Exercise for Muscles Around the Eyes

Exercise for Muscles Around the Eyes

Hi, I’m Tom and I want to show you an exercise
that will tone up all the muscles around the eyes – the lower and the upper eyelids. This
is an area of the face that can start to look bad after the age of forty, and even before
the age of forty. This exercise will take care of the problem relatively fast if you
do it correctly and at least three or four times a week. By relatively fast I mean in
a few months – well, maybe a little longer than this if the area under the eyes is really
in bad shape. Place your fingers here. You’ll feel the rim
of the orbital bone, also called the bony socket. Hollowness below this rim is usually
due to fat loss in the upper cheek – the malar fat pads. Facial exercise will probably not
help the problem of this fat loss but facial exercise done correctly can still do a lot
to keep the area around the eyes in good shape. But this hollowness, depression, and dark
circles can also be caused by weak, loose muscles around the eyes. These lax muscles
can be toned up by the exercise I’m going to show you. When these muscles are toned
up, the hollowness, depression, and dark circles, sometimes referred to as the tear trough,
will vanish, or at least become less visible. After applying some lubrication to the skin
around the eyes, place your fingers right here. The pressure applied will be gentle
but it’ll be enough to give sufficient resistance to the muscles around the eyes. Now while
you’re maintaining a steady resistance, close your eyes tightly and hold the contraction
for a second or two. You’ll feel the muscles in both the upper and lower eyelids working
strongly. Just contract the eyelids, especially the
lower eyelids. But don’t scrunch up your face when you’re doing the exercise, and don’t
frown. There is no need for this and it’s counterproductive. Hold each contraction for
a second or two. I usually do several sets of 25 reps and I do this exercise almost every
day. And, by the way, good time of day to do this exercise is while you’re lying in
bed in the morning before you get up. It feels refreshing. In a few months you’ll start to see an improvement
in the way the muscles and skin around the eyes start to look. This really is an effective
exercise for firming up all the muscles around the eyes – the orbicularis oculi muscles – and
it’s also an effective exercise for preventing and even getting rid of hooded upper eyelids. Take a look at the attractive woman following
this. Maybe if she did this exercise she would not have these hooded eyelids. But hooded
eyelids or not, she is still an attractive woman. Anyway, try this exercise out and stay with
it for a while. I think you’ll like the results. Thanks

29 Replies to “Exercise for Muscles Around the Eyes”

  1. you´re the man Tom, balding at 28 I was searching the net for all kinds of natural cures.
    found your websites, doing all exercises now. after only 2 days of facetraining i notices incredible changes, i looked so much better. it also improves overall symmetry of the face. after about a week while doing scalp massage i noticed the base of my hair got thicker. i´do a little twist to the regular exercises though

  2. to everybody balding: it´s all about blood, laxity, and attitude
    massage your scalp hard, go jog, shower coldly with head bent down, put towel over your hair and do some laxity exercises while drying hair, do face and scalp exercise.
    and TRY TO LIVE A RELAXED LIVE, AVOID FRUSTRATION (this causes dht rise), do fun sports, nothing like World of Warcraft PVP like I did for much to long.
    and also do not masturbate multiple times a day (DHT rise)..and YOUR HAIR WILL GROW back, believe it.goodluckguys

  3. Hi Tom!
    I am 22, yet I started noticing wrinkles under my eyes. Do you believe this exercise will help get rid of them? It's really embarrassing to start having wrinkles at this age. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge Tom!!!

  4. I dont get how to close the lids. When I close them tight, no muscle moves. I must contract the muscles around the eyes by willpoewer, they will not contract by closing the lids. What is wrong? And if I contract them by willpower, the whole eyes lid area crinkles (not frowning or using any other muscle) if I really want to feel the muscles work strongly. 

  5. Hello Tom. What sort of lubricant do you suggest? Women's skim creams for around the eyes are different than for the face.
    This might be just marketing, but I wonder what you think.

  6. hello Tom! it's me again 🙂
    i really want to do this exercise, but whenever i try to, my undereye lid's skin starts to wrinkle up, and i am wondering, will the repetition lf this exercise cause permanent wrinkles? or will the muscle stretch the skin? this is my only concern, please please help me out! Thank you so very much for your videos, i really appreciate what you're doing 🙂

  7. Thanks so much Tom. You have a great voice, positive attitude, your exercises are easy to remember. Really appreciate that you're sharing your wisdom. xxxx

  8. Great video! Just seeing how well you have aged, like all of us want to do is proof that
    your simple exercises work. Your eyes look vibrant and toned thanks for sharing!

  9. He aprendido bastante a mantener una buena postura facial y con ello unos buenos ejercicios para los músculos de mi cara , muchas gracias Lety Marina Beltran de Colombia

  10. if i reached the required result can i stop doing the exercise, or i should do it regularly and maybe less than when i started?

  11. can this exercise get rid of extra creases on upper eyelid? and how long would it take to make them disappear? please reply

  12. I talked a lot about this exercise for the area around the eyes but I forgot to show how to do it in the English version. Go to this page on my website – https://www.shapeyourface.com/exercise-one/ – and click on the Spanish version. You'll see a full demonstration here. This is an exercise that really works to keep the eyes looking young.

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