Foam Rolling For Glute Muscle Soreness (Full Routine 2019)

Foam Rolling For Glute Muscle Soreness (Full Routine 2019)

You love working your legs and booty, but
you hate the soreness that you feel the next day. Keep watching, because I’m showing you how
you can significantly reduce your muscle soreness after your workout. For nutrition and fitness for strong moms
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a video from me. If you’re dreading the post-workout muscle
soreness called delayed onset muscle soreness, aka DOMS, and you wince in pain just thinking
about how are you going to sit down in a squat on the toilet when your butt hurts so much,
by the end of this video, you’ll know the exact routine that you should be doing following
a hard butt and leg workout so that you can get back to your workout quicker and with
less muscle soreness. And stick around til the end, because I’ve
got two remedies that are non-foam rolling and non-stretching that really will pair up
well and really take you that extra mile in getting rid of that muscle soreness. As a personal trainer and somebody who trains
my butt really hard, this is the exact routine that I go through and I put all my clients
through after their hard booty and leg workout. All right, so let’s get to it. You’ve just done a really hard leg and butt
workout, and now we want to foam roll those muscles. We always want to start with our bottom and
work our way up our body. We’re going to be doing three of our muscles
today. We’re going to be doing and starting with
our hamstrings, moving to our glutes, and then finishing with our quad muscles. Now, couple things to remember and to know
when you’re foam rolling. We never want to roll over knees or underneath
knee pits. Same goes with elbows. And when we are rolling, we want to always
work in two zones. So, we’re doing our hamstrings. We are going to start in Zone 1. That is right from above the knee pit. And then we’re going to work halfway. And then we’re going to go back, and we’re
going to do this four times, up and down. Now, we don’t want to go fast. We want to go nice and slow with our breath. So let’s do it. For those of you who are beginners starting
foam rolling, here is where I would start. With both legs on the foam roller. You’re going to place your hands beside your
butt, and you’re going to push your body up and roll halfway up, just as I described. And then, back. Now, if you’re doing this and you’re like,
“Okay, well, I can handle this tension. I can handle the weight of my legs,” and want
to take it a notch harder, what you’re going to do is place one leg on top of the other. And now you put more pressure into that hamstring
that’s being rolled up. So we’re going to do this from the top, and
we’re going to roll one direction, inhale, and exhale. I want you to follow your breath and go nice
and slow. Okay? If you’re doing this, that is not going to
get you anywhere. So we want to go nice and slow with your breath. You’re going to inhale in one direction, exhale
in the other direction. We’re going to do this up and down four times. And then, where you’re going to stop is just
the middle of that hamstring. And you’re going to take that top leg off,
and we’re just going to cross friction back and forth for four, three, two, and one. And reset. I’m going to move over here, because as you’re
rolling, you’ll notice you start to roll off the mat. Now we’re going to work in Zone 2, and that’s
from the top part, so where we just finished. The mid-hamstring all the way to where our
glutes meet our thigh. Same leg. And we’re rolling all the way up. And for me, this is where I really feel it. So if you want to spend more time in one area,
feel free to do that. And following your breath. And last one here. Take that top leg off again, and we’re just
going to go back and forth for four, three, two, and one. Now, still working my right side, we’re going
to move on to my glutes. So hopping up onto this roller. I’m seated on my roller, and I’m going to
take my right ankle onto my left knee. And I only want to work my right glute muscles. So what I’m going to do is take the knee that’s
up, and I’m going to drop it down. So if you can see, my left butt muscle is
off of the roller. So I’m strictly rolling only on the right
side. Whoo. Now, if you’ve been sitting all day, this
feels maybe not so great. But I promise the more that you do this, the
easier it will become. So when you’re foam rolling, you should never
be in pain. I always call it on the hurt-o-meter scale,
from one to 10, you shouldn’t be any higher than an eight. So an eight on your pain scale should be okay. All right. So if you’re rolling here … we’re doing
four. What I want you to do is find if you feel
a trigger point. You know, when a massage therapist is just
digging in, and you feel like she spends time there. If you feel an area like that that you want
to spend more time in, hang out there and breathe through it. Alternatively, you could rock your hips from
side to side, trying to just get into that muscle a little bit more. And one more time. You want to take this a little bit deeper,
I will take my arm and hook it around, and just bring that in. And breath through it. And one more. Now, we’re going to move the roller to the
very, very top part of our glute. And roll down. And I’m going to hang out here. It’s like one little inch area. And usually I’ll feel with this area it’s
best to just rock it back and forth. I hope that’s feeling good for you. I know a lot of people say this hurts so good. All right. And then we’re going to come off. Now we’re going to move onto the other leg
before we do our quad muscles. All right. So again, placing the roller above your knee
pit. And place the other leg on top. Bring your hands close to your your butt. Because if your hands are out here, you’re
not going to be able to get as high as you need to. So my leg is on top, and I’m going to roll
halfway up. Whoo. This leg, I’m really feeling today. And remember, we are going with our breath. So we’re inhaling in one direction, exhaling
in the other direction. And last one. I’m only halfway up my hamstring. I’m going to take that top leg off. And we’re going to cross friction side to
side for four, three, two, one. Now, if you want to hang out longer here … I
feel like I really just need to hang out longer. And just rock back and forth. I did deadlifts yesterday, so I’m feeling
this today. All right. We’re going to reset. So see that my arms are way back here? Reset, because now we’re working from halfway
all the way up to where our glute meets our butt. And roll all the way up, and back to the middle. So we’re rolling only in Zone 2. For me, this side is really tight. So I’m going to take my top leg off. Because the extra leg, not feeling so much
for me. I’m going to take my top leg off because I’m
really feeling this today. I don’t really need the extra resistance on
my leg. And now we’re going to cross friction back
and forth for four … whoo … three, two, and one. And what you’ll notice when you’re rolling
is that some days will be easier than others. Some days you might have worked really hard,
and you’re really feeling it from a previous day’s workout. That’s why we are rolling. I also want to point out that rolling your
hamstrings is really great before a workout. So if you know you’re going to be doing a
lot of leg stuff, if you know you’re going to be doing deadlifts, especially, I highly
recommend using the foam roller and rolling your hamstrings to warm up. And then you’ll do it again to cool down. All right. So moving on to that other glute muscle. And again, we’re doing our left side. So I’m taking my left ankle on top of the
right knee. And then I’m going to switch over to this
side. And as you can see, right, my right glute
muscle is not on the roller. I’m just rolling out the left side. And again, we’re rolling and breathing. So inhale in one direction, exhaling in the
other direction. And find a trigger point area, and then we’re
going to rock side to side. Kind of like a massage therapist would get
right in there and massage out that little trigger point area. And then I’m going to roll up to that really
high, very top part of the glute and just hang out there. So you guys can just play around with this,
what feels best for you. Do you like rocking side to side? Do you want to hang out longer in one area? Take it by day by day, depending on what workout
you did. And then, we’re going to hook our arm over,
holding that here. And unhook here. All right. So now, we’re going to roll our quad muscles. This one’s a little bit harder to get into
than the other ones. I’m going to show you how to do that. So, again, we are going to place the roller,
and we’re working in two zones. So from just above the knee to halfway, and
then from halfway all the way up to the top of our quad muscle. So I’m going to start by placing the roller
over to my right. We are doing the right side. I’m going to get in a position where I can
place the roller just above the knee. And then, my other leg, so my left, if you
can see, kind of … I always call it Spider-Man. So I’m resting on the inside of my knee. I’m going to take my mat, bring it over, because
I need to rest on my forearms, as well. So come down onto my forearms, and I got my
Spider-Man leg. And I’ve got my roller out on my right. So I’m using my forearms, and I’m going to
push my body to roll back, so the roller’s coming halfway up. And then back to where I started. Now, when you are rolling your quad muscle,
I want you to make sure that you have a nice, neutral spine. Whoo. Nice neutral spine, and you’re not sagging
your belly to the floor. Okay? So you can see, I’m arching this? We don’t want that. We want nice, neutral. And then after four, we’re going to stay halfway
up that quad muscle, and we’re going to do four knee bends. Now, today, I can really bend my knee. Some days, I can only bend it an inch. So I do not want you to be forcing it. Remember, we are just stretching the muscle,
we don’t want to be reaming on it. So we can do four, and then down. Now we’re going to reset. We’re going to have to walk our forearms backward
so we can roll that roller all the way up, and then all the way back to the middle. Remember, nice and slow, inhaling one direction,
exhaling the other. And keeping that spine nice and neutral. Don’t let your stomach sag to the floor. And last one. We’re going to end up at the top again. And we’re going to do four knee bends here. And again, some days, you might be able to
do a full knee bend, and sometimes, maybe just an inch. And that’s okay. Just remember, we’re not trying to ream a
muscle. And slowly roll off for me to switch legs. All right. Now we’re working our left side. So you’re going to bring your roller over
to the left. And placing that roller just above that left
knee, bringing your Spider-Man leg out, and placing your forearms back onto the ground. Make sure that your spine is nice and neutral. And you’re going to roll halfway up, and back. And remember, following your breath. And last one. Give those four knee bends. And walk those arms down. Adjust your mat if you need to. And we’re going to bring that roller all the
way up. And back. And last one, we’re going to end up at the
top. And four knee bends here. And then slowly roll off. Make sure to comment below and tell us how
you stretch or you foam roll after your workout. And don’t lie if you are one of those people
who say you’re going to stretch later and never do. So now you know exactly how to foam roll your
backside, your legs, after a really good, hard leg and booty workout. So never go another leg and booty day without
foam rolling. I promise this is going to change the way
that you feel in the days after your hard workout. Oh, and those two tips that I told you that
I was going to save for the end? All right. To go along with foam rolling, two other things
that I do, not all the time. One is very easy to do. Go to your heath food store or your health
food aisle in your grocery store and pick up a bottle of tart cherry juice. Okay? That’s all it is. Tart cherry. And drink a half a cup of that diluted with
half a cup of water. That goes a long way with helping. There are some compounds in tart cherries
that really help to reduce the amount of muscle soreness. The second thing is to have an Epsom salt
bath. So if you go to your local drug store, they’ll
have probably bags, or even Costco has a big, huge plastic container, full of Epsom salts. They’re actually Magnesium salts, and they
do wonders for helping to relax your muscles. I know that not a lot of us moms have time
for a bath. But when you do, you gotta do an Epsom salt
bath. So make sure to try these three things, the
tart cherry juice, Epsom salt bath, and foam rolling, and tell me how that’s affecting
you and your muscle recovery. So if you’re looking for a new booty/leg workout
that you can put these foam rolling techniques to good use, make sure to check out my butt
lift bridge workout and my Orangetheory-inspired twenty minute high-intensity interval butt
and leg workout. I’ll put them in the description box below. Thanks so much for watching, and please make
sure to subscribe, hit the bell, and come join me over on Instagram. You’ll find me, where I have
other quick workout videos as well. I’ll see you next time

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