Fake MyProtein Protein Powder Vs Real | Impact Whey Protein Genuine or Fake

Fake MyProtein Protein Powder Vs Real | Impact Whey Protein Genuine or Fake

Hey ! What’s up warriors , it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist Today I will covering everything about genuine or fake myprotein protein powder Be it Impact Whey Isolate Or whether it’s impact whey protein or it’s micellar casein . Whether your product is genuine or fake Because the points which I am going to cover is common in all myprotein protein powder I am having a genuine protein powder from United Kingdom Which is imported in India You can see the country Code “IN” mentioned in the packet Which is 100 % genuine Now let’s see whether your protein powder is genuine or not. First of all check whether your protein powder has safety seal or not Where it should be printed “Resealable Pouch” Please look at the seal carefully , whether it’s cut from anywhere or not Fake sellers generally try to make the seal look intact as if it was never been opened Or they try to sell without any safety seal All genuine myprotein protein powder contains this sign There should be an aqua color parallelogram in the middle of the packet If your product contains a parallelogram of any other color Then your product is fake In the middle of your protein powder There should be a gray color stripe Which divides the aqua parallelogram into two equal halves If in your protein powder this gray stripe is designed in separate manner then your product is fake At the backside of protein powder, look carefully There should be a half arrow which is gray in color If this arrow design is missing or something else is designed . Then your product is fake On either side of your protein powder There should be tag line of myprotein : Fuel Your Ambition Which should be printed in white color If this tag line is printed in some other color then your product is fake At the bottom of genuine myprotein powders, there should be a parallelogram which is white in color If this parallelogram is missing in your product then your product is fake At the front , please check myprotein font carefully Specially the letter “M”, watch it carefully If in your product, myprotein is written in some other way. Then your product is fake Please check your protein powder’s weight with myprotein website Like myprotein impact whey isolate is available in only four different weights two hundred and fifty gram one kilogram two and half kilogram. And five kilogram If your product’s weight is not matching with what’s listed on myprotein’s website then your product is fake Please check the flavor with myprotein’s website Like myprotein impact whey isolate is available in seven different flavors Like chocolate brownie Chocolate peanut butter, chocolate smooth natural chocolate, strawberry cream unflavored and vanilla Your protein powder should contain a barcode Please look at the three digits of bar code carefully Note down the first three digits The number should be from five hundred to five hundred and nine Because product’s from United Kingdom starts from these Please check address of product Which should be skyline drive burtonwood, warrington, United Kingdom If in your product , instead of United Kingdom There is some local Indian address Then your product is definitely a fake one At backside of your protein, should be printed in black ink batch code, date of manufacture and best before date Please note that the manufacture date And best before date’s format Should be MM/YYYY Please follow me on facebook Instagram and twitter at amitphysique So that you never miss any important announcement Your myprotein protein powder’s label should contain English language label In some myprotein packets you will find written in some other languages also like French, Italian German , Spanish, Danish , Swedish and Finnish may also contain in some packages Original myprotein protein powder contain Importer sticker Fake sellers generally try to sell without any importer sticker Always look for the importer sticker while purchasing Original myprotein protein powders contains dark gray color scoop This scoop is of very premium quality Inside which there is numbering present 10,20,30 …. like this Note that the difference between the numbers should be ten If your product contains a scoop of any different color other than grey Then your product is fake In genuine myprotein powder, there should not be any clumps present If in your product, clumps are formed then this means that someone has opened your protein powder or your product is near it’s expiration date Now let’s check the mix ability One hand I have 300 ml of milk and on other hand I have 1 scoop of myprotein chocolate flavor casein I am using milk for mix-ability because If you are following my fat loss program or muscle building program which are on Youtube There are currently four different Fat Loss program and muscle building You might be aware that we use milk with casein powder That’s why I am using milk There goes protein powder Let’s check the mix-ability in milk Generally casein protein’s mix-ability is little less As compared to whey isolate May take little more time to mix I will recommend use shaker or blender bottle for casein protein Since video is for demonstration that’s why I have used a glass so that you can see it from outside How is the mix-ability I think the mix-ability is good Specially it’s forming a cream like substance Check the mix-ability . It’s very thick shake when mixed with milk I will move my camera and cover the top. There are small clumps present As this is casein protein and blender is recommended Let’s check the taste of new myprotein micellar casein How does it taste like. As compared to previous packaging Amazing taste ! Try it out with milk Tastes absolutely brilliant One of the most interesting thing is that The chocolate flavor of casein It’s tastes very smooth as if it’s butter Sometimes it happens that you are not able to figure out how it tastes The taste is constant . No after taste I like this. Very good taste Always purchase the product from official importers So that chances of getting fake product becomes less In India , there are currently two official importers for myprotein And these are as follows First is Paradise Nutrition. Second is MSM Retail Pvt ltd. Thank you so much for subscribing Please like the video , if the video helped you You can connect on my Instagram : amitphysique If have any queries related to fitness Kindly Share the video with your friends So that no one damages their kidney by consuming fake supplements Peace ! This is Amit Signing off

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  1. Amit Bhai Mai Bcaa Lena chata hoon Mai confused hoon Konsa Bcaa loo Xtend ya ultimate nutrition or Naturyz best Bcaa Or Kya Fat loss muscle gain may help karta hai

  2. Bhai Mai Abhi MP ka L Carnitine or muscle tech ka Cla use karra hoon Fat loss K liye mai Abi daily 1 1 💊 use karra hoon Abhi Mujhe Inki douse badani hai 2 2 💊 karni hai kya Cla L Carnitine Dono ki ek ek same time use Karsaktey hai is it safe

  3. Bhai new packing and old packing ka Kya funda h and Bhai ye Khan se milega Bhai pls casein and whey protein ka prices bhi bataado 😐

  4. Hi. I got it from india website today. Jo is video may hai sab kuch same hai mere pas. I want to ask one thing mere packet may sticker type lga hua hai. Like its not written on packet. There is sticker type in front and back. I hooe u got my point and let me know plz. Is this authentic

  5. Bro maine my protein impact whey protein liya h …ek din phle hi order aaya 5kg ka unflavored …but problem ye h ki maine bhaut try kiya bt scoop available hi ni h packet me ….bt packet ekdum original tha sealed pack..so is this normal or product supposed to be fake ?? Please do reply as i am tdying this protein first tym

  6. Sir jo apne btaya sb kuch sahi h …. bs adress samne nahi h…. VOYAGER HOUSE MANCHESTER, M90 3DQ likha h …. me China me hu …. to Yaha ki jo shopping app h usse order kiya tha ….

  7. Amitji Maine ek myprotein Ka whey isolate kharida hai…Aur uska Sara chiz match kar raha hai siwai fssai Ka symbol chhod ke ……There is no fssai importer sticker in my product.i ordered it from Nutrabay's site.please help me with my issue.I also don't know know how much it's full scoop contains.

  8. Sir maine jo my protein purchase kia hai us per all time nutrition pvt ltd importer seel lagi hai .
    But net per inka koi bhi website nhi hai .
    Kya mera protein original hai?

  9. Bhai Mene nutrabay se myprotein order Kiya tha kl Raat me Mila mujhe Lekin jo tax invoice ka pepar hai isme koi signature nhi hai aur my protein pr Peche ek pepar sa chipka hai jisme lic no hai vha pr alltime nutrition likha hai aur unka num likha hai vo log kh the ki nutrabay Ko hum log bechte hai bhai aap btaiye ki mera product Shi hai kya please reply

  10. Hello Amit,
    Great videos by you very informative! Nutrabay is selling My Protein Products, is NutraBay a reliable website to buy My Protein as they have 1 kg My Protein powder available.

    Please let me know as this will be of great help.

    Thank you!

  11. In logon ne jabse apna warehouse India mein bana diya hai doubt hone laga hai. Ordered from their own website. The taste of chocolate smooth whey isolate was so much like those of local Indian brands and the powder felt like it had thicker grains compared to other reputed whey isolates. Isse accha to pehle hi tha. 1 and a half month wait karna padta tha kam se kam aata direct UK se tha

  12. Most countries that visit proteins, supplements and hormones are China, UAE and Iran،، The more flavor is faked chocolate

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