Foam Roll Your Calf Muscles

Foam Roll Your Calf Muscles

I’m going to show you how to foam roll your
calf muscle, which is a good way to relieve tightness down here in your calf. You’re going
to need a foam roller, which you can get online or at most sporting good stores. So you’re
going to lay that down on the floor. Sit down. Put the leg that you need to foam roll on
top of the foam roll. You’re going to put the opposite leg across on top just to get
some added pressure. You’re going to need some good arm strength because you have to
lift up and then you’re going to roll down onto your calf. Just slowly back and forth.
You’re going to feel the discomfort in your calf there. The tighter you are, the more
discomfort you’re going to feel but the more you foam roll it, the less discomfort will
be in your calf. So that’s how you foam roll your calf.

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  1. Was helpful for me after learning what 21's were though I only have a wooden sword to use… Still helped a lot to be able to walk normally lol.

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