Fix Vocal Problems with Onsets & Sirens | Robert Lunte | The Vocalist Studio

Fix Vocal Problems with Onsets & Sirens | Robert Lunte | The Vocalist Studio

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  1. My highest ''full voice'' note has always been A4. While watching this video and practicing I sang up to a high C! Someone give this man a Nobel Prize.

  2. Hey thanks! These specialized onsets work! They have radically transformed my own voice as well. Seriously, I started eating my own dog food and my voice just started growing and getting stronger. The specialized onsets have become a big win, a big success, I'm very proud of the results for myself and my clients. Maybe you can become a student of TVS?

  3. I am doing something crazy and singing an Aretha song in her key I say a little Prayer at my next performance and I was sounding a little inconsistent  in the two top notes and a little weak in the first  line of verse one – but I did a couple of your you tube exercises and wow its made all the difference – I am in Sydney, Australia – what I want is a condensed daily programme including lots of blues workouts, specialised onsets for musculature, tongue twisters ( my tongue and diction can be  slack) and a few other things that you might suggest for over all increasing, strengthening, reliability and consistency in my vocal range.  Are you able to provide something like that, which I can listen to everyday and do my vocal training to probably driving in the car in the mornings so no one can hear me and I can go for it?

  4. Please, Robert Lunte, I can see that your class are very importants and I go to follow them, but I go to ask for you put sub titles in spanish. I go to give you thanks so much and more people thanks to you also.

  5. I think this is one of the best exercises showed on youtube. I have done a modyfying of humming where I instead of humming with the nasalport open sing on a closed oo with a closed mouth (like I whistles). What I feel I benefit from this is a tone with more mouth resonance. I reach about an A5 with this exercise and when I open the sound I can sing supported high notes until around E5. I can reach A5 B5 like in "child in time" but singing high tessitura like early queensryche or helloween is very difficult for me. I know that that´s normal but who wants to be normal if you can be exellent.

  6. Why I start coughing on a quacky compression? I have sort of tickle feeling in my larynx area. Am I do something wrong?

  7. Should we practice the onsets the way you demonstrate them or should he try to practice them with the octave siren you do at the beginning?

  8. Hi Robert!!! One question, when I slide from my high voice (I don't know how to call it) to my chest voice, there is a break, but not a tiny break, there an ENORMUS break between my two voices. For you to know what I'm talking about, should I put a link of me singing so you can tell me what's going on? Thanks a lot

  9. doess this help you strength your head voice to hits notes like ariana grande or christina agulera or any of the other top singers with strong head voices

  10. Hello Robert.
    First of all, GREAT lecture!
    You explained every thing step by step and made me understand more about the "Head Voice", but Robert, I was just wondering…. When you did the "Quack and Release" onset, step 3, did you use some nasal cavity action in there? Is it okey to let a little nasal sound in there?

  11. I've had lots of vocal coaching from some of the best vocal coaches in So. Cal. This video is the best evidence anyone could have to know that Robert is one of the greatest vocal coaches on the Planet! These exercises are SO COOL! You can feel and hear how each exercise is building and shaping the voice. Can't wait to get the 4 pillars….soon now!

  12. This is great. Lunte is the only guy that focuses on onsets like this. These are critical for developing strength and coordination for singing. Way to go Lunte!

  13. are you a tenor, I am having a hard time hitting the A4? will I be able to work up to a C

  14. i hate to ask buddy but exactly how do i need to train my voice everyday. i'm very very beginner but can hit the notes in my range and hold them for a couple seconds but as you can image it oscillates. i'm thinking something like finger exercises on a guitar? thanks for the help.

  15. Wow! I never knew there are such things:D The best training I've seen! esp the contract and release, attack and release.

    I am an amateur vocalist and I think I don't need courses. I am already able to hit high notes up to B4 by my own training. I just need to have my singing reviewed. Do you know where?

  16. 11:51  Does "dampened larynx" mean that your larynx is lowered in comparison to the neutral larynx?   I know that you don't like term "middle/mix voice" since it doesn't actually mean anything, but I'm wondering if you are adding chest voice to your falsetto?
    … I'm sure you dislike all those inaccurate terms (and for good reason!) – I use them only because I learned them in Roger Love's book when I read it in 2001 and I don't know the proper terminology to use (I've never had a voice lesson). 
    Thank you, I appreciate your time!

  17. great lesson, thank you for sharing this with us!! i'm trying to reach that A5 in child in time but, will these exercises help me get there?? I can sing the first two parts with relatively no difficulty, but that last A5 is about two semitones above my actual range.

  18. Absolutely amazing, Robert!! I can't wait to get started with your training. I've been avoiding vocal training and coaching for most of my life; probably because I got a bad taste from poorly written books and lesser programs. But, I never found a vocal instructor like you before. I am ready to commit, learn, and TRAIN!!! Thank you for these videos and your system.

  19. This was the video that blew my mind and sealed my fate as a student of Rob's, and a subscriber of The Four Pillars of Singing online training system & book. An incredible resource for any singer. No better bang for your buck for training the voice!

  20. I just recommended you specifically as an amazing vocal teacher in this video to my friend in Toscana Italia. just thought I would let you know. keep being awesome.

  21. Robert,

    Not only have I not experienced any reception of vocal training as I have from you, I've not seen many teachers in general, that are as concise and spot-on as you. I have improved dramatically, leaps and bounds by practicing your onsets and absorbing the education you are providing so damned clearly. If you are EVER in the DC area, lemme buy you a beer. "M'koooay? ;-p

    Mad respect. Mad gratitude. Just mad. (jk lol)

  22. Hi Robert. I ve been working out on your program. Can you make a video about vocal health like repairing voice, resting, taking care of vocal cords, the day after gig it feels like voice is lost especially head voice and high chest voices the next morning or next day. Any exercises for these problems?

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