Full-Body Stretching Tips : How to Treat Sore Muscles

Full-Body Stretching Tips : How to Treat Sore Muscles

Hi, my name is Sue Conrad, I’m going to show
you how to ease sore muscles. Of course, there’s many medications, sports cream and massage
therapists that help, can help ease your sore muscles. But there’s other remedies you can
try initially. One thing you can do is apply ice every twenty minutes on the hour, to help
ease the sore muscles. I like to suggest like two minutes on, two minutes off. Another option
you can do is stretch these sore muscles, these muscle groups that you’ve actively used
and you could gentle stretching to stretch out these muscles, to help moves the lactic
acid through these muscles and relieve the soreness. Okay, in addition to stretching
these sore muscles, you can also walk ten to fifteen minutes, maximum thirty minutes
per day to help increase the circulation of the muscles in the body. And also, another
important thing is to remain hydrated. So you should have your, your, you know, 64 ounces
of water per day and this will help relieve your sore muscles.

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  1. @kalookakoo5 yooou are correct! it's actually been found that it's due to the microtrauma that occurs mostly in the connective tissue, so it's an inflammatory response

  2. @itzYourBoyb It's because your lactic acids start kicking in, which is a good thing, that means you're getting stronger and more endurance.

  3. @itzYourBoyb Yes, when you're relaxed ( sleeping ) your muscles aren't tense anymore as if you're standing where your hip and thigh muscles are tense from holding your body weight up, so when you're relaxed the lactic acids that help develop and define your muscles start spreading through your body more easily, and lactic acids usually cause soreness in your most used muscles. I hope I helped.

  4. does the muscle soreness mean your muscles are weaker and should be worked less? cause I gotta go to work in 2 hours and was thinking of just pushing through the soreness as if it isnt there

  5. Sore back&neck from my new mattress, sore legs from swimming and dance practice, and sore abs from doing 160 situps, not to mention I have the biggest dance competition of the year on saturday. Yay me. -_-

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