Female Bodybuilding – How to pick class, competition and the right division? Female Bodybuilding

Female Bodybuilding – How to pick class, competition and the right division? Female Bodybuilding

the first place for the Olivia gold
medal the check for $35,000 and the title of 18 great with so much emphasis placed or
men’s divisions and bodybuilding competitions on social media what would
you say to women who want to get into competitions and how do they choose
which one to get into there are so many different divisions from women access
more division for women that is than there’s men like in my show
September 14th and November 9th we have women’s bodybuilding where’s my
bodybuilding women’s physique woman’s figure women’s bikini we have all
different age limits in those divisions and far as the way a woman who decides
which division she’s gonna do really depends on her personality not everyone
wants to start out don’t win miss bikini because it seems to be not as serious
but when they get involved and they find out that actually these women are
putting a lot of work on so so the average female is easier for them get
involved in women’s application bikini because you don’t have to have as much
development but it’s open to anyone training a lot of females that have
started out with women’s figure and they’ve done very well local level but
then do my encouragement swayed them towards doing women’s beginning they
actually became national level competitors actually have turned IFBB
Pro the women’s physique is the vision that’s a little more muscularity then
say women’s figure wearing a bikini would be more on the lighter mounted
muscles not necessarily about muscle al but depending on the person’s
personality and development which one they may start out in and they may
evolve into bikini are even go from women’s physique to women’s bikini or
vice versa with a lot of different divisions and we
also offer different age limits in my mark
September show and November show I have teen women’s bikini and we have novice
Keeney we have open 35 40 45 and 50 this year and women’s figure we have novice
open 35 40 45 and 50 also and women’s physique right now at this point we only
have novice opening and 35 number but just a lot of different divisions this
gives us an opportunity to get on a stage and again we give top 5 and all
these different divisions we have different high classes and age limits to
all these different divisions so if you want to find out more about getting the
competitions you can contact me through my website Quincy Roberts elite fitness
center Quincy Roberts comm our QR Li at
gmail.com or call my phone number at three three six nine eight seven four
zero zero seven and if you like the content in this video please like and
subscribe my channel and hopefully I’ll be hearing from we’re gonna start doing
some interviews of people just getting involved in at fort and people that are
actually doing in sport and that would only been successful

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