Erector Spinae Muscles Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Erector Spinae Muscles Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m
gonna show you some stretches for your Erector Spinae Muscles. Which are the ones that keep
you nice and straight. Let’s get started. So for those erector spinae muscles, you want
to stretch then curving your back forward, that’s how you stretch ’em. So to start off
with, you want to get on all fours and do the cat/camel stretch. Which is you’re gonna
tuck your chin in and arch your back. So you’re coming up like this motion. Now you can either
just hold them for about 3 seconds and do about 10 or you can hold them for 30 seconds
and do 3. But make sure you’re tucking in your chin that helps make that curve stretch
all of those muscles in the back. So holding that stretch and then coming back down. The
next one is gonna be a double knee to chest stretch, but you’re gonna again tuck in that
chin to help get all of those erector spinal muscles stretched. So brining in your knees,
if you want to come around like this you can. If you have knee issues, you might want to
come underneath. I don’t, so I’m gonna grab. You’re gonna pull them up and then tuck in
your chin. Now you can hold this for 30 seconds. Some people like to rock a little bit which
helps get a little bit more of a stretch. So if you come in, tuck, and then rock a little
bit, then you can do that as well. Holding for 30 seconds. Doing that 3 times. And then
the last one is kind of a rotational stretch. So what you want to do is the side you want
to stretch, take your leg, cross it over, and then turn towards that side and use your
elbow on your knee to stretch a little bit. So you’re just pulling and stretching. Hold
it for 30 seconds and then come back. Hold that stretch, feel that stretch. You can push
a little bit more on your elbow for an extra stretch. If it’s really tight, you might just
want to turn and hold it. But you can push a little bit more and get that extra stretch
in there. So there you have it. Those were your erector spinae muscle stretches. If you
have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you’d like to check out some other
videos, go to Don’t forget to like us. And remember, be safe. Have fun.
And I hope you feel better soon.

37 Replies to “Erector Spinae Muscles Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. Hey doctor jo, i have been experiencing tightness, loss of range of motion and pain around my hip and sacrum area, i have been doing stretches however still experiencing same symptons and im 19 and a male that goes gym regularly, please help

  2. Dr Jo, these stretches are great. Do you have exercises that we can do at home that will help build muscle to improve posture?

  3. I pulled a lower left back muscle last month while doing squats in the gym.  I'm thinking the erector is what I pulled.  It made walking and standing upright tough.  I'm better now, but glad to see this and I'll add it to my preworkout stretches.

  4. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! I had a client of mine ask me what stretches she could do for her mid to low back and I totally blanked on these!! Looks like I will be sending her a link to this video. You rock as always Dr. Jo!!!

  5. Hi Dr. Joe
    Do you have any suggestions on how to relief the pain under the shoulder blades? Mine are really stiff, for a while now…..

  6. I have a serious abnormality between my left and right side,due to spine fusion L3-4, 4-5.
    how can I train to address this. Obviously I can't do some of these movements

  7. if u have bulging T11 and T12 and have herniation on L4 and L5 with severe sciatica IS IT safe to make that first exercise? Thank you

  8. I have the opposite problem I can flex but I can't extend. When I sit in a chair and extend my back my erectors and lower back feel tight and start to hurt. Any advice ?

  9. Great video, I have a question hopefully you can help answer.. For some time now my neck gets really tense and I mean TENSE too the point where I feel shorter and my torso look shorten from it my external and internal obliques get tight and abdominal as well I have been taking care of that but my back muscles which are explained in this video get very tight is it possible when it does you shrink a bit? any recommendations? Thank you!

  10. I got a question, I can EASILY do the backbend/cat cow etc, but its the side bend that I REALLY feel, is this still erectors, or perhaps something like the lats?

  11. I was using the incline on the treadmill when I began to have problems. The foam roller seems to make the problem worse. Is that because the muscles are stretching in the wrong direction for this problem? I'll try these stretches, hopefully it will help. Thanks 🙂

  12. If none of these quite hit the right spot, try this. I have a very tight erector spinae on one side and only 30 mins of foam rolling/lacrosse ball is enough to loosen it up, and then it locks up again soon. I haven't found any stretches that I feel exactly where I want until I tried this by chance. Stand up and link your hands together palms up in front of you as if you're going to give someone a leg-up. Lift the knee on the offending side (but do try the stretch on both sides) and step your foot into your hands. Standing on one leg, slowly press down on your hands with your foot with your arms straightened and pointing down and let your back round out until you feel the stretch. Just to be clear I don't have any relevant qualifications – this is just my personal experience on what has worked for me.

  13. how about strengthening these muscles?
    I already know how to stretch them, I have learned through the years and now I want to make them stronger

    thank you for your content and your time

  14. I have a pain on left low back l1-l2/ d12-l1, more on lateral side, pressing from side give relief. Done most of the stretches for lbp but without any benifit. can you suggest any exercise ?

  15. Hi, I would like to ask something about iliocostalis thoracis, cause i felt a bit pain and tension in between shoulder blades and I noticed my iliocostalis thoracis is hard and tense in my right side, but in my left side is relax and almost hard to locate. My right side iliocostalis thoracis is hard and seems bigger compare to left, don't know if its just spasm and tense,. I workout too. but know know if the pain is from iliocostalis or if lower traps but I notice iliocostalis thoracis is bigger and tense? what is your advice to do in my tense iliocostalisthoracis

  16. anyone else did squats today, got home, noticed you had back pain, google searched human back anatomy, pinpointed this muscle, then looked up stretches to this muscle?

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