Full Body Yoga Stretch (Relieve Stress and Anxiety)

Full Body Yoga Stretch (Relieve Stress and Anxiety)

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  1. I absolutely loved today's email and can't wait to jump on my mat and do this practice. Thanks Lesley 💕🧘‍♀️💕🧘‍♀️

  2. I have been practicing your flows for about two years now, and I must say, this one is now in my top 5! Amazing, thank you!

  3. Спасибо огромное за ваши видео уроки. Оооочень мне понравились.Но я не знаю английского.Очень жаль что нет на русском или на украинском. СПАСИБО.

  4. I loved the beginning. I swear, miracles start happening when you become a gracious, cooperative driver rather than cutting people off and not letting people in!

  5. Love this one so much! Will def be in my heavy rotation. It's like a mini version of your Yin vid. I did all the meditations in my yoga pal…will you be adding restorative, stretching vids too there one day? Please. 🌺

  6. Since I started to practice yoga I definitely become more flexible in my approach. Recently my "car share" called me she can't pick me up, 5 minutes after she was due to, in the past this would have annoyed me so much, shifting my schedule around, but I was surprised by myself- it didn't bother me at all! Thank you Lesley!

  7. It was super warm today in Prague, so a short gentle practice was perfect👌🏼. Thank you Lesley and Duke! 💗🙏🏻

  8. You’re my favorite yoga master, ever, and I looked at a lot! Thanks you so much , always soothing and relaxing ❤️

  9. Ektos tou oti den eisai esi i daskala mou ,ean etrhei kapoios me giota xi kai thelei na paei sto peripeto ,ti tha kanei ekei pou exeis katsei??!:/

  10. I would love to promote your beautiful way of performing yogasana in my website kindly mail ( [email protected] ) me if you're interested in such engagements 🙂 i would love to build some healthy interactions with you.

  11. STRETCHING! Thank you for these videos!! I'm very grateful I found them! I can get a good yoga practice in 30ish minutes that makes me feel like I made progress every day! Thank you so much for these!!!!!

  12. This video is great for anytime, but it especially hit the spot after a cardio workout. On another note, I had always done yoga on and off but in two years ago I completed one of your 30 day challenges and never turned back. Thanks sharing for all of these wonderful videos. 😊🙏

  13. Thank you so much for all your amazing yoga routines. I wake up everyday and do ur practice😃my life wouldn’t be the same without yoga in it 🧘‍♂️

  14. i love your videos and they have helped me tremendously to deepen my own practice. as someone who has been practicing and teaching for so long, i am wondering if you have ever had a yoga injury? can you post something and say more about that? I will really appreciate that.

  15. Thank you! I just was having such a bad morning! Everything went wrong. Then I took a yoga-break and it really helped me to get focused again. 💗

  16. Dearest Lesley I am so thankful and feel blessed for having found your channel. You are so gracious, your voice so calming and gentle and with the way you end your videos up it is just impossible to have a bad day! I wish you all the very best!!!!!! Love, Ollie.

  17. I have been so sore and stiff the last few days and I’m not sure why (I get 10K steps every day) so I thought this would be a good practice. I’m still a little stiff but I feel so much better.

  18. You are my favorite yoga teacher! I always look forward to your new videos! with love from sunny florida! 🙂

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