Full Body Stretch Workout at Stretch*d | What the Wellness?

Full Body Stretch Workout at Stretch*d | What the Wellness?

– I’m getting strapped
in an insane asylum. (classical music) I’m Ella Dove, and this
is What the Wellness, the show where I try
out a ton of different wellness experiences to find
out what’s just plain weird and what’s actually worth it. Today, we’re at Stretch*d. Stretch*d is a studio in New York City’s Flatiron neighborhood, where
stretching is the whole point. They have a full staff of professionals whose whole job is to help you stretch in one-on-one stretching sessions. (nonsense noises) So today, I’m gonna get
professionally stretched. Stretched it’s a really hard work to say. Stretched. Today, I’m going to get one of those one-on-one stretching sessions, and then I’m also gonna
try on some high tech boots and a little bit of a light mask, to see if I can leave a little taller, a little bit longer, and
a little more relaxed. Let’s give it a try. – [Camera Girl] Now walk out the door. (Ella laughs) – So I’m sitting here with Vanessa Chu, the co-founder of
Stretch*d in New York City. Can you tell us what Stretch*d is? – Sure, so at Stretch*d, we do one-on-one assisted stretching. We do 25, 55, or 75-minute long sessions. We use a method that’s
based on active flexibility so we’re moving you in
and out of a stretch. We’re never holding a stretch
for longer than three seconds. The whole idea behind that
is that it’s movement-based so it’s never pushing past
your range of flexibility. – Can you now walk me through what I’m going to experience today? – So you’re going to experience our signature 25-minute stretch. You’ll also do our anti-aging stretch at the 20-minute service
where’s it’s a facial plus a stretch in one and
also a hyper volt massage done which is a percussion
massage which feels awesome on extra sore muscles and
then you’ll also be doing our Normatec compression booths which is great for circulation. – Okay, well I guess it’s time
for me to go get stretched. – Hi, Jeff. – Hello, nice to meet you. – Slide your hands out for me. – It’s not like a straight jacket? – No. Feel that in the hamstring? Not bad, that’s pretty good. – Can I overstretch? Is that a thing? – Yes, but not if you do it this way. These short reps are much
more natural progression. – Repped stretching,
that’s kind of a new idea. – Yeah, exactly. Roll on your side, face that way. – Just take a nap. – You could try to fall asleep. Bend that. – Feels great. Everyone should do this all the time. – Every day. Okay, feels alright? – Yeah, that’s great. – And then I’m gonna take out. So have you seen this hyper volt before? – Oh wow. – Cool? – Yeah, it feels good. I feel like this would
solve all of my problems. It feels really cool. (holds elongated aah) I need one of those, that’s amazing. – Twist towards me. – That feels amazing. I feel like I’m being stretched apart in the best way possible. This one’s amazing. Also I feel like if this
was an overhead shot, I would look like a really fast runner. (phone holding music) Now I understand the seatbelt. – Sometimes you get a weird look but I think people get it pretty quickly. What do you feel? – Heaven. So how many sessions
until I’m much taller? – Just one. – Just one, great. It’s like a stretchy rollercoaster. – Good and then twist and drop. – Ballroom dancing. It feels like summer. – Of course, with the light sim, you can’t really move so
we’ll do a lot of leg and hip. Low leg is important. People tend to neglect the feet. Feels alright? – Yeah, it feels good. This is the best. – Uh oh, you’re all done. – No! – So I’ll let you out. – It’s so dark in the real world. – Alright stand up, see how it feels. – Oh my God that was honestly
the best thing I’ve ever done. I can’t see anything right now. What do I do now? – We can go try some Normatec, yeah? – Oh great, let’s do it. Normatec. – Normatec, have you tried this before? – No. – Kind of like you’re
putting on a pair of pants. – Totally, this is what
all my pants look like. How do I look? Plug me in. Am I filling up with air? – Air. And it’s kind of
separated by chambers so it’s going to start here
and just work it’s way up. – I can feel it. – Can I get you a neck warmer?
– Sure. – Yeah. (Ella laughs) Oh thank you.
– Be back in a few, enjoy. – I’ll be here. Bye, Jeff. Thanks for watching What the Wellness. I’ll be here if you need me. So I just got professionally
stretched by Jeff who is a hero. Basically, he just moved my
body around in all kinds of ways that I knew it went but I had never had somebody else put it that
way and in the beginning, I’m not gonna lie, I
was like eh this is cool but then as we started
to get into the muscles and he started moving my hip this way and my shoulder that way, I feel like I was
stretching parts of my body that I’ve probably never
intentionally stretched and I feel like I was opening
up things that have been tense and tight. So the hyper volt was definitely
one of the best parts. I think that in combination
with Jeff’s expertise of where I was tight and where I needed it was just kind of life-changing. – [Camera Girl] What was the light like? – It was like laying in the
tiny little summer oasis. That in combination with the stretching, I just sort of felt like I was
laying on a beach somewhere, getting all of my problems melted away. So these are slowly filling up with air. If my legs were a towel,
they were kind of like wringing everything out. It feels good and this is
nice and warm and toasty. Like I can honestly say
it was one of the best wellness experiences I’ve ever tried. – [Camera Girl] Subscribe to us on YouTube for more episodes. And then pretend to asleep. – Oh I will. I don’t think I’ll have to pretend. I’m Ella Dove. Thank you for watching. I’m Ella Dove. Thank you for watching What the Wellness. Want more weird wellness experiences reviewed by yours truly? Subscribe to Well and
Good on YouTube today. Come to Stretch*d to get on our YouTube, your wellness dreams will all come true. You guys, I don’t want this to end. That’s it, that’s all you got. – [Jeff] How do you feel? – Stretchy.

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