Exercise for Sagging Jowls

Exercise for Sagging Jowls

hello everyone today we’re going to be
discussing the lower jaw exercise in exercise along with me series 1 I do
need to talk to you about some warnings before we do go into this exercise but
if you don’t want to listen to the warnings the time stamp as normal is in
the description box below just click on that and it will jump to the exercise
but there are some warnings to do with this exercise because a lot of people do
help your problems it comes through manifest in various ways for its route
mg or somebody might have had lockjaw or there are problems that people do
experience with the jaw but what I want to talk to you about is if you have any
known problems if you know you’ve got a problem with your jaw when you do this
exercise just do it very gently do it as if you may not even be able to feel it
because common sense would tell you that if you have a problem with your jaw even
if you can see that it’s off-center a bit and you haven’t had a problem before
but it’s off-center a bit and you know it’s off-center a bit common sense tells
you that if you do this exercise with too much effort you could have a problem
with it so please think about whether you have a problem with your jaw whether
you hear clicking in your jaw when you talk or whether you have a known problem
with your jaw and if you do I want you to do this exercise with extreme caution
if at all if you do have TMJ my suggestion is do not do the exercise and
unfortunately if you do have TMJ you may not be able to do my type of exercises
you might need to find a different program that might be able to address
that a bit better for you but certainly with my program if you have TMJ and it
starts to exacerbate if you try this exercise you will need to stop but I’ve
just given you the warning so that you are fully aware of this exercise that it
is a strong exercise and that you do need to exercise caution when you are
doing it if you have your problems it is a very strong exercise it does
help you with lifting the jawline and removing jowls and as with everything it
doesn’t remove them perfectly but when you do this routine you will find that
your jowls will start to lift a little and it’s really it’s a great routine the
whole routine is but this exercise is a good exercise to help you with that so
the exercise is you are using your jaw and jutting it out at the same time as
holding in with your fists along the message’ muscle for resistance here is a
picture of the masseter muscle so go to that picture and have a look and see
where it is and have a look and see where you need to visualize this muscle
it is responsible for chewing your food and it’s responsible for opening and
closing your jaw so it is a very strong muscle one of the strongest within
our face so let’s give this a go so we place our fists on the masseter muscle
so you can see how I’m placing them here we can see on the side and do it with me
place your fists on the Masseter you can can see I’m not placing my fist back
here and I’m not placing my fist here and I’m not placing my fist up here I’m
placing it right along the masseter have a look and see where my knuckles are in
relation to my cheeks and my lips and that’s where you will place it then just
sweep your little fingers and just hold back the skin don’t stretch it back just
holding back the skin gently so when you do that you’re pushing in quite firmly
and then you judge your jaw outwards so as you are jetting your jaw outwards
you are doing a bit of a scoop as you do it I’ll show you on the side you might
hear a little bit of vibration in your ears because the masseter muscle is attached up around this area so you may hear a bit of vibration in your ears
when you do it as you do the exercise as you judge your
jaw outwards go ahead and push in now I push him really firmly but just push in
and isolate that masseter muscle because it’s moving in and out as you’re
jutting your jaw outwards you can see how along here if you if you look along
here how that’s working as with the warnings if you have a known problem
with your jaw common sense will tell you do not do the exercise if you have if
you hear it small clicking if you hear clicking under here that is your jaw
clicking if it’s only clicking slightly just do the exercise very gently don’t
push out with the muscle effort that I was using if it’s clicking a lot stop
the exercise and as I mentioned in the warnings you may need to find a
different face exercise program that can help you with your facial exercises
because you won’t be able to do this exercise because if you do it and you
create damage then you’re in a whole world of pain also with this exercise
you are holding the skin back ok you’re holding with your little finger back and
when you you’re jutting your jaw out it should be all smooth along here this
exercise you’re not going like this ok you’re not pushing inwards this is not
how you do the exercise you gently pull it back you can see the difference can’t
you gently pull it back and gently bring your little fingers back comfortably and
do the exercise and you can see everything on my face is smoothing
outwards it’s not pushing inwards very important that you understand the way
the muscles are moving this exercise the energy is moving outwards there’s
another important factor through this exercise is that sometimes you feel it
in your neck so when you start feeling your neck muscles it means that all your
focus is sitting at the back of your neck you need to bring all your focus
back to the place that you were doing the exercise because if you are pushing too hard with the back of your neck then you are
strengthening that neck area too much and you could cause some headaches or it becomes uncomfortable so the main thing is is
that if you are feeling the exercise with any exercise if you’re feeling this
in the back of your neck you are not focusing correctly and you need to bring
your focus back to the spot that you are exercising it’s pretty clear all your
focus needs to sit where you are exercising then you won’t have problems
with your neck and you won’t even have any problems with anything with your
neck if you do that you won’t even be thinking about your neck so guys give
that a go I’d like you to go back through the
video again when you’re finished have a look at all the instructions that I gave
you and that way and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve got the timestamps so
that when you need to go back after hearing all the warnings to the video
you can then just click on the timestamp and it will go straight to the exercise
but do please study the exercise study what I say and you will find that if you
do what I say that you will not run into the difficulties that you might run into
when you’re doing the exercises you can’t just skim through the video
and go oh I’ve heard that I don’t want to hear that I want to hear that you
have to really listen to what I’m saying so remember to subscribe to the channel
because see if you don’t subscribe to the channel you won’t get the updates
and then again you won’t get things that give you ideas and tips on how to
actually do the exercises correctly also please like my video I love it when you
like my videos it really helps makes me feel good alright guys well you have a
lovely day wherever you are in the world and I’ll see you next time bye I’m feeling merry to my bones I guess
that’s my reason I’ll pack my bags and um go

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