Flexible Love Stretching Chair at Expand Furniture

Flexible Love Stretching Chair at Expand Furniture

This is the flexible Love expanding chair. As you can see, you can shape it, stretch
it, bend it, and of course you can sit on it. Weighs under 30 kilograms and in the large
model it can support up to 16 people and over 4000 lbs of weight. That’s the equivalent of 4 grizzly bears. You can make it into a half circle, curve
it like a snake to fit your space, or really stretch it out into a large bench for extra
seating around you coffee table or as a dinner table. You can store it away as a chair under and
expanding coffee table and when you have guests simply pull out the length of the Love and
turn it into a large bench. Expand out the table and now you have plenty
of room for dining. Available in models that seat 8, all the way
up to 16. The Flexible Love available at expandfurniture.com

45 Replies to “Flexible Love Stretching Chair at Expand Furniture”

  1. The selling point is to have a lot of seats when you need it. But why is it so hard to find footage of more than 2 people actully sitting on it? If you could show more than 10 people on this that claim would be much more valuable.

  2. And your butt will look like somebody went Japanese Sushi chef on it.
    Your Butt Pattern ||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||| after sitting.

  3. Funny how the only review for it is 2 stars and the chair does not actually stay in the shape you want it to due to common physics.

  4. Good idea but… looks uncomfortable, can't handle any spilled drinks and doesn't stay in the shape you want. Good idea, terrible execution.

  5. I looked for one to see if I could get one for my bedroom, and the price ranged from $2,000 to $900. Why are they so expensive? That much for a cardboard chair?

  6. it would be great if it was a bedroom that stretches into a 5 bedroom house … with swimming pool .. and ferrari ..

  7. Me encantaría tener esta mesa pero con los puf apilables si es posible o con esa silla estirable, podrían por favor indicarme dónde los puedo conseguir y cuánto cuestan? Estoy en Colombia….. gracias

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