FULL Upper Body Dumbbell Workout | Female Muscle

FULL Upper Body Dumbbell Workout | Female Muscle

In this video we are going to do a upper
body workout split using only dumbbells alright so let’s do this. (Intro) Special shout out to Jocelyn R. I hope I’m saying your name correctly if I’m not please
forgive me for suggesting this video. So basically what an upper lower split is
is well it’s in the name you split your body in half you work your upper body one
day lower body different day and then a day of rest. Because we’re doing the
upper body that means we are gonna be doing chest back shoulders biceps and
triceps. When doing the dumbbell chest press on the floor it ensures your
shoulder joint stays in a safe range of motion because the floor doesn’t
allow your elbows to go behind your body. To keep your lower back from arching put
a slight bend in the knees instead of having your legs lay flat on the floor. This is a fly press superset so like the
previous exercise the floor prevents the shoulder joint from excess stress
because your arms can’t stretch behind your body. This is especially important
with a fly and if you’re using a heavier weight. Then keeping the dumbbells
together the entire time, lower them down to your chest
and then pressing them straight back up. This will put even more work on the inner chest. The bicep curl can be done either seated or standing. The supination as you
curl the weight up puts the bicep muscle through a better contraction because the
bicep is also responsible for rotating the forearm. The arms over the head
position will put a greater stretch on the long head of the tricep thus
emphasizing that head more. Keep your upper arms straight and then lower the
weight down until you either feel a good stretch in the tricep or until your
forearms are parallel to the floor. Then straighten the arms to feel the contraction.
This is another superset that will work the biceps and triceps starting with a
hammer curl to put a little more focus on the brachialis muscle Then I bend forward and perform a dumbbell
kick back. Notice how my upper arms are behind my back this is to get an even
greater contraction in the tricep as you straighten the arm. Be sure to keep your
upper arm in place and not allow the shoulder to start swinging the weight. One of the best exercises for the lats is the single dumbbell row. In order to work
the muscle to is full potential allow your arm to really straighten and bring
the weight down in front of your face to get a stretch then pull the weight up to
your hip not directly up into your armpit or chest. If you do it that way
then you will be using more biceps bringing the weight to your hip will
keep more of the focus on your lat. The back fly is going to get the middle
traps and rhomboids especially I lean forward and then do a reverse fly I
think about bringing my shoulder blades together on this one to keep the tension
more on the back and less on the rear delts. And of course not forgetting about
the shoulders with the overhead press I don’t let my upper arms go too far past
parallel to the floor and then not locking my elbows at the top of the
movement. This will keep constant tension on the
shoulder. The 2:1 lateral to front raise so
for every two lateral raises I do one front raise. For the lateral raise I keep
a slight bend in my elbow and think about pushing my hands out instead of
bringing the hand straight up to engage less traps. After doing two reps I then do a front raise again keeping a slight bend in the elbows and raising
the weights up to eye level being sure to not arch your back. I hope you enjoyed
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I’ll be doing chest back shoulders biceps and triceps am I forgetting
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  1. Can't wait for legs. Used to not care about upper body. Just did a lot of running, miles. trying to make upper strong 300 pounds carry level.

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