100 Replies to “Female Orgasm vs Male Orgasm – How Do They Compare?”

  1. hmmm. I find it unsetteling that the information comes from weird info sources… Wikipedia… Cosmopolitan? A lot of fact that were shown in this video contradict information from real science sources. It's not bad, but I just need to keep in mind when watching these vid's that not everything is correct… Or real science…

  2. I think the biggest difference between the two for men and women is it's easy for men, but less pleasurable. Low risk, low reward. Men are pretty consistent about it. Women are high risk, high reward. Women's are more flexible She may get one or may not at all. But she can also expierence much more pleasure than me, or much less, depending on her mood and how the man seduced her.

  3. Soooooo Woman need a BIGGIE rocket with more fuel for longer distance ? Man ?! We have work to do , If we build it they will come.

  4. I go to this dog park and I'll see dogs mating…nothing wrong.,..I see assasin bugs (the littl;e blue-borderred red colourred ones..) mating!

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