Fastest Way To Get 6 Pack Abs (You Can Do Anywhere)

Fastest Way To Get 6 Pack Abs (You Can Do Anywhere)

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  1. Lol I can't do any of the L sit stuff… muscles too weak probably, but I also literally am just not flexible enough to even get into an L sit.

  2. Guys trust me I started when he uploaded this video now I have perfect abs it's guaranteed guys I swear 😢but I can't believe we are getting these lessons for free

  3. Sharks – SARMS, Peptides, fasting, cold showers, LOA, C60, C70, TRS, MMS, CBD – just a few free health hacks

  4. I cant do the L sit thing can I do something else? I get something like cramps in one leg and I cant elevate my legs and even less extend them

  5. hey Chriss, great stuff don,t know too many guys that can hold this routine, weight to power ratio important i reckon, cudos man

  6. Chris I love this video of you and I try to do it one day and one day off. Like 3 times a week. Is it too much? Is it too less.?

  7. Hey! I am weak and I can't lift myself to do the L exercises. I have weak hands. Strong abs and legs, managed to do the fist ones and the v-ups as good as I could but I have problems with lifting up all my weight only on hands. Any advice?

  8. Guys, I’m just gonna say this at this point, stop liking the ‘One like = 1 day of workout’ comments. I can GUARANTEE you they aren’t gonna do a damn thing, and you all know I’m right.

  9. ola bom dia então irei logo ao ponto acho seus treinos bem dinamicos está de parabens mas axo que você deveria colocar uma legenda em português pois não entendo nada do que você fala e muitos brasileiros o acompanham num todo vc faz otimo trabalho e estou sempre apliando seus insinamentos em meus treinos você fera ……

  10. hello good morning then I'll get to the point I think your training is very dynamic congratulations but I should put a subtitle in Portuguese because I do not understand anything you say and many Brazilians accompany you in all you do great work and I'm always applying their innuendo in my workouts you beast ……

  11. Sorry, I'm new starter pack here, How many times should I do it in a week? How many hours should a spend for a day? Thank you.

  12. Yoooo Chris I got a six pack but i still got belly fat so ima do this workout everyday and I’ll be back in 2 weeks to let you know where I am. Good video bro💪🏼

  13. These are all good but I can’t do this no matter how much motivation I have because my legs are too fat so before these I must look at leg workouts because my legs are purposely being 2 long assholes that don’t wanna move and lose weight

  14. These exercises I can do and manage but the only thing that bothers me is the amount of time u have to put in XD. am not trying to make a excuse but am at the age when I start growing so I need that FOOD you know. But my mum always cooks my meals from scratch so its all good. I only get a takeaway like one every like month or 3 weeks, one time I went without fast food for a solid half a year I was proud. Or if my parents are busy since they own a restaurant I cook my meals or something simple like a sandwich (which is either ham or chicken add a slice of cheese or maybe some mayo) I rarely have microwave meals cuz personally sometimes they taste absolutely disgusting. So yeah my eating habit is pretty good considering how the UK has one of the highest obesity rate. I guess one main reason is that my parents are Chinese and they dont really go for fast food.

  15. At 6:51 I was about to ask if there wasn't any warm up. Then he says let's continue with our warm up, OMG THIS IS THE WARM UP WTF

  16. hi…. Sir I want to increase my height sir… is there any special exercise to increase height quickly please make video on that.. my height is 5'3"…I have to increase to at least 5'8"…. my age is 21 year old… so please sir

  17. Not sure if this has been asked before, but would you make a video on meal prepping including what you eat? Really focusing on eating healthier and your videos are so motivating! Thanks chris

  18. It's easy to get that desired 6 pack.
    The real hard part is trying to burn that outer fat layer. At least for me that is, I know everyone is different. What might work for me might not work for you.

  19. since my family never buys healthy food how am i supposed to stay fit the only food i have rn that i think could work is frosted flakes with no sugar milk water and cheese thats it

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