Franco Columbu R.I.P 🙏 – Tribute Video

Franco Columbu R.I.P 🙏 – Tribute Video

I always believe in 100% in a training partner. Because a training partner is helping you when you have moments where you’re down. And then the other person is up.. So Franco was pushing me when I was down, I was pushing him when he was down. That was the responsibility of a training partner. Franco Columbu Who was my training partner was responsible if I just blinked .. He would know how to push the buttons because that’s what the responsibility of a training partner is. You have to have some fun, you can’t be too serious.

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  1. ~ He was & ALWAYS will be One of The GREAT Ambassadors of Bodybuilding. ~
    He taught me ( @ The original World's Gym ) how to do Preachers Curls, "Columbu's Way." At the time, he was training Tri's and Arnold was doing a photoshoot for a German Fitness Mag. Yes! Joe Gold was there and we took photos.

  2. I used to watch these guys in the film series "The Mighty Sons of Hercules" awesome Roman gladiator action but i think those were before Franco and Arnolds time

  3. * CIAO FRANCO *

  4. Franco was short,but in reality he was a giant in everything he did in life,a true gentleman that inspired millions of bodybuilders around the world,may he rest in peace.

  5. 💪😇🤚Oh Franco 🏅🥈🥇🏆bless your heart, i didn't know you had passed, bless you Franco. and Arnold, i'm sorry you lost your 'little' brother. bless you Arnold, much love. 🥈🏆🥉🥇💪😎☝️

  6. The dumbest thing a soul could invest their time and energy in, obsessively trying to get bigger muscles. Ridiculous. Being fit and healthy in all areas of life. Balance. Rest in peace for once.

  7. I am a Sardinian like Franco, I thank everyone for the nice comments, he is incredible as a "little man" from a small town on the Top of the world Mr. Olimpia! I like to see so many fans in the world! I am sorry that Italy and Sardinia haven't appreciated its results, it is better to exalt other athletes with poor results. Mr Olympia in Italy and in Europe there will be no more.
    Italy export only brains……luckily for them
    Thanks Franco

  8. People who are accustomed always actively caring for and maintain the muscles of his lifetime,the possibility he will not be susceptible to being exposed to whose name is easily sore muscles and so on. When he was old,his body looked as fresh and fit as when he was young.
    Although the life and death of a person,is a decree from God Almighty.And it's a mystery.

  9. Rest in Paradise Franco. You motivated me to eat good and be strong. I always look up to you since I saw Pumping Iron. I love you Brother! God Bless your soul. Peace to your family. You were a great man who inspired us all. You are one of the all time greats! I will never forget you. My kids will know about you too! Much Respect to the Sardinian Strong Man!!!

  10. Such a great personality but, it's unfortunate how steroids take the lives of those who sacrificed themselves for the sport of bodybuilding at such a young age. Arnold was lucky he survived his heart failure, and there are countless bodybuilders who lost their lives to steroid use. Is it really worth it after all? Cheating your way to stardom is really quite shallow but then again, thanks to the Weider brothers the sport of bodybuilding is nothing but a show of who's steroid program was better than the rest.

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