Evening Routine For Muscle Recovery | 2018

Evening Routine For Muscle Recovery | 2018

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  1. Guy you do some yoga! Super nice that you Integrate those ancient technices in your working Out Routine.
    That makes you a Lot More sympathic

  2. you've mentioned you practiced martial arts in Miami when you were a kid and a lot of these stretches look familiar, could it have been with shihan sugimoto?

  3. Just my opinion but I feel like the men’s fitness community is a lot more sincere , you guys actually give solid advice unlike the female influencers. Just a thought…

  4. Gasppp!!**
    I remember, last year during December, I was working my aaaaassssss out. I wanted abs so badly.
    I was doing abs workout everyday 3x per day, not eating any carbs (just fruits and water)… 😭
    I was really sore on the second day. I thought it was working, and so I kept pushing myself. I thought the more that am sore, the more it’s working.
    On the third day. I couldn’t eat or drink anything, I was in “””””””pain”””””””
    Every time I eat or drink anything, I would feel EXTREMELY sick. I would feel so bad, I would throw up every time I eat (or even drink water).
    So I think I teared my muscle last year-… I was so stupid 😭

  5. I'm kind of skinny especially when I stop working out, even for a few days. I want to start doing Calisthenics, do I gain some muscle mass first with some body building or should I just go into Calisthenics? Any feedback will be deeply appreciated.

  6. In almost every video you mention your heria pro app but very little of workouts there are free. Just wanted to let you know that 100$ is too much. Have a nice one

  7. Omg yessssss definitely do another stretch vid, like all about that PLEASE! I was soooo sore last time and when I massaged my legs it literally hurt! So bad! But only when I massaged it, I need a foam roller or something.
    Love you!

  8. Im confused you said in a previous vid that you couldn't target fat burning it burns unequally throughout your body??

  9. I do my exercises in the morning and then do my stretching exercises in the end. I would like to gain strength and flexibility too. I do almost all the stretching exercises shown here and more so I am wondering if I need to repeat it in the evening too?

  10. You've been peeking in my window at night Chris! I do exactly what you did every night. Lol. Another thing I recently discovered, drink a big glass of water before bed to prevent dehydration. You'll wake up feeling amazing and no, you wont feel like you have to pee in middle of night. Try it tonight, you'll be glad you did in morning.

  11. I did this recoery routine after the 6 Pack Abs and Cardio video. The stretching feels so good when you hold the poses a bit longer. Thanks Chris!

  12. great vid as always! on a side note, you are a good looking dude no homo, why don't you at least try to do your hair lol

  13. Thanks now I can get my mobility back 😁. The leg holding killed me I can't reach my feet. I hope it's getting better this week.

  14. Chris thanks alot for this I really could feel my muscles being in a better shape just by doing it once . Keep grinding

  15. So, I understand you can’t target fat and thts not what you’re saying. But, some people take your wording wrong.

  16. the camera often times does not show your whole body while doing the excercises…which makes it hard to check how its done correctly. fuck that cameraman.

  17. I did a heavy calis and weights workout and was expecting the same soreness I feel every morning but well well.. this helped me a lot. The soreness was still there but it was so much better, I could still work on the sore muscles no problem. I wasnt able to work on them when they were super sore.
    Also a tip for everyone, do this in the morning too. Some streching. You wont regret.

  18. Very nice your application, but I speak Portuguese and can not understand almost anything, my English is not so good, I hope that in the not so distant future you put with descriptions in my language (Portuguese / Brazil) hug. I love your channel

  19. Some genuine curiosity, how am i suppose to squeeze my glutes, i mean, I'm pretty good at calisthenics but my shoulders ain't flexing

  20. That actually felt really good 😊 trying out some of the exercises on here for the first time. But this was a good one to start with coz I had an intense workout today 🙌

  21. Hi Chris, can you add the stretching after each workout and the warm up before each workout videos on your heria application please. That way we can follow your advice before and after each workout right from your application or maybe create a link from your application to direct us to YouTube. That way you can still get the credit from watching them. Thanks in advance. Keep up the great work.

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