Excessive or Subtle Body Kits?! | This or That EP. 34

Excessive or Subtle Body Kits?! | This or That EP. 34

– I’m with. – Daddy from Fitment Industries. – No, no. (laughing) What is going on everyone? Gels from Fitment
Industries, and I am with. – And it’s Dakota from Fitment Industries. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – And we are back with another episode of, “This or That,” the
rules are pretty simple. We got Greg behind the camera. He’s got your questions of whether we would wanna go with this or
if we would go with that. Before we get into it, we
have starter suspensions at fitmentindustries.com, and
don’t forget we have a giveaway with BBS wheels going on right now. I’m telling ya– – How sick is that? We’ve partnered with BBS, that’s nuts. Everyone should pick up a shirt,
we don’t even have it yet, I’ve been dreaming about it every single night since we’ve
partnered with them, I’m so excited for this giveaway, anyway. – [Greg] The first question is, “70s American muscle or
70’s Japanese sports car?” – 70’s Japanese sports cars, ’cause the 70’s for American muscle was everything not a little whack? – Yeah. – Right around that time wasn’t the greatest for the American cars. – Yeah.
– There was a couple. There was a couple, but
I would definitely take an import JDM car from that time period. – See, and now, normally
I’m a big import guy, I’m not a huge muscle car
guy, I appreciate ’em, but I think I’d take the 70’s muscle car. Like you said, it’s not
their shining moment or anything, in the 70’s, I would say, but a 1970 Mach 1 Mustang,
they’re pretty nice-looking. I would take that, I definitely would. The Chargers aren’t too bad in the 70’s, I’d maybe consider one of those, so I’m gonna go with that,
just to be different. I’m not a huge American muscle guy, I used to have a Mustang GT,
I’ve dabbled, little bit, but I like those, I like having
those classic muscle cars, I think that’s the image, when
you think of a muscle car, is those classic rides. – [Gels] You’re right, yeah. – So, I’ll pick muscle car with this one, just to be different. – [Greg] And the second question is, “Excessive body kit, dull colors, “Or subtle body kit, and vivid colors?” – ‘Kay, so, a car that’s
really in your face, but kind of a neutral color,
or a car that’s more subtle, but it’s pretty wild-looking? – That is a great question, an, “Oh?” – I think I’m gonna pick the
subtle body kit, crazy color, because I’m not a huge over-fender guy or anything like that, some
cars pull it off super well, but I like nice, clean body lines, so I’m gonna go with the subtle body kit ’cause that sounds like it’s up my alley, with a nice, crazy color,
like a highlighter yellow or something like that, I think, or some crazy (mumbles)
or something like that, that’s my choice. – That’s a really tough one. – Either way, you’re loud and proud, something’s going on that’s crazy, so– – Yeah, so, I think, from what I’ve seen, which I’ve really liked, is,
I’ve seen a couple of S2000s that had a really insane either over-fenders or wide-body kit or something that’s pretty aggressive, but then they were kinda a off-white or a white, pale color– – [Dakota] Yeah, you’re right. – And they have just a
wild color pop of wheels, I would really like that. So if we had a neutral color that was super wide,
with some loud wheels? – Yeah, I’ve been seeing a lot those cars in that nardo gray, with
that battleship gray or whatever, which is a
real dull color, but– – I think I would take that. – Okay, that’s fair, I can
see that side of it, too. – Yeah. – [Greg] Question number three is, “Staggered or a square setup
on a front-wheel drive car?” – Square setup 100 percent,
no questions asked. (laughing) Honestly though, I have seen a couple cars where it does look good staggered, but just the mindset of it. – So are we talking normal staggered? – A front-wheel drive car, but with wider wheels in the rear– – In the front? – Would it be in the front? Either way, if it’s wider in the rear or if it’s wider in the front, no, just do a square setup on
your front-wheel drive car. – Yeah. – It looks weird. If your rear wheels are sticking out kind of farther and look meaty, on a front-wheel drive car. – It’s gonna throw Dakota
off and he’s gonna get upset. – Yeah, it’s just gonna make me mad, specifically, and I’m gonna find you. No, and I’m not thinking
of front staggered– – If you– – I mean, I’ve seen drag cars
like that, and that’s fine. – Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, some freaking built Honda Civic, with some freaking (mumbles) on the front. – Square setup, a lot of
front-wheel drive stance guys will do a staggered setup,
I’ve seen ’em before. I knew a guy with an SRT-4 that, he did that, and did it look terrible? No, but it’s weird, it’s just– – Sure. – It’s not right, and it’s
not okay, in my opinion. – Yeah, it makes me fill icky, I’m gonna go with the square setup, too. – Okay, cool. – [Greg] Question number four is, “Would you rather have Gels’
beard or Alex’s hairline?” – That’s fucked up. So now I just need to answer
this right in front of Gels, okay, all right, well. (laughing) I have pride in my little beard I got going on here, so
I’m gonna keep my beard. I wear a hat 99 percent of my life. To Gels, I feel like I need to apologize. – It’s okay, no, it’s okay– – So this is awkward– – I get it. – I’m picking the receding hairline ’cause I think I already got one, so I’m not taking off the hat, but I’m usually wearing a
hat 90 percent of the time, so I’m picking the receding hairline, and I can’t do the beard, Gels, I’m sorry, man, I’m (mumbles)– – No, that’s fine, that’s fine. – So what would you pick, Gels? – I’d pick the beard because
you can’t get rid of this. – [Dakota] At least you’re
standing up for yourself. – [Gels] You can’t get rid of that. – [Dakota] Okay. – It gets this far, and then. – And then it just flat-lines.
– Yeah. – You’ll have that sometimes. – I’ll take my beard, I’ll
take my pithily-ass beard. – All right, let’s continue. Is it time for the bonus question? – Oh, God.
– Oh, God. – Oh, God. – [Greg] The bonus question is, “The Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich “Or the Popeyes chicken sandwich?” – [Gels] I called it, I called it. – See, this is gonna be tough for me. Okay, I have not tried the
Popeyes chicken sandwich, but, so what I’m going to do here is, I’m gonna compare all the
things I’ve had at Popeyes to everything I’ve had at Chick-Fil-A, and I might get crazy backlash for this, but I’m picking Chick-Fil-A. I think Chick-fil-A is
way better than Popeyes. So, I haven’t had the new sandwich, I can’t necessarily speak
on that, but going from– – Speaking from experience. – Prior knowledge. – Prior knowledge. – Okay, Chick-fil-A, that’s where I’m at. – All right. – That’s where I’m at, what about you? – [Gels] I don’t know,
I’ve never had either. – Okay. – Yeah, I’m from the great white
north, and we got a Subway, and we got the McDonald’s
right attached to the BP, so, that’s about all we got up there. I never got the Chick-fil-A or the Popeyes or anything
like that, we’re– – (bleep). – No, I’ve never been to either of those, so I can’t really say. I feel like I’ve always wanted to try Popeyes more than Chick-fil-A, though. – [Dakota] Are you just
saying that Popeyes has better marketing than Chick-fil-A? – [Gels] Probably, yeah,
’cause I’ve never seen the– – [Dakota] You’ve never seen
the Chick-fil-A cow, eat more– – [Gels] No. – [Dakota] Chicken or
whatever, okay, all right. – I don’t know what that is. All right.
– Okay. Well, Gels is just an uncultured swine. – You’re not wrong, you’re
not wrong, is that it? All right, so that’s gonna wrap it up for this episode of This or That. Don’t forget, if you want
your question answered in an upcoming episode, drop it down in the comment section below. Wheels, tires, suspension,
fitmentindustries.com. Pick up a T-shirt to get entered in to win a free set of BBS wheels– – BBS, it’s crazy, my mind’s still blown. – I can’t even say that
enough, it’s absolutely crazy, so we’re super excited to do that. I’m Gels from Fitment Industries. – And I’m Dakota. – And we will see you later, peace.

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  1. The Gels Alex question was hilarious 😂😂😂 I’ll take Alex hairline because it’s better than mine and I can’t loose my beard

  2. Here you see Dakota fangirling for the chick fil a sandwich just like everyother die hard bitch fil a fan without even trying the Popeyes one
    You take one bite into that spicy chicken sandwich, you'll never see chick fil a sandwich the same a again, I promise you this Dakota

  3. This or that: Speed up fast in first and upshift to 3rd/4th to get a pop/backfire OR hit perfect quick shifts all the way up to 5th or 6th gear.

  4. Would you rather have a stock sports car, or heavily modify an unpopular chassis (like a van or an economy hatchback)?

  5. Anything past 72' took a nose dive in performance and styling for American muscle. If I remember correctly 70' was the height of performance for the muscle car era.

  6. Would you rather own a car with an excessive body kit and dull color or a subtle body with vivid colors.Tell us in the comments below! Also don't forget to pick up a BBS Wheels shirt and enter to win a FREE set of wheels ! https://bit.ly/2lWzTyK

  7. You know what car you've never seen an excessive body kit on? The Nissan Versa.

    So you wanna buy a Nissan Versa you say? No? Make the video anyways 😂

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  9. Crazy question:
    If you had to pick a side by side to stance (lowered) would you pick the 2020 Polaris Rzr, 2020 Can am Maverick or the Honda Talon? And would you put it on bags or coilovers?

  10. I AM THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE "GEL'S BEARD VS ALEX'S HAIR LINE" QUESTION AND I LOVE THE OUTCOME 🤣🤣 i swear it was so unexpected and so well done with the grafics and all 🤣

  11. I’m getting hubcentric spacers, better tyres and coilover suspension for my car but after looking through thousands of styles Ive decided I like my factory alloys more than any aftermarket ones, I don’t really want to swap them out for the sake of weight reduction or just because either – is this frowned upon and will I look stupid by doing this, please discuss cause I really want peoples opinions

  12. Me with the 1969 chevelle in the garage: "So close. Can I just count it?"
    "There was a couple"
    Me: 😱 yes!!
    Also so you want a Honda coupe ( accord and civic ) day #9

  13. Lol! Man all the hate on FWD with staggered wheels…. By the way the white mk4 gti with the staggered wheels is mine…lol however i have no poke actually since i like my wheels fitment to be fender to lip when i air out.

    Thanks for the love by the way!

    My car at 3:04

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