose to color in simple and basic style within the tones that I’ve chosen. The tones I’ve chosen were actually from the toothbrush packaging. Since the beginning, I’d been thinking how I could incorporate the packaging into the drawing because it wouldn’t make sense if there’s a packaging randomly placed next to them, you know? That’s why I decided to use the packaging tones for this drawing’s color palette. Along with my usual styles, the colors will be a little pastel. Right here is where I made adjustments to the muscles. For the final touch, I added one more toothbrush, for the guy, into the cup too. I felt like having one isn’t attention grabbing enough for the middle panel. It also makes them look more like a couple when they put their toothbrushes together. I added some dialogues into the drawing to make them look more like webcomics. Just to add a lil story and life to the drawing. Guys! I’m done with the drawing! Look at the completed drawing. I could just pull it up for you guys, and not just show it on my screen. Actually, while I was working on this drawing, I’ve always wondered if they actually have age restrictions or not. So, I plan to send Ookbee a message on Facebook, asking about that. In case I did send in the work while there’s an age restriction. That’d be awkward. Ok. The drawing is saved. In a second, I’m going to send a message to Ookbee. “Hello, Admin. I’d like to ask if the contest, Come Closer, has any age restriction for participants or not?” As for the time I sent this message, it’s 3 am on the 3rd of September in Thailand. I expect them to reply around noon on the same day. If there’s no restriction, then I’ll upload the drawing. If there is, thennnnnn… I’ll deal with it later, but I’ll wait for their reply for now. Hmmm. They say there’s no restriction. YES! Guys, I’ve already uploaded the drawing on several of my social media, and on Ookbee Comics website. Up until now, I still don’t know if I’m saying it correctly. Anyway, it’s been uploaded. I’m using a webcam to record the outtro because I’m too lazy to set up my camera. I wasn’t sure if I was going to upload this video before or after the winner announcement. Never mind that. I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone for clicking like and share on my drawing because a click of that means a vote for me. Thank you so much. Okay. I hope you also enjoyed this video. Since you’ve already liked and share that drawing, might as well like and share this video as well. See you next video. That’s it for today. Bye bye. Guyysss. The company is called Ooh-k-bee. Not ok-bee or ohk-bee as I’ve said throughout the video. Omg.

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