Fit Body Challenge ♥ Perfect Days of Sweat Pt.2 | Fitness Workout

Fit Body Challenge ♥ Perfect Days of Sweat Pt.2 | Fitness Workout

hey guys welcome to your fit body fitness class if you’re doing the cardio challenge this is your second video your week 2 video this class is amazing to tone up your whole body you’re going to work your legs your shoulders your abs your butt everything to get you feeling amazing so please guys if you stick to this workout if you combine it to my other fitness videos or yoga workouts and keep a clean diet i promise you are going to see amazing results so if you’re ready grab a mat a water and lets do this alright guys so were going to begin today in downward facing dog starting with a nice big stretch stretch taking a moment walking out your dog pressing each heel down to the floor so you really feel that stretch from the back of the legs awesome and then from here walking your hands back towards your feet slowly rolling up to standing inhale reaching arms up stepping with right foot forward clapping lunges extend both knees bending both knees bring hands down 10 times and two inhale as you extend exhale as you release you got it 5 remember that back knee is coming low to the ground 2 more last one next exercise called your peek a boo arms hover the back knee bring the elbows together and open ready 10 times stay as low as you can last one great job guys come forward next exercise flying arm press 8 times last one great job guys hands down knee to chest come to plank touch knee to chest ready reach leg up come forward to plank come forward shoulders right above your wrists last one elbow touches touch knee to each elbow awesome reach leg up come on down with your knee to mat straight leg circles 8 times ready here we go reverse the circle 50 50 plank extend opposite arm forward hold it for me here 20 seconds with each exhale think about pulling belly bottom to the spine double pump hold it here guys 50 50 plank this time only 10 seconds bring belly and chest all the way down to the floor one legged grass hopper lift from the glute bring leg back up now and hold it for 10 seconds engage the right glute top foot flexed lift that knee as high as you can use your glute and ur done awesome next is baby pulses 20 times pulsing the knee use the glute muscle to do the worl and 3 2 1 point and extend the leg out hand next to body and push up to left knee giant leg swings touch it one corner of your mat then the other you got 4 more last one guys come back to centre hold tuck your back toes lift that leg up one legged downward dog walk it out on spot take a second to breath find your breath walk hands back to feet switch it to the other side now stepping forward with left foot going back to our clapping lunges reach the arms over your head and underneath 10 times exhale take it down clap your hand over your head between the legs now come down low hand press exercise high five someone below and bring it up take it down two remember keep the back knee low elbows up extend your knee flying arm press chest low 10 times chest nice and low stay in lunge position 8 9 10 come on down one legged downward dog 8 times touch knee to chest right into the plank shoulders over wrists half way there last one back to elbow touches touch the knee to each elbow 20 times get that knee high as you can awesome guys extned come on down to your right knee back to our leg circles 8 times each side ready keep that knee straight circle it out reverse the circle hold it 50 50 plank when you’re ready take that right arm forward 20 second hold remember to breath here pull that belly bottom right into the spine engaging your core keeping same hight with arm and leg inhale and exhale pump extend and hold 50 50 plank again this time 10 sec keep same height with arm and leg bring hand down lets get over to our bellis come on down going back to single leg grasshoppe keep the knee lift the knee using the left elite to do all the work here last one hold it here now guys use your left glute try to get thight of the the mat hold going to pulses wpfking just crom the dlue epp uee rmsds extend push your weight back up to your khees gilsge sinp10ntimes kick up you got 3 more last one guys kick it up come back to center tuck back toes lift yourself back up release to downward dog then come forward holding plank 10 seconds here shoulders over the wrists keep holding keep breathing next exercise shoulders taps 20 times transferring weight from left to right keeping core strong final position is your plank 15 seconds home stretch hold it fore me after this your done 3 2 1 awesome job come on over to childspose get hips low as you can towards the heels take this moment guys just to breath everything out this was a tough workout so whatever u did today I’m so proud of u I’m proud of you for sticking through where you are right now is exactly where u need to be great job today guys roll up to seated and your done thank you so much for joining me today and don’t forget to subscribe for more workouts and yoga videos and if you love this workout feel free to share it or like it lots of love

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  1. Thank you Juliana. Just completed day 21 of this challenge and had wonderful results. Looking forward to starting your 21 day Pilates challenge tomorrow. Keep up the awesome work 🙂 I highly recommend this channel!

  2. This is so damn difficult! Really intermediate to advanced level for me personally hahah but I will continue to work hard so I can be better too 🙂 Thank you so much Juliana <3

  3. Please help..I cannot find the workouts after this..I really want to carry on the 21 day challenge.Please provide me with a link for the next videos

  4. Love love love your videos and inspiration! Thank you for the beautiful art that you have created! Just to let you know your website link is not functioning.
    –xo, Kristal

  5. I would have thought that at least a warm up would be included in these workouts, especially as these are supposed to be complete workout programs.

  6. This workout wasn't that hard. But surely I sweat out and I haven't felt so good for so darn long time. Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. how am I just now seeing this?? Your workouts are the best, short sweet and effective! I thought my glutes were strong and yet you still have moves that challenge them! I feel as though being subscribed to you means I am constantly improving! Thank you!! Much love!

  8. Namaste Boho Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the health and love! Your videos have really inspired and helped me transition my diet and mental peace. Written with love from Sarasota, Florida. You should come and visit, there are many vegan restaurants and plenty of beaches for fitness and yoga videos.

  9. I'm addicted to your challenges, they are perfect! I've nearly completed this one and don't want to lose the results so was wondering what you would recommend after this? Maybe a combination of other videos? Thank you for all of these, it's completely changed my fitness level and my feelings towards exercise and for that I'm forever grateful! xx

  10. Really good workout! Always looking forward to workout now to your videos, I see a lot of improvements…strength and flexibility…and I love it! Can't thank you enough…

  11. thank you for your videos…you are my inspiration..i will continue to work out to achieve that beautifull body…💕

  12. I love your exercise/yoga/pilates classes.You give off such great energy – just positive, warm, and supportive. Not every trainer has such a benevolent way about them. You are gold – so glad I found your videos:)

  13. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys! I'm on my husbands account, we have both been working out with your videos and love it. I just had our first child, these videos are so amazing to help me get my new body fit and strong for my little boy! It is so great to be able to work out with these videos while my little one is napping. Also doing it together my husband and I feel closer than ever! Thanks you so so much!

  14. Dear Boho Beautiful!Thank you for your videos, I really love them all!! so inspired, and helped a lot! Try to do almost every day, I feel stronger than ever!! Do you know, haow many calories can we burn with this video?
    have a beautiful day!Namaste

  15. I purchased Weight Loss Green Store Tea and received it within 3 days. I have dropped 9lbs in 20 days. I feel better.

  16. Challenge completed!!! My breathing has improved a lot and I even lost weight! 🙂 Thank you so much for these videos!

  17. I absolutely love this product. if your like me and have struggled with your weight…Weight Loss Green Store Tea a must have.

  18. I have been searching for a proper body workout that will motivate me to do as well… n yours video is the only one that I loved so much amongst many others out there……
    lods of loVe ……😘

  19. Heya! Fellow Torontonian 😉 On day 14 now. Plus I've also done your new years challenge and your Brazilian butt lift challenge before this! I've been keeping progress, can't wait to show you the results. My weight is coming off so easily. Also I'm getting married in September, and I would say right now biggest problem area is my lower stomach. I also have a wedding dress fitting in a month and need to feel good in my skin before then. Any suggestions on which of your workouts to do next?

  20. So happy that you guys are liking and finding results from this challenge. It really fills us with inspiration every time we hear from any of you… endless gratitude! <3
    If you want to help us keep this show on the road check out our online store:
    And don't forget to follow us on social media: &

    Love and Light
    … Juliana & Mark* ☮️❤️

  21. Should I use weights in this Video, too? I'm on week three and I don't know how and when to use the weights. (I'm from Germany, I apologize if my english isn't that good 😌)

  22. Never seen as much progress from any other yoga / Pilates classes ! I always find the motivation to do this challenge as well! X

  23. What is a clean diet? I mean is it so neccesary you have to say it in the beginning, and isn't obvious the diet is clean when possible? And why do you count, isn't it supposed to be fun and variated and freestyle? And then the image is pretty

  24. Amazing! Love your videos ❤️ I've been doing yoga for a while and find most videos boring. I Haven't been bored by a video of yours yet, and I love the wide variety of poses and exercises. I feel truly satisfied and (the right amount of) sore after each video, lol. I know I've worked all my muscles but I can still walk 😉. Great job, you've definitely found your calling. Peace and love to you both from Toronto Canada

  25. Never enough to let you know how amazing and how you really changed my life. So grateful. I've done all my life Boxing, trx, yoga, well several kind of things but the way you teach and doing outdoor instead of inside a gym makes all the difference. Thanks again and again and wish you and Mark all the BEST. Xo xo from Portugal (South of Portugal)

  26. That was really tough, my body is shaking, but i'm proud of myself for finishing this + the first part. Thank you so much ❤

  27. I just wanted to say you guys have given me the greatest gift of a wonderful body and mind. I was struggling to tone my baby belly at the gym but your workouts have been amazing. I love trying them all thank you for your constant hard work and being an inspiration. xxxxx

  28. Hello! I've done with this challenge and seeing a good result. However, i want to lose a few more kgs. Is it good to start a second round of this challenge?

  29. Thank u soo much Juliana. I did noticed change in my body after 21 days. Planning to continue further your challenges.

  30. thank you so much Boho! I'm finding my inner peace thanks to your fitness and yoga classes! Kisses from Italy!!

  31. We are getting results doing Juliana video, 6 months ago we would have struggle to do this work out. It not easy but we are getting better, Thank you so much Juliana.

  32. So I just did day 1 of the 21 day challenge – I am unsure how this works – is there a different video for each of the 21 days or ???

  33. I’m dying! Just finished cardio 1 & 2 for the first time. I doubt that I won’t see results. Sort of scared for tomorrow. Thank you for a great home workout.

  34. We found your channel about 2 months ago. Every day we do one or 2 of your workouts and yoga.. You're doing an amazing job and we really appreciate how it makes us think look and feel.. Our 3 little children do yoga with us too and love it. Thank you both 😘🙏❤️

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