FROM FAT TO FIT – Transform Your Body With This Workout | 2018

FROM FAT TO FIT – Transform Your Body With This Workout | 2018

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  1. Finally someone who tells us how he started cause i want to do more excersises but i couldnt because i wasnt in shape.THANKS

  2. For someone whose interested in starting these routines, what’s the best starting equipment to buy and from where?

  3. Watch out while u r using the resistance band cuz there is a possibility of u getting hit in the nuts🌰🌰 and other parts in u body😂

  4. I weigh 200 pounds and want to get better at pull ups i workout frequently, do you think if i used the black resistance band will it snap or something? Those bands scare me tbh

  5. Hey man, I like your story … but you gotta stop pointing them finger guns at me. It's really uncomfortable.

  6. All i did was : eat the least amount of calories i could, without making me feel tired and go to the gym. Lost 10kg in 1 month, got 10 more to go 💪. Also sleeping is key

  7. i've been following thenx program for 3 months now and I already started having chris heria hand gestures like this guy

  8. Ill be your 6'2 & weigh so fat i havent seen my feet since 2004, i literally tried everything & just cannot get in shape… lets see how good your programme really is.. bring me to Miami & train can film me from day one.. deal..?

  9. I'm watching this while eating chocolate chip cookies I just baked with a big glass of milk with ice in it 🙄

  10. Sir pls help me out , I really liked ur video but i want to gain weight right now m on 65 kg height 5'8" so are these exercises beneficial for me as well? Pls let me know i will really appreciate ur effort .

  11. You guys should do like a Skinny to Fit body workout, not so much focused on burning fat but building muscles fast

  12. I got motivated to work out and get a six pack because of my wife. I got kinda jealous of her toned abs. Lol now she’s jealous of mines.

  13. the resistance band really works?? like does it really help you out???
    i feel like imma be cheating lol

  14. Thanks for this video. I may have missed it, but did you explain how tall you are, and what your weight is at now?

  15. How do you know what band is for you? What band did you use? Anything would help tremendously. Good shit man, you're inspiring.

  16. NOOOOOO WAAY THAT WAS ZAY?!?!??!?!!?
    Maaaan I thought you guys were shredded straight from the womb😂😂💪
    But congrats bro! Thenx always finds the best way to motivate me🔥🔥

  17. 10 assisted pull ups
    15 assisted dips
    10 assisted chin ups
    15 push ups
    5 assisted pistol squats (left & right)
    30 second mountain climbers
    15 hanging knee raises

    This is the workout from this video

  18. Don’t lie to the people . U can do all the workout u want as long as your diet is not right u won’t lose weight. Diet Diet Diet . Once u have a good diet and continue to workout.

  19. I've been working on burning fat exercises learned from Chris Heria i can see the results but i want to know how much time it takes for your transformation

  20. can i ask, how much weight can the resistance band take?
    i am 88kg now, and im worried i will break the band.. need some advice as im new to calistenics workout

  21. Omg, Zay…you're an inspiration! 😊 I used to weigh 205 pounds/95kg at 5'2" and my BMI says I'm morbidly obese. I don't feel good about myself and almost fell to depression. One day, I said: this is enough. And so i started my fitness journey. A year after, i only weigh 66kg and already on my way in reaching my normal BMI. It's true that we all can achieve fitness through discipline and hardwork.

  22. If you're at the point when you can do 15 assisted dips, I think it's better for you to do 8 unassisted dips. Same thing with chin ups, better to do just 5 unassisted chin ups to gain strength more quickly.

  23. This man pushed himself Im starting at body type base zero so it's easier for me to get results he was kinda big so he must of pushed himself like a true demon props bro.

  24. chin ups agarre espalda 10 repeticiones, dips 15 repeticiones, chin ups agarre bíceps 10 repeticiones, flexiones 15 repeticiones, assited pistol squats 5 cada pierna, mountain climber 30 segundos, hanging knee raises 15 repeticiones.

  25. Great job bro. I went from 380 with 75% body fat to 205 with 18% body fat, all natural in 2 years just by watching YouTube

  26. It works, i’v been doing triple workouts daily Mon-Fri for 3 months & lost 13kg from my heaviest point. My belly is the smallest it’s been since I was a teenager. And my muscles are the biggest in my life. ( normal healthy guy body type )💪🏼 💯🔥

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